The world of outdoor power equipment (OPE) has undergone a revolution as a result of the astounding progress in battery technology that has occurred in recent years. The days of using just gas-powered equipment are over, along with the noisy motors, unpleasant smells, and headaches associated with handling gasoline-related problems. As a game-changer, battery technology now offers powerful yet quieter devices that do away with the limitations of gas-powered competitors. In light of this, let’s examine the Yard Force Review and discover more about this less well-known company’s skills.

Despite the fact that Yard Force may not be as well-known as some well-known manufacturers, we have had the chance to test and research their products over the past few years. We were keen to investigate their selection of OPE tools after previously evaluating their pressure washer. We jumped at the chance to test their mower, blower, and string trimmer as soon as we learned about the chance.


Yard Force Review Overview

Yard Force Review Overview

The 120 RX Lithium-Ion battery used by Yard Force to power their OPE tools provides sufficient power and runtime for these demanding applications. You can complete heavy-duty work without interruptions thanks to the lithium-ion technology, which guarantees consistent performance over the course of your duties.

Begin with their lawnmower. A cutting device that works silently and dependably has been created by Yard Force. The mower’s design encourages simple mobility, allowing you to easily go around obstructions. Its adjustable cutting height settings accommodate different lawn conditions and provide a consistent, uniform cut. Convenience is offered by the grass collection bag, which efficiently collects clippings for simple disposal.

As we go on to the blower, Yard Force demonstrates its dedication to provide potent performance. The blower effectively removes grass clippings, trash, and leaves from your outside areas. You can alter the airflow to fit various activities, whether it’s a light sweep or a more extensive clearing job, with changeable speed settings. The blower is comfortable to use for prolonged amounts of time without straining or becoming fatigued because to its lightweight construction and ergonomic handle.

The string trimmer from Yard Force completes the lineup and is made to easily handle unruly grass and weeds. With its adaptable cutting angles and dependable feed system, this tool may be used for precision trimming and edging. It is easy to use thanks to the lightweight design and ergonomic features, which provide accurate control and mobility in confined spaces.

The compatibility of Yard Force’s OPE tools with the 120 RX Lithium-Ion battery is one of their key benefits. As a result, if you already possess other Yard Force products that make use of the same battery system, you can simply swap out batteries to increase your productivity and convenience.

Finally, Yard Force serves as an example of the strength and promise of battery technology in the field of OPE. The 120 RX Lithium-Ion battery, which powers their selection of tools, provides dependable performance and enough runtime for demanding applications. Yard Force’s dedication to quality and innovation is evident in every one of their goods, despite the fact that they might not be as well known as more well-known businesses. You can benefit from the advantages of silent operation, freedom from gasoline-related worries, and the adaptability to quickly complete a variety of outdoor jobs with Yard Force. When looking for dependable battery-powered OPE tools for your outdoor maintenance requirements, have a look at this promising brand.


Yard Force Review Mower

Yard Force Review Mower

The quality of this mower caught our attention right away. There aren’t many battery-powered lawn mowers on the market that scream quality, as we can attest from our extensive testing of them over the years. A mower that appears to have been made with quality in mind is the Yard Force.

Yard Force built this with a steel deck and brushless mower, so the deck will last for many years and the motor is efficient. In fact, this mower comes with a 5-year warranty from Yard Force.

Per charge, you can use the device for around 100 minutes. Once more, it depends on how dense the grass is that you are mowing. One thing we found was that the motor would step up to create additional power as you entered dense grass, allowing you to cut thick, tall grass.

The mower can operate on one battery but can also hold two batteries. As a result, the mower will continue to operate while you charge a battery. Mowing will automatically switch to the other battery if one battery is discharged.
The mower moves on its own. You can stop pushing the lawnmower by pulling up on the back lever. Simply follow it and steer it in any direction.
A lever on the left handle of the mower allows you to change its speed. A word of caution: cruising is the fast mode, so be sure you want to move quickly while you stroll.
The mower has three different discharge options: side, bag, and mulch. Even the bag is wonderfully designed and really attractive. This is the most grass I’ve ever seen shoved into a bag, speaking about bagging.
Simply hold down the power button to start the mower. You can press the orange button and pull back on the handle once it turns green. There is a delay during startup, but we have used and tested battery-powered mowers before, so this is to be expected.
I love the large handle to adjust the height.  A single lever adjusts all four wheels.  Very smooth and easy to use.
If you buy the mower you get the following items:
(2) 120vRX high-capacity 2.5 Ah batteries
(1) 4 Amp fast charger
Bag, Mulching Kit and side discharge.

Yard Force Review Blower

Yard Force Review Blower
The blower is covered by a 5-year warranty from Yard Force, just like the mower. This too has a brushless motor and generates 140 MPH and 540 CFM. With this blower set on low, you may anticipate a runtime of roughly 40 minutes.

Two different types of nozzles and a shoulder strap are included with the blower.
To turn the blower on and off, press and hold the power button. The push button on the device can be used to change the blower’s speed once it is turned on. Without taking your finger off the trigger, you can vary the speed.
You can use the finger trigger to turn on the blower.
The intake is below and on the back of the blower which is nice.  This means it will not be sucking in your shorts while taking in air.
The kit comes with the following items:
(1) 120vRX high-capacity 2.5 Ah battery
(1) 4 Amp fast charger
Shoulder strap
2 air-control nozzle tubes

Yard Force Review String Trimmer

Yard Force Review String Trimmer
For added peace of mind, Yard Force also offered a 5-year warranty on the string trimmer along with the mower and blower. A brushless motor is also included in the string trimmer, which increases efficiency and extends runtime. The average runtime per charge is 60 minutes.
This battery-powered string trimmer is without a doubt one of the most potent ones we’ve used or evaluated. This has power, that much is certain.
The cutting swath of the string trimmer is 18 inches, and it uses.095-inch line.
You must push the tiny orange safety button and pull the trigger to activate the trimmer after turning on the electricity.
Simply press and hold the power button to turn the trimmer on and off. With the help of the right push button, you can change the speeds. It has three distinct speed settings.
the following items are included in the kit:
Shoulder Strap String Trimmer 1 x 120vRX high-capacity 2.5 Ah battery 2 x 4 Amp quick charger

Yard Force Review Value

Yard Force Review Value

This lawnmower is available on Amazon for around $800, which is reasonable for this kind of mower. You receive a self-propelled mower, two batteries, and a steel deck that will last for many years. Imagine not having to deal with loud motors, crazy gas, or any other undesirable aspects of gas mowers.

The blower costs approximately $350 on Amazon. Again, not a bad deal when you consider that the blower comes with a battery. On low, you can use it for around 40 minutes, and charging just takes 30 minutes.

On Amazon, the price of the string trimmer is similarly around $350. One of the most potent battery-operated string trimmers we’ve tried is this one. Therefore, this is the one to have if you need power in dense regions.


Yard Force Review Final Thoughts

Yard Force Review Final Thoughts

Some people might think this system is pricey to enter, but given its quality and power, the price is reasonable. Although I would prefer a plastic deck, the steel deck is still very popular. Weight is not a major issue because it is self-propelled and all you have to do is sit back and follow it. We weren’t blown away by the blower, but we do appreciate the two nozzle styles and simple speed adjustment. The string trimmer, on the other hand, is one of the most potent tools we have evaluated in this area. The Yard Force is a wonderful option to look into and take into consideration if you’re wanting to invest in a battery-powered OPE platform.

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