We talked about the Troy Bilt snow thrower model 2625 in our earlier review. In this article, we examine a gas-powered snow thrower with additional features and a greater price. Let’s get into the Troy Bilt StormTM 2690 XP review, which is regarded as the gold standard among snow throwers in its category. MTD is the sponsor of this content.

You are probably already familiar with Troy Bilt and its parent company, MTD, if you read the review from yesterday. MTD is well known for producing top-notch goods, particularly in the outdoor power equipment (OPE) industry. Despite the fact that this post is sponsored, you can trust that our evaluation is objective and reflects our true views on the product and the company.


Troy Bilt Storm 2690 XP Overview

Troy Bilt Storm 2690 XP Overview

Making the switch from a single-stage to a two-stage snow thrower becomes crucial if you live in a region where there is a lot of snowfall or frequently face moist, heavy snow. Snow that has been compacted must be broken up and propelled over longer distances, which requires the additional force of a two-stage machine. Have you ever tried using a single-stage snow thrower to throw snow? I don’t mean the easy, fluffy snow; rather, I’m referring to the difficult, wet snow or the heavy accumulations that plows have left at the end of your driveway. If so, you are aware of the challenges involved in utilizing a single-stage snow thrower, which is where the two-stage device excels.

For the toughest snow removal jobs, the Troy Bilt Storm 2690 XP combines powerful performance with a variety of features. With a strong gas engine and the ability to handle heavy, wet snow with ease, this snow thrower is the perfect option for regions that regularly experience severe weather or large snowfall.

The two-stage design’s ability to properly clear snow even at the end of the driveway, where plow-packed snow frequently provides a significant hurdle, is one of its notable advantages. The compacted snow is broken up by the auger, which is placed at the front of the machine, allowing the impeller to send it into the chute with tremendous force. The Troy Bilt Storm 2690 XP can handle difficult snow removal operations with ease because to its dual-stage operation.

The Troy Bilt Storm 2690 XP also has a number of features that improve user comfort and convenience. These include a simple electric start, clear controls, and a chute with adjustable pitch and direction. Additionally, the machine has lamps that make it possible to remove snow effectively even in dim lighting.

For individuals dealing with significant snowfall or difficult snow conditions, the Troy Bilt Storm 2690 XP is a worthwhile purchase despite having a larger price tag than its single-stage equivalents. This snow thrower is a tribute to MTD’s dedication to providing top-notch OPE products and represents the dependability and quality associated with the Troy Bilt brand.

In conclusion, the Troy Bilt Storm 2690 XP is a great option if you’re looking for a snow thrower that can handle deep, heavy snow and plow-packed accumulations. It is a dependable and effective instrument for winter snow removal because to its strong performance, clever design, and variety of capabilities. Take use of a two-stage snow thrower’s strength and take charge of your snow-clearing requirements with assurance.


Troy Bilt Storm 2690 XP Review Features

Troy Bilt Storm 2690 XP Review Features
Troy Bilt created a high-end snow thrower around their 243cc 4-cycle OHV bespoke engine.
This machine has a clearing width of 26′′ and an intake of 21′′. You can hurl wet, heavy, and icy snow with the snow thrower because it has two stages. The device has a 12′′ steel auger with serrations.
This machine has the great feature that you may start it with either a pull start or an electric start.
Simply push the primer 3 to 5 times, set the idle to high, then place the choke in the start position.
The machine’s back has all of the primary controls. So, even to adjust the chute, you never have to leave the machine’s back when using it.

The auger can be engaged by lowering a lever on the left side. To activate the self-propelled, pull the appropriate lever. It really is that easy.
There is a thumb switch for your right thumb that allows you to move the chute left, right, up, or down. It’s quick and simple to change where you want to toss the snow as you’re walking behind the machine.
You pull back or push forward on the stick to change the pace. For forward, there are six speeds, and for reverse, there are two. Two levers located under each handle allow you to move the device to the right or left.
The heated grips are a fantastic feature that comes into play if you want to spend a lot of time outside. Since you might not want the heated grips on all the time, I enjoy that you can manually turn them on or off.
The vehicle is equipped with 15′′ x 5′′ X-Trac snow tires that are pneumatic. These tires had excellent grip, and they didn’t slide at all on the slick surface, in my opinion. For all-wheel drive operation, these tires are ideal.
A clearing stick is located on the machine’s front in case snow jams the chute.
Unexpectedly, there is just a half gallon of gas in the gas tank. We never had to fill it up due to how frequently we used it during the day.
The skid shoes are reversible and adjustable.
The snow thrower has an incandescent light bulb on the front.

Troy Bilt Storm 2690 XP Review Performance

Troy Bilt Storm 2690 XP Review Performance

The Troy Bilt Storm 2690 XP snow thrower performed better than I had anticipated, and I was pleasantly delighted. During testing, I saw firsthand how well it worked against mountains of snow that I had assumed would be impossible. To my astonishment, the snow was readily thrown a long way by the machine without putting any strain on my back or arms.

The user-friendly design of the Troy Bilt Storm 2690 XP is one of its most notable qualities. It virtually does everything for you and requires no effort from you. The snow thrower did the rest; all I had to do was direct it in the appropriate direction. With my single-stage snow blower, this not only saved me time and energy, but also avoided the typical after-snowblowing soreness.

The addition of heated grips is a considerate touch, especially for anyone who spend a lot of time outdoors braving the elements. My hands stayed warm the entire time I was clearing snow with the help of these heated grips. The Troy Bilt Storm 2690 XP also has changeable speeds, so I can quickly alter the machine’s speed to fit various spaces. I used the lowest speed for smaller paths and the greatest speed for longer sections to ensure precise control and the best outcomes.

Both the electronic start and the dependable pull cord option made starting the machine a snap. The Troy Bilt Storm 2690 XP consistently started up on the first or second pull with the pull cord, demonstrating its dependability and user-friendliness.

Overall, the Troy Bilt Storm 2690 XP snow thrower’s performance is nothing short of outstanding. It smoothly throws snow far away while putting the least amount of physical pressure on the user. Convenient features like heated handles and varied speeds improve user experience and help to make snow removal more comfortable and effective. This machine guarantees a hassle-free operation, enabling you to do the task swiftly and efficiently. It also includes a dependable starting mechanism.

The Troy Bilt Storm 2690 XP is a superb option if you’re looking for a snow thrower that focuses user comfort while providing remarkable performance. It combines strength, use, and clever design to make clearing snow a cinch. With the Troy Bilt Storm 2690 XP snow thrower, you can wave goodbye to backaches and aching arms and welcome the joy of effective snow removal.


Troy Bilt Storm 2690 XP Review Value

Troy Bilt Storm 2690 XP Review Value

Expect to pay close to $1,000 for this unit if you want to get one. However, you will also pay more than the 2625 even if you get more bells and whistles for $1,000.

I have a long-term perspective on this. I would probably choose the 2625 if you are growing older and intend to retire shortly before relocating somewhere warm. But if you have to deal with snow for the next five years or more, I would recommend making the extra expense. You get heated grips, but the electric chute that can move left, right, up, and down is what you get most.


Troy Bilt Storm 2690 XP Review Final Thoughts

Troy Bilt Storm 2690 XP Review Final Thoughts

I believe Troy Bilt did a fantastic job with this snow thrower overall. Nothing about the snow thrower feels cheap, and the engine looks to be made to last. Because the steel is nice and thick, it won’t ding up easily and will last for a long time. The machine is quite simple to start, but the snow thrower’s operation is what matters most.

This was quite simple for me to use and operate. In the end, the snow was moved far from the paths and driveways after I finished, and best of all, I wasn’t wounded. For anyone seeking for a high-quality snow thrower, I believe this to be a no-brainer.

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