The brand Troy Bilt is well-known when it comes to snow throwers, but are you familiar with MTD? Modern Tool and Die Company, also known as MTD, is a reputable American producer of outdoor power equipment (OPE) goods. MTD, a family-owned business with roots going back to 1932, has an extensive portfolio that includes well-known brands including Troy-Bilt, Cub Cadet, Yard-Man, and Bolens. Think of Troy Bilt as a business that is dedicated to creating high-quality items and is supported by reliable finances. The Troy Bilt Snow Thrower Review will now be discussed in detail.

We’ll be concentrating on the Troy Bilt Storm 2625 Snow Thrower in this review. You can be sure that our opinions are still unbiased despite the fact that this is a sponsored post. The Storm 2625 is categorized as a two-stage snow thrower, setting it apart from single-stage and three-stage variants.


Troy Bilt Snow Thrower Review Overview

Troy Bilt Snow Thrower Review Overview

Single-stage snow throwers use a single auger to gather and fling snow, making them ideal for lighter snowfall. Two-stage models, such as the Storm 2625, on the other hand, are made to manage heavier snowfall. They use two augers: one to pull snow in and push it toward the chute, and the other to hurl snow with force. Two-stage snow throwers are typically gas-powered, while single-stage models can be either gas- or battery-powered. This is the main point to keep in mind while reading the Troy Bilt Snow Thrower Review, however there are other distinctions between the two varieties.

While a single-stage snow thrower may be adequate in some circumstances, a two-stage model has many benefits. In addition to offering more power and additional functions, it also eases the strain on your back. It’s crucial to keep in mind that these advantages frequently come at a larger cost.

The Storm 2625 Snow Thrower by Troy Bilt embodies all the traits you would want in a dependable product. With MTD’s support, this device combines excellent construction with cutting-edge functionality. The Storm 2625 offers effective snow removal even in difficult conditions because to its tough build and powerful performance.

Watch for our in-depth review, in which we discuss the functionality, usability, and other standout characteristics of the Troy Bilt Storm 2625 Snow Thrower. Join us as we explore how this device handles the winter climate and makes the difficult chore of clearing snow more manageable.


Troy Bilt Snow Thrower Review Features

Troy Bilt Snow Thrower Review Features
This machine was created by Troy-Bilt with a 243cc Troy-Bilt engine. Which means it has enough power to handle significant snowfalls. The vehicle has 6 forward and 2 backward speeds and has all-wheel drive.
Since the snow thrower has two augers, the snow will be fed from the first auger to the second auger. The snow thrower can hurl the snow farther since the second auger spins more quickly. As you can see, the snow thrower has a sizable opening with a clearing width of 26 inches and an input height of 21 inches.
This machine’s ability to start the engine with a pull or an electric start is a nice feature. How nice is it to just plug the device in and press a button?
The engine is quite easy to start. Set the throttle to high, prime the device three to five times, then turn the top knob to choke. No matter how frigid the weather was, we discovered that it would start on either the first or second pull.
The Troy Bilt has four main controls from the user’s perspective. A lever is located on the left handle. This needs to be pushed down in order to start the auger. By depressing the lever on the right handle, you can move the self-propel mode either forward or backward.

A joystick on the left of the center controls the direction of the chute, either left or right. The chute rotates 200 degrees. The chute must still be moved manually by a person by moving around. Your forward or backward speed is controlled by the stick on your right.
It takes some getting used to using the stick to control the chute. To move the stick left or right, you must hit the red button. On occasion, despite your seeming efforts, the red button won’t turn. After about ten minutes of operation, we figured it out and found it to be quite simple.
There are no flat tires on the snow blower. They won’t ever need air and won’t run flat as a result, which is always a benefit in the thick of winter.
A half gallon of gas is kept in the tank. Although we didn’t perform a run test, we were able to complete four sizable driveways without needing to replenish. The images below will give you an idea of the driveway sizes.
An incandescent bulb is located on the machine’s front to provide illumination for working in that direction.
In case the chute or unit becomes jam-packed with snow, there is a clearing stick on the front of the machine.

Troy Bilt Snow Thrower Review Performance

Troy Bilt Snow Thrower Review Performance

Snow removal can be difficult, especially if you’re utilizing a single-stage snowblower that gives you stiff joints and achy muscles. The Troy Bilt Snow Thrower, on the other hand, makes the experience a breeze and spares you from the after-shoveling soreness.

This snow thrower easily navigates all snow conditions, regardless of its depth or weight. We built mounds that resembled the substantial snowbanks that build up at the end of driveways to test it. The Troy Bilt Snow Thrower made quick work of these sizable obstructions without missing a step.

Although the chute lever’s rigidity originally presented a slight barrier, we rapidly became accustomed to its operation and were able to handle it easily. The chute’s orientation adjustment was easy once we got the hang of using it.

I have mixed thoughts regarding the Troy Bilt Snow Thrower’s no-flat tires because I possess one. On the one hand, I value how convenient it is to never have to deal with flats in the winter. As opposed to conventional rubber tires, I did detect a little reduction in traction. Although the traction is still adequate, it falls short of the capabilities of rubber tires. However, I must praise the snow thrower’s no-flat tires for how smoothly it glides when maneuvering.

Terry, a neighbor and another snow-clearing enthusiast, was invited to use the Troy Bilt Snow Thrower so that we could get more perspectives. He agreed with our assessment of the machine’s strength and sturdy construction. Terry took a little while to get used to how the chute lever worked, just like we did. Overall, though, he was very pleased and thought the Troy Bilt Snow Thrower was a terrific addition to his snow removal equipment.


Troy Bilt Snow Thrower Review Value

Troy Bilt Snow Thrower Review Value

The retail price of the item is roughly $800. You may get units for more or less, but given that it was made by Troy Bilt and performed well, I believe it to be a reasonable value. This will last for years because MTD creates such high-quality items. Just keep in mind to always utilize treated or fresh gas.


Troy Bilt Snow Thrower Review Final Thoughts

Troy Bilt Snow Thrower Review Final Thoughts

I must admit that I’m a little depressed. Even though I adore this snow thrower, my yard simply cannot accommodate it. It’s ideal for Dan’s property. I adore this device and how it genuinely completes the task for you. I never felt like I had to struggle when using this machine, save for a few instances were the driveway meets the grass. The machine only ever want to wander in that direction when there was a dip in the grass.

Overall, I believe this is nicely constructed and ideal for homeowners or even landscapers who plough snow during the off-season.

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