Working in several trades frequently involves visiting multiple job sites, but occasionally these locations can be very chilly and uncomfortable. Any job site can become intolerable due to exposed walls, no running heat, and cold weather. A dependable worksite heater becomes crucial at such point. The SF120 Radiant Portable Diesel Heater was developed by SunFire, a reputable Wisconsin-based manufacturer of industrial radiant heaters and accessories. With features including odourless operation, windproof performance, low noise output, heating coverage of up to 2,800 square feet, and being regarded as the most powerful radiant heater in the world, this heater is built to withstand the harshest environments.


SunFire SF120 Radiant Portable Diesel Heater reviews

SunFire SF120 Radiant Portable Diesel Heater reviews

The SUNFIRE SF120 provides an unmatched heating experience appropriate for both indoor and outdoor settings with a powerful output of 120,000 BTUs. It distinguishes itself from conventional forced air heaters in the torpedo shape by offering a quiet, odourless, and carbon monoxide-free heating option. This heater provides an optimally comfortable heating experience by using infrared radiant radiation, which is akin to the warmth of the sun. The SF120 is ideally suited for workshops, garages, warehouses, and other interior spaces up to 2,800 square feet in size. To enable accurate temperature control, it also comes pre-wired for optional connection to a typical mechanical or battery-operated wall thermostat.

Thanks to its comfort grip tube frame, the SF120 is easy to transport to various task sites. The heater is easy to carry and lift thanks to this function. This heater’s dual fuel capability, which enables it to run on both diesel and kerosene, further increases its adaptability. It needs a 120V power source to function properly. The SF120 has the following measurements: 32 inches long, 28.5 inches wide, and 33.75 inches tall.

When it comes to the SunFire SF120, safety comes first. For additional safety, it has a tip switch that makes sure the heater will turn off automatically if it is unintentionally toppled over. The integrated flame sensor adds an extra level of security, providing users piece of mind when using. The SF120 delivers outstanding run lengths of up to 16 hours thanks to its large 14-gallon fuel tank, which reduces the need for regular refuelling. The heater can be moved easily over a variety of surfaces thanks to the rubber flat-free wheels, and it may also be used with a generator or a 12V 800W+ pure sine inverter for more flexibility.

In order to make transporting the heater even easier, the SF120 comes with a lifting bracket that can be quickly attached to a crane, sling, or forklift. The SF120 is built in the USA with pride, guaranteeing outstanding craftsmanship and dependability and serving as a testament to its high quality.

The SunFire SF120 Radiant Portable Diesel Heater stands out as a top option when it comes to dependable and effective heating solutions for tough job sites. This heater offers the warmth and comfort required to handle any activity, allowing you to concentrate on the task at hand thanks to its stunning features, exceptional performance, and dedication to safety.


SF120 Radiant Portable Diesel Heater Features

SF120 Radiant Portable Diesel Heater Features
Kerosene or a mixture of diesel and No. 2 fuel oil, along with a 120V power source, are used to power the SunFire F120. Additionally, a generator or 120V-800W Pure Sine Power Inverter are compatible with it. The SF120 Radiant Portable Diesel Heater can heat up to 2,800 square feet while generating up to 120,000 BTUs.
The dimensions of this heater are 28.5 in. W x 32 in. L x 33.75 in. H. This size fits a 14.2-gallon fuel tank, which enables the heater to run for 16 to 18 hours on diesel or No. 2 fuel or longer on kerosene. The heater can, however, be readily inserted into a door frame due to its modest size.
This heater is not only large, but also very heavy. It weights roughly 120 lbs. when the gasoline tank is empty and about 220 lbs. when it is fully fueled. Fortunately, SunFire incorporated three design elements that make this heater somewhat portable.

Users may pull the heater up at an angle and effortlessly wheel it around thanks to two rubber, flat-free wheels. When the legs are lowered, it is likewise quite stable.

The heater is easy to grasp and pull thanks to the handle and comfort-grip tube structure. To keep the heater as small as possible when not in use, the handle also folds down.

You can move the heater with a crane hook, sling, or forklift thanks to the multi-lift bracket on top.
The load when moving the heater is greatly reduced by these three design elements.
Additionally, we would like to point out that the SunFire SF120 Radiant Portable Diesel Heater is completely constructed of heavy-duty steel. It is made to be strong and long-lasting. Before packaging, each heater is also individually tested.
The gasoline filter and fuel gauge are located on top of the fuel tank.
I am aware of your query. How is the heat? The SunFire SF120 Radiant Portable Diesel Heater offers breezeless infrared heat in addition to power. This is a result of infrared heating, which evenly distributes heat compared to forced-air heaters. I like this because to…
When you approach it, you don’t immediately feel the heat blasting out of it.
Your workspace has more evenly distributed heat.
The heater is not blowing dust around.

Infrared heating also has the advantages of being odourless, quiet, and producing no carbon monoxide. Therefore, this contributes to a better working atmosphere while also making it safer.
The infrared heating device is in front of the controls. The controls are uncomplicated and easy to use. The Rapid Access Easy Maintenance Hatch is also placed here. This is essentially the panel that houses the controls. For maintenance and repairs, it may be taken apart quite easily.
A mechanical or battery-operated thermostat can be fitted to the SunFire SF120 Radiant Portable Diesel Heater. Instead of continuous heat, this enables you to enjoy temperature-controlled heat in any workspace. Additionally, by conserving gasoline, your heater will run longer.

SF120 Radiant Portable Diesel Heater Value

SF120 Radiant Portable Diesel Heater Value

The Home Depot sells the SunFire SF120 Radiant Portable Diesel Heater for $2,395.00. These heaters are considerably more expensive than similar diesel/kerosene heaters sold at The Home Depot. However, none of these rival models provide 0% carbon monoxide emissions, radiant heat, or a lack of breeze.

This SunFire model was compared to other substantial radiant heaters available on Amazon. Most of those were less expensive but lacked power and did not emit zero carbon monoxide.

For 12 to 24 month finance plans from participating SunFire Dealers, SunFire does offer 0% financing.


SF120 Radiant Portable Diesel Heater Wrap-Up

SF120 Radiant Portable Diesel Heater Wrap-Up

The SF120 is more expensive, as we have indicated, but that is because it provides more. Great heat is produced by this radiant heater, which is also silent, windless, and emits no carbon monoxide. Durability and manoeuvrability were also taken into consideration during design.

In the end, SunFire considered ways to enhance the workplace and were successful. They improved its enjoyment, effectiveness, and safety.

It is clear that this heater was not intended for regular residential use. This is perfect for usage at commercial and industrial construction sites, but it’s also a great alternative for anyone with a serious workshop.

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