Southwire is without a doubt one of my favourite companies when it comes to trustworthy and robust items. They have won my respect for their dedication to quality as a family-owned company established in the USA. Southwire is renowned for manufacturing top-notch products, and its commitment to the nation’s humanitarian initiatives and the community of electricians further strengthen their image. Today, though, I want to change the subject and talk about extension cords, which may not be as spectacular but are an important part of our daily life. Let’s talk about extension cords in general before going into the qualities of a specific Southwire Extension Cord.


Southwire Extension Cord Overview

Southwire Extension Cord Overview

I usually try to get the best extension cables possible. I’ve had way too many annoying incidents involving poor cords. In cold temperatures, they stiffen and become difficult to handle because the connectors break and the insulation is thin and weak. The list of letdowns seems never-ending.

Fortunately, I think I’ve discovered the ideal remedy, and I can’t wait to tell you about it: the Southwire Polar/Solar extension cables. You can tell that Southwire didn’t cut any corners while building these cords as soon as you grasp them in your hands.

These cords stand out in the first place for their superb construction. Southwire’s cables demonstrate their devotion to durability and their understanding of its importance. The connections are strong and dependable and can withstand repeated usage without breaking or producing connection problems. The cords’ extremely thick coating offers exceptional protection against deterioration and lowers the possibility of harm from unintentional collisions.

The exceptional flexibility of the Southwire Polar/Solar cords, even in the coldest conditions, is one of their distinguishing qualities. These cords stay flexible and manageable in the cold, unlike substandard cords that stiffen and become cumbersome. They are a dependable option for outside work or cold circumstances because of this aspect alone because flexibility is essential.

Additionally, Southwire places a strong priority on security, making sure that its extension cords adhere to the strictest industry requirements. The Polar/Solar cords can be used both inside and outside because they are made to withstand extreme weather conditions. With their resistance to abrasion, dampness, and sunshine, they can withstand harsh situations, giving you piece of mind.

The Southwire Polar/Solar cables not only offer outstanding performance and durability, but also a variety of lengths and gauges so you may select the ideal cord for your unique requirements. Southwire has the cords you need, whether you need a shorter one for routine tasks or a longer one to reach those far-off power sources.

Finally, Southwire’s Polar/Solar extension cords raise the bar for quality in the extension cord industry. These cords are the epitome of unwavering quality, extraordinary toughness, and outstanding flexibility. You can rely on Southwire to provide a dependable and long-lasting solution for all of your power needs. Don’t accept inferior cords that will just frustrate and disappoint you. Experience the difference that superior extension cords can make by choosing Southwire.


Southwire Extension Cord Features

Southwire Extension Cord Features
You can browse the Southwire Cords here to see the selection of Polar/Solar cords that are offered by Southwire. However, the Polar/Solar 1787SW0002 10/3 Extra Heavy-Duty 15-Amp SJEOOW 25′ Cold Weather Extension Cord is the one I’m going to concentrate on here.

This extension cord has a lot of great features overall. My favourite feature is that it is made in our own country, the United States. And now for some specific characteristics:

The wire can withstand temperatures between -58 and 221 degrees Fahrenheit.
The cord has a 15 Amp, 125 Volt, and 1875 Watt rating.
It is UL listed, which is essential for safety.
This is easily visible because to the yellow jacket, which helps prevent trip hazards and makes it simple to locate. The coating is abrasion, chemical, and oil resistant, and the cord is highly insulated.
The connector/receptacle ends are not of low quality, but I’m not sure how to accurately describe their design and feel. My first impression is that these will be intact and functional for many years to come. Regardless of how frequently we unplug it simply pulling on the cord rather than the real clear moulded end.
The fact that the receptacle end will light up to let you know if you have power is a neat feature. There’s no need to question if the problem is with the tool, the cord, or if it disconnected itself.

Southwire Extension Cord Performance

Southwire Extension Cord Performance

Our extension cords would be uninjured and undamaged in an ideal world. However, accidents do happen, and our cords are abused in a variety of ways, including being stomped on, rolled over, and even driven over. Therefore, it is essential to spend money on extension cords that can resist such challenging circumstances.

Extension cords made by Southwire are made to withstand the pressures of the real world. These cords’ sheathing is incredibly thick, allowing it to withstand a variety of abuse in addition to being flexible and weatherproof.

I have a personal practise of looping the cord and passing one end through the loop when wrapping it up. It’s crucial to note that I do not suggest this and I’m positive Southwire does not either. I can now carry the cord by the end thanks to this. I understand that this causes strain on the cord, but because Southwire cords are so durable, I am confident that they can withstand the pressure.

We took advantage of one of the recent significant snowfalls in Chicago to highlight the remarkable performance of Southwire Polar/Solar extension cables. It might have had a different gauge, but this particular cord was still a Southwire Polar/Solar cord. Dan left it outside overnight while plugging it into his diesel pickup. The cord remained flexible and simple to use the following day despite being subjected to subfreezing temperatures.

This practical demonstration demonstrates the durability and dependability of Southwire’s extension cords, even in severe weather. Southwire cords are made to work consistently in any demanding condition, including extreme cold, sweltering heat, and others.

Additionally, Southwire extends its dedication to safety to its extension cables. Because they were designed to satisfy the highest industry standards, you can use these cables with confidence. They are made to withstand sunshine, moisture, and abrasion, which lowers the possibility of electrical risks and ensures a long service life.


Southwire Extension Cord Value

Southwire Extension Cord Value

The list price on Amazon for the Polar/Solar 1787SW0002 10/3 Extra Heavy-Duty 15-Amp SJEOOW 25′ Cold Weather Extension Cord is $59.45. Power cables can be found for less money, however none compare to this one. A better extension cord won’t be found for less than $60. This cable is strong, well-made, has characteristics that others don’t, and it retains its flexibility even in cold temperatures.


Southwire Extension Cord Wrap Up

Southwire Extension Cord Wrap Up

The Southwire Polar/Solar range has extension cords if you’re looking for one. They are long-lasting and made in the United States with high-quality materials. The icing on the cake is that they are malleable in cold temperatures.

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