The SKIL 20V Pole Saw is a game-changer for those of us who value the safety and simplicity of a pole saw. No more shaky ladder placements or fumbling with a standard chainsaw’s pull-start. A member of SKIL’s PWRCORE 20TM OPE range, this battery-operated pole saw boasts a flexible length design and promises to provide the strength and performance required for efficient tree and shrub trimming.

The cordless design of the SKIL 20V Pole Saw, powered by a 20V battery, is one of its distinguishing qualities. This frees up more movement while working by getting rid of the restrictions of cords. Grab your pole saw and go to work—no more tangled cables or limited range.

The SKIL 20V Pole Saw has a dependable battery that guarantees a long enough runtime to do a variety of trimming chores uninterrupted. Reduced noise levels brought on by cordless operation make for a quieter and more relaxing environment for both the user and others nearby.

You can alter the length of this pole saw to match the height of the branches you need to trim thanks to its adjustable length feature. The SKIL 20V Pole Saw provides the adaptability and flexibility to meet your unique needs, whether you’re working on low-hanging branches or reaching up to higher locations.

The SKIL 20V Pole Saw excels in terms of power and performance. The battery-powered engine offers dependable and constant cutting performance, enabling you to chop through branches and shrubs with ease. The health and aesthetics of your trees and plants are guaranteed by the 10-inch cutting bar, which guarantees clear, accurate cuts.

Additionally, user safety and comfort were taken into consideration when designing the SKIL 20V Pole Saw. The ergonomic handle offers a safe and comfortable grip, while the lightweight build prevents fatigue during prolonged usage. You can use the pole saw with confidence and accuracy thanks to its simple controls.

The 20V Pole Saw is compatible with other tools in the series thanks to its membership in SKIL’s PWRCORE 20TM OPE lineup. By using the same battery platform, you may extend your collection of outdoor power equipment while saving time and money.

Overall, the SKIL 20V Pole Saw is a dependable and effective tool for pruning trees and shrubs. It is a useful addition to any homeowner’s or professional landscaper’s toolkit due to its cordless design, customizable length, and amazing cutting capability.

Say goodbye to the risks and hassles that come with using ladders and standard chainsaws. Trim your shrubs and trees with ease using the SKIL 20V Pole Saw’s convenience, power, and performance. You can be confident that this pole saw will produce the outcomes you want because to SKIL’s dedication to quality and innovation.


SKIL 20V Pole Saw Overview

SKIL 20V Pole Saw Overview

Less than 10 OPEs are available from SKIL in their PWRCORE 20TM lineup. The newest addition, the SKIL 20V Pole Saw, was more than suitable for the task at hand. Additionally, SKIL provides a 10 in., 40V brushless version that is stronger and features a telescopic shaft as opposed to the 20V’s 3-piece version. Additionally, it is a little bit heavier and bigger than the SKIL 20V Pole Saw.


SKIL 20V Pole Saw Features

SKIL 20V Pole Saw Features
The package comes with the two-piece pole saw assembly from SKIL Pole Saw Model PS4563B-10, a 3.5-foot extension shaft, a blade sheath, a shoulder strap, a storage bracket, U Link, a 20V 2.0Ah battery, and a 60W charger. This lightweight (8.9 lbs), cordless pole saw was easy to put together and had no major problems.
A SKIL PWRCORE 20TM 2.0Ah battery and PWRJUMPTM charger provide the energy. It ran for slightly about an hour before the battery needed to be recharged. I was able to complete the task thanks to the charger’s PWRJUMPTM technology, which charges the battery from empty to 25% in around five minutes.
There are two ways to assemble this pole saw. The length of the two-piece stock pole is about 6.5 feet. You can reach up to 10 feet if you also use the aluminium 3.5-foot extended shaft.
The bar measures 8″. The chain has a 0.375′′ pitch and 0.043′′ gauge.
The chain sheath lock and the control for tool-free chain tension adjustment are displayed here.
The saw is self-lubricating and uses regular bar and chain oil. The oil-inspection glass makes it simple to see the oil level.
The 135° pivoting head and tree hook allowed secure installation of the saw when I used it with the extension pole, which I utilised to cut some taller branches. The extension pole had a maximum length of 10 feet.
The padded portion of the shaft and the rubberized back handle are the two places where you can grab the handle. I believed I could safely operate the saw with a hand at each position. To start the saw, you must depress the lock-off button, which is located on top of the handle and above the trigger.

SKIL 20V Pole Saw Performance

SKIL 20V Pole Saw Performance
The SKIL 20V Pole Saw easily cut through branches up to about six inches. It was convenient to have the shoulder strap and it felt well balanced, even at its maximum length of 10 ft.

SKIL 20V Pole Saw Value

SKIL 20V Pole Saw Value

The SKIL 20V Pole Saw stands out among similar 20V pole saws on the market in terms of value. SKIL has been able to provide a tool at a reasonable cost without sacrificing its performance or quality. This pole saw is an excellent investment because SKIL goes above and above by offering a lengthy guarantee.

You can rest easy knowing that your pole saw is covered against any manufacturing flaws or defects thanks to SKIL’s 3-Year Warranty. And SKIL will reward you with a 5 Year Warranty if you go the extra mile and register your purchase within 30 days, providing extended coverage for additional peace of mind. It’s important to note that the batteries and chargers have a two-year warranty.

The cost of the SKIL 20V Pole Saw kit is $149, and it is offered on Amazon. This pricing point is fairly fair given the tools and skills it provides. However, SKIL also provides a 40V version of the pole saw, priced at $179.99 on Amazon, if you’re willing to look into other possibilities. Due to its greater voltage rating, the 40V model would appear to be the better bargain at first glance, but there are crucial variables to take into account before choosing.

If you already purchased SKIL’s PWRCORE 20TM platform, it may be worthwhile to consider whether the price difference between the 20V and 40V pole saws is worthwhile. The bar length, motor type, and length extension combinations are the key differences. The 10-inch 40V model has a brushless motor and a handy telescopic shaft, while the 8-inch 20V pole saw has a brushed motor and a separate extension rod.

The 40V pole saw can be the best option for you if you value a longer bar length, improved motor performance, and the adaptability of a telescoping shaft. The 20V Pole Saw will surely provide dependable performance at a lower cost if these factors are not essential to your particular needs and you previously invested in the SKIL 20V platform.

In the end, customers looking for a dependable and effective tool for their pruning and trimming jobs will find the SKIL 20V Pole Saw to be a great value. This pole saw appeals to both professionals and homeowners due to its affordable price, generous guarantee, and compatibility with SKIL’s PWRCORE 20TM platform.

With the SKIL 20V Pole Saw, your yard work will be simpler and more pleasurable. Profit from its reasonable price, dependability, and warranty support from SKIL. Invest in a tool that combines quality and value, and you’ll discover how simple and effective it is to trim trees and shrubs.


SKIL 20V Pole Saw Wrap Up

SKIL 20V Pole Saw Wrap Up

This SKIL 20V Pole Saw was able to perform the seasonal trimming that I required to be done around my yard. In this fall, I was able to safely trim up practically anything I wanted thanks to the 10 ft. reach, pivoting head, and tree hook. The shoulder strap and its small weight made this operation very simple physically. I had just about enough time during the one-hour run time to do my trimming; after that, all I needed to do was put the battery on a charger for approximately five minutes to complete the task. I would suggest including this pole saw in your OPEs if you have previously purchased SKIL’s PWRCORE 20TM platform. Your yard will look beautiful and I guarantee you’d use it a lot more than you anticipate. The built-in storage hook and accompanying bracket, which allow me to neatly hang it up until I need it again, are the final feature I really value.

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