SIMpush The Ingenious Invention

With the advent of push-to-connect fittings, innovation in pipe couplings has advanced significantly. Although SharkBite fittings are well-known for use in plumbing applications, there is now a ground-breaking product created especially for electricians: the Southwire SIMpush. The use of conventional techniques such set screws, clamps, or adhesives is no longer necessary thanks to this brilliant invention, which enables the seamless installation of diverse conduit types.


SIMpush Overview

SIMpush Overview

Similar to its plumbing counterpart, the SIMpush streamlines installation by making it simple for electricians to connect various conduit types. The SIMpush provides an easy solution for stiff stainless steel conduit, whether it is threaded or not, whether it is made of RMC, IMC, GRC, ARC, or another material. With the aid of this inventive fitting, two pipes can be connected securely without the inconvenience of additional tools or adhesives.

The SIMpush’s ability to save time is one of its main benefits. Electricians can greatly cut down the time spent joining pipes by doing away with the requirement for set screws or other time-consuming installation procedures. Faster installations result in higher production, which enables specialists to finish jobs more quickly. This results in long-term cost reductions in addition to saving critical time.

The SIMpush is a flexible and user-friendly alternative for electricians because it does not require soldering, clamps, unions, or glue. Professionals may concentrate on their work without being constrained by outdated procedures thanks to this new fitting’s quicker and easier installation process. It completely streamlines the process of connecting pipes, which is a game-changer.

The SIMpush is not only useful, but it also has long-term advantages. The pipes’ integrity is guaranteed by its dependable and secure connection, lowering the possibility of leaks or failures. In electrical applications, where performance and safety are top priorities, this durability and dependability are essential.

The SIMpush is more than simply a tool; it is evidence of the influence of innovation in the building sector. It exemplifies how modernization can improve on established procedures, making them more effective, practical, and user-friendly. Electrical contractors may now build conduit more quickly than ever before, without sacrificing dependability or quality, thanks to this creative innovation.


SIMpush Features

SIMpush Features
Although SIMpush offers a wide range of devices, this illustration shows what a coupling looks like.
Simply plug the pipe into the coupler, and it will resist pulling up to 300 ft/lbs or more.
The typical couplings for a right angle, straight run, and to a box are shown above.
Here is an illustration of both the traditional and the new SIMpush pipe connection methods.
If you want to create a right angle, no problem. Simply push the two pipes together, and your right angle is ready.
One neat feature is that you may reuse the coupling if you need to remove one by using the provided tool to release the pipe.

SIMpush Performance

SIMpush Performance

There is really no way that using SIMpush couldn’t be simpler. All you need to do is insert the pipe into the coupler. No need to reach for a screwdriver or other tools anymore. SIMpush’s name says it everything. Just nudge it into position.


Our Thoughts on SIMpush

Our Thoughts on SIMpush

The SIMpush has turned out to be a game-changing pipe connection technology that saves time and money, especially for bigger projects. This cutting-edge device has a number of outstanding characteristics that make it a top pick for industry experts. Let’s examine some of SIMpush’s salient features:

Construction that is Corrosion-Resistant: The SIMpush housing is made of copper-free aluminum, guaranteeing its sturdiness and resistance to corrosion. This feature ensures that the product can endure challenging situations and keep performing over time.

Easy Removal: The coupling can be removed with ease thanks to the quick-release ring. This convenience increases adaptability and makes the disconnecting process simple, allowing for significant time savings during installs or maintenance.

Watertight Seal: The SIMpush has an IP66 rating and is fitted with a gasket that offers a trustworthy and watertight seal. With the help of this function, connections are guaranteed to be safe even in places where moisture or water may be a threat.

capacity to retain grounding, a crucial necessity in electrical applications: The SIMpush is built with this capacity. This solution maintains the security and integrity of electrical systems by offering a trustworthy grounding connection.

Strong Grip Strength: The SIMpush’s zinc-plated steel grip rings can sustain pull forces of more than 300 ft/lbs. Even in difficult circumstances, this formidable grip strength ensures a safe and stable connection.

Corrosion-Resistant Coating: The SIMpush is covered in a NEMA 4X powder coating to further increase its endurance. It is appropriate for immediate burial because to this protective layer, which also prevents corrosion and increases the object’s durability.

In conclusion, the SIMpush is a superb product that offers substantial advantages. It is especially renowned for its ability to streamline pipe connections and save time and money. SIMpush can be used in a variety of settings and applications due to its simplicity of usage and adaptability. The tiresome chore of threading conduit is eliminated by this creative technique.

For professionals looking for rapid and dependable pipe hookups, the SIMpush has quickly become a top option. It differs from conventional techniques due to its strong structure, airtight sealing, grounding ability, and outstanding grasp strength. The corrosion-resistant coating also guarantees its durability and adaptability to various environments.

Professionals can optimize their processes, increase productivity, and save money by using the SIMpush. This ground-breaking item offers a huge advancement for the sector, altering pipe couplings and streamlining construction.

As a result, the SIMpush is a useful instrument that provides a quick and affordable option for pipe hookups. For experts in a variety of areas, its user-friendly design, adaptability, and durability make it indispensable. Accept the SIMpush and bid conduit threading’s challenges farewell. Discover the ease of use and effectiveness of this ground-breaking tool that is revolutionizing pipe connections.

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