In terms of cordless tools, Ryobi is a distinctive brand. It is not only one of the biggest 18V platforms available, but it also provides expert features at a reasonable cost. Ryobi, an exclusive brand of The Home Depot, is known for offering dependable and effective products. We’ll examine the Ryobi Inflator Review today to determine whether it’s a wise purchase.

The Ryobi Inflator has unintentionally become a necessary item in my collection of cordless tools. Although I never anticipated using an inflator so frequently, it has swiftly surpassed other tools in my toolbox. The inflator has come in very helpful with two kids and a variety of inflatable goods around the house, including footballs, basketballs, and rubber balls that are continuously losing air. In addition, I use it to inflate tires, and my neighbors have learned about its practicality and frequently borrow it as well.


Ryobi Inflator Review Overview

Ryobi Inflator Review Overview

Previously, the Ryobi and the Milwaukee were my go-to inflators. The Milwaukee Inflator’s set-and-forget feature caused me to use it more frequently, but the new Ryobi Inflator has a number of impressive features that make it a viable alternative in the inflator market.

The RYOBI 18V ONE+ Dual Function Inflator/Deflator (tool only) is now available. This adaptable inflator is suited for a variety of inflation needs because it can handle high-pressure and high-volume applications. This gadget offers optimum portability and is mobile thanks to its RYOBI 18V battery power. Additionally, it is a component of the RYOBI ONE+ System, which also contains over 280 cordless products that share a common battery architecture. With the additional convenience and adaptability that this system provides, it is easy to see why RYOBI has become so well-liked by consumers.

A number of attachments are included with the dual function inflator/deflator to increase its capabilities. It comes with a high-volume hose, pinch valve nozzle, sports ball needle, high-pressure hose, high-pressure nozzle, Presta valve adaptor, and an operator’s manual. Along with allowing for hands-free inflation and assuring precise pressure readings with its easy-view precision digital gauge, the inflator has an autofill shutoff option. The brass threaded tire chuck improves overall usability and longevity.

The Ryobi Inflator is distinguished by its extraordinary quickness as one of its best qualities. When used with the P108 4.0 Ah LITHIUM+ Battery (available separately), it can fully inflate a car tire from flat to full in under 4 minutes. Additionally, it takes only 30 seconds to inflate twin air mattresses. You may do your chores related to inflation with speed and efficiency because to this outstanding performance.

Another significant benefit of the Ryobi Inflator is its portability. Being cordless makes it easy to use almost anywhere and lets you take it with you without being constrained by power wires. Additionally, the inflator has onboard storage for extras, keeping everything arranged and simple to find.

The Ryobi Inflator offers piece of mind knowing you’re investing in a high-quality product thanks to a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty. Even though the battery and charger are sold separately, the RYOBI 18V ONE+ System is compatible with them, so if you currently own other Ryobi products, you can still use your current batteries and chargers.


Ryobi Inflator Review Features

Ryobi Inflator Review Features
The Ryobi P747 can inflate and deflate objects. The device is made to fill a variety of objects, including small toys, rafts, balls, tires, and more.
The Ryobi 18V battery, which is compatible with all cordless Ryobi 18V power tools, powers the Ryobi Inflator.
There is a panel on the front that displays the PSI of each tire and allows you to set a target PSI. The machine will automatically shut off once it reaches the desired PSI. Four push buttons are available, and they are simple to set.
There is a hose for balls, tires, and other items on one side of the device. Additionally, you may keep the nozzles, needle, and Presta Valve Adaptor that are included accessories.
For floats, beds, and other items, the opposite side includes a sizable hose.

Ryobi Inflator Review Performance

Ryobi Inflator Review Performance

The Ryobi Inflator performs admirably in terms of results. Its capability to precisely read tire pressure while mounted to a tire is one of its notable characteristics. I like how simple it is to select the preferred pressure and start the inflation procedure. While it might take a little longer than a compressor to fill a tire, it has the advantages of being more portable and affordable.

The brass threading inside the Ryobi Inflator is a noteworthy feature. Durability and lifespan are ensured by this design decision. It attaches to a tire effortlessly, which is something I find really appealing. There was only one incident where we had a threading issue, and I think that was because of the stem of the tire more than an issue with the inflator.

But the screen is where I have the most trouble with the inflator. The screen is easy to read and offers precise information when seen directly. Unfortunately, the screen becomes unreadable and worthless when the angle changes. When trying to gauge the pressure from various angles, this restriction might be annoying.

Despite my displeasure with the screen’s legibility from some angles, I find the Ryobi Inflator to have reliable and user-friendly performance in general. It is a dependable instrument for a variety of inflation activities due to its dependability, usability, and precise pressure measurements.


Ryobi Inflator Review Value

Ryobi Inflator Review Value

The Ryobi P747 Inflator is available from Amazon for approximately $66. I believe it is cost-effective given how much usage you can get out of this product. It’s also difficult to make a mistake for $66 when you realize that you can access so many other tools via the same platform.


Ryobi Inflator Review Wrap Up

Ryobi Inflator Review Wrap Up

I am a major supporter of Ryobi as a homeowner. I adore their entire tool offering, including their battery range. I adore being able to purchase additional tools from my neighborhood Home Depot. The majority of their tools are high quality and reasonably priced, which is what I appreciate best about them. The inflator is a fantastic feature, but the screen still requires improvement. Compared to other appliances we’ve examined, the Ryobi is less noisy. Overall, I think this inflator is nice and is a good investment.

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