With its Airstrike range of nailers, Ryobi has made a significant impact by giving users the convenience of cordless operation without breaking the bank. They continually set their prices so that homeowners and weekend warriors can afford them. While we have looked at their Finish Nailers, Brad Nailers, and Pin Nailers, Crown Staplers is a category that is frequently disregarded. Despite their enormous potential, these adaptable tools sometimes get overlooked in favor of different nail kinds. We will examine the specifics in this Ryobi Cordless Narrow Crown Stapler Review to determine how well this member of the Airstrike line performs.

Crown staplers, which are generally used to connect crown molding, have long been a mainstay in the tool industry. Their adaptability goes well beyond that, though. Crown staples come in a wide variety of sizes, making them useful for a variety of uses. Wider Crown Staplers, which are used to attach sheathing, roofing, framing, or even truss construction, are frequently required for building projects. Crown staples’ special construction provides a stronger hold than nails in some situations.


Ryobi Cordless Narrow Crown Stapler

Ryobi Cordless Narrow Crown Stapler

Narrow crown staples immediately bring to mind crafts and do-it-yourself projects in my imagination. I have upholstered benches and chairs, attached flowers to a wall, reinforced mitered corners while glue cured, and fastened trim and crown molding using them. The Ryobi Cordless Narrow Crown Stapler also made assembly easy in our birdhouse tutorial. I contacted our Instagram followers to learn more about the various uses of crown staplers, and I got some unexpected responses. They were described as being used for lattice work by users like logan2831 and 1970chrisk, who also upholstered chairs with them. The options are genuinely limitless.

The Ryobi Cordless Narrow Crown Stapler delivers cordless independence for more convenience and flexibility. It streamlines the process and shortens setup time by doing away with the requirement for an air hose and compressor. This crown stapler is a desirable option for both DIY enthusiasts and professionals because Ryobi has a reputation for providing tools at competitive prices.

We will examine the Ryobi Cordless Narrow Crown Stapler’s features, functionality, and overall user experience in the following sections of this review. By the conclusion, we hope to provide you a thorough evaluation of its capabilities and assist you in deciding if it is the best tool for your particular needs.


Ryobi Cordless Narrow Crown Stapler Review Features

Ryobi Cordless Narrow Crown Stapler Review Features
The Ryobi Cordless Narrow Crown Stapler has a weight of 5.0 pounds, runs on Ryobi’s 18V battery line, and has a 1500 staple capacity on a single charge.
The stapler can carry up to 105 18 GA thin crown staples (3/8 inch to 1-1/2 inch) at once. The magazine includes a simple trigger that makes it simple to put staples in the front.
The user can determine when the staples need to be reloaded thanks to the low staple indication. The dry fire lockout stops the tool from being damaged by not firing when it is empty.
By squeezing the handle, the normal style trigger performs smoothly.
The user can fire many staples without pulling the trigger in either of two modes: single sequential or contact actuation.
The user can modify the staples drive depending on the workpiece and necessity thanks to the tool-free depth of drive adjustment.
The air pressure adjustment dial enables pressure to be customized depending on the workpiece.
For easy reference, Ryobi incorporated a building ruler on the stapler.
A little switch located below the trigger on the handle activates the LED light, which improves visibility.
2 non-marring pads were provided by Ryobi as a precaution against work surface damage.
Depending on choice, the supplied belt hook can be put on either side.
The grip and comfort of the user are improved by the grip zone molding on the stapler.

Ryobi Cordless Narrow Crown Stapler Review Performance

Ryobi Cordless Narrow Crown Stapler Review Performance

In my experience, the Ryobi Cordless Narrow Crown Stapler has shown to be a dependable and effective tool. It functions reliably and without any obvious problems. The minor delay between activation and firing of cordless nailers is a typical worry, but I haven’t found it to be a big disadvantage. The Ryobi Nailers have outstanding firing speed, and the occasional delay is a small price to pay for the convenience of cordless operation. Although I myself favor using the single consecutive shooting option, individuals who do well with the contact actuation method.

Usability-wise, the weight of the stapler, like that of other cordless nailers, might get a little uncomfortable after a while of use. The depth adjustment and air pressure knob, however, are responsive and simple to use, enabling quick modifications dependent on the particular work at hand.

A tool-free jam release mechanism, or at the very least, an onboard tool to access the jam release, is the one thing I wish the Ryobi Cordless Narrow Crown Stapler had. Although I haven’t experienced a jam yet, nailers frequently experience it, thus having a straightforward solution would be really appreciated. The handbook proposes using a flat head screwdriver to release jams without removing the head, which is a useful tip given that the majority of people already have one on hand.


Ryobi Cordless Narrow Crown Stapler Review Value

Ryobi Cordless Narrow Crown Stapler Review Value

The affordability of Ryobi’s tools might be considered a strength. They always appear to be able to sell their products lower than rivals while still adding features that make the tools easier to use. The Home Depot sells this model, #P360, for $139.00 bare tool. Furthermore, Ryobi frequently conducts promotions to increase the value of its products by simply bundling batteries or including a free tool in the deal.


Ryobi Cordless Narrow Crown Stapler Review Final Thoughts

Ryobi Cordless Narrow Crown Stapler Review Final Thoughts

When it comes to this cordless narrow crown stapler, Ryobi doesn’t miss a beat. Overall, the Ryobi Airstrike line has been excellent, and the Narrow Crown Stapler blends in seamlessly.

Ryobi’s vast array of cordless tools and unbeatable affordability make purchasing their battery line a wise decision. This equipment is quite practical for homeowners and do-it-yourselfers, and for the price, it represents excellent value.

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