Regarding using battery-powered lawn mowers, are you still on the fence? I used to be dubious, but I can state with certainty that I wouldn’t switch back to gas-powered mowers at this point. It is worthwhile to switch to a battery-powered OPE system because of its many benefits. Mowers powered by batteries now offer a lot more power and performance, with benefits including lower noise levels and no need for regular maintenance on the gas, oil and filters. All battery-powered lawnmowers are not made equal, either. To find out if the RYOBI AWD Lawn Mower is actually worth the money, let’s take a hard look at it today.


RYOBI AWD Lawn Mower Overview

RYOBI AWD Lawn Mower Overview

The Home Depot carries a number of lawn mowers from the popular brand RYOBI that are available in a variety of styles and price points. RYOBI has options for everyone, whether you want something straightforward and inexpensive or one with plenty of high-tech features. The RYOBI mowers’ remarkable blend of features, performance, and value, on the other hand, stands out consistently.

Focusing on the RYOBI AWD Lawn Mower, specifically the model RY401210, is what this review is all about. Without breaking the budget, this high-end mower is built to provide exceptional performance. In-depth discussion of the RYOBI AWD Lawn Mower’s distinguishing features will follow.

All-Wheel Drive (AWD) Capability: This feature gives the mower better traction and manoeuvrability so it can easily handle uneven or mountainous terrain. By doing this, you can guarantee an even and consistent trim throughout every inch of your grass, even in tricky spots.

The RYOBI AWD Lawn Mower is dual battery compatible, supporting both the 40V and 18V ONE+ batteries from RYOBI, providing simplicity and flexibility. The battery option that works best for you will depend on your demands and existing RYOBI tools.

Utilising cutting-edge Smart CutTM Technology, which optimises battery life and ensures effective cutting, the power output is automatically adjusted based on the state of the grass. With this clever approach, you may anticipate reliable performance and a long runtime.

The RYOBI AWD Lawn Mower offers premium performance thanks to its brushless motor, which is powerful and effective. You can have a neat, polished lawn because to its great cutting skills.

EasyFoldTM Storage: RYOBI is aware of the value of space-saving techniques and convenience. Since the mower can be folded and stored vertically thanks to the EasyFoldTM feature, you can free up valuable garage or shed space.

RYOBI has a good track record when it comes to providing value for your money. The RYOBI AWD Lawn Mower exemplifies this philosophy by offering a premium mowing experience without a premium price. This lawnmower checks all the functional and cost-effective boxes thanks to its AWD capability, dual battery compatibility, Smart CutTM Technology, and powerful performance.

Become a member of the RYOBI user base, which is expanding and that values the product’s combination of features, performance, and value. Enjoy the ease with which you can keep a well-kept lawn by embracing the convenience, strength, and efficiency of the RYOBI AWD Lawn Mower.


RYOBI AWD Lawn Mower Features

RYOBI AWD Lawn Mower Features
The self-propelled, rear-wheel-drive RYOBI mower can run for up to 70 minutes. There is a lifetime warranty on the 21″ deck.
With this mower, you may side discharge, bag, or mulch. A strong brushless motor at the mower’s core will enable it tackle any challenging task.
One 40V RYOBI battery is used to operate this lawnmower. When one battery is used up, the user can turn the key to get a new one to finish the task.
Four 10′′ wheels on the mower assist it navigate uneven terrain.
It’s quite simple to operate this device. Simply release the handle and press the button. For hills, the optional 4-wheel drive is excellent, and the self-propelled option’s speed may be readily adjusted by the user.
The handle conveniently folds up for storage when not in use.
The mimicking of the mulching plug is one of my favourite aspects. No more pulling or misplacing plugs. The machine is simple to set up to bag or mulch; all you need to do is slide a handle over.
RYOBI done a wonderful job with the handle design, which is frequently disregarded. You can see the triangle pattern that secures the handle and prevents sloppy play.
A user may adjust all four wheels using a single lever. There are seven positions from 1.5″ to 4″.

RYOBI AWD Lawn Mower Performance

RYOBI AWD Lawn Mower Performance
I have to mention that this is an excellent lawnmower. The mower is strong, easy to use, and has outstanding run time. The cut quality is also excellent. We have evaluated a lot of battery-operated mowers over the years and this is certainly one of the top performers along with the EGO mowers.
One reason the cut quality is so outstanding, plus the bagging and mulching is due of the two-blade mechanism, which does an awesome job.
While I adore everything about this mower, I do wish it came with a dual charger. Plus occasionally the wheels aren’t free-spinning thus it can make turning a little difficult plus tear up a little grass when making turns.

RYOBI AWD Lawn Mower Value

RYOBI AWD Lawn Mower Value

I experienced sticker shock when I initially saw the $799 price tag at The Home Depot because I am not accustomed to seeing RYOBI priced so highly. I am aware that this is a top-of-the-line mower, but. The motor is reliable and provides decent cut quality, and it also has several fantastic features that help to lower the price. No matter which field you enter, if you want a high-end mower, you will have to pay up. With that stated, this is a terrific alternative for you if you plan to grow into the RYOBI line and take pride in your well-kept lawn.


RYOBI AWD Lawn Mower Final Thoughts

RYOBI AWD Lawn Mower Final Thoughts

In conclusion, this lawnmower is fantastic, has a tonne of features, performs admirably, and is reasonably priced. Sure, I wish a dual charger and a few other items were included, but given that RYOBI has so many outdoor power tools and is reasonably priced, it’s still a nice purchase.

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