One of the instruments that is accessible to anyone is the hoover. Whether you are a professional or a homeowner has no bearing. It also doesn’t matter if the debris is dry or liquid. They may be used for anything, including cleaning your car or a large job site. They can even be used with saws to manage dust. Ridgid is one brand that springs to mind when discussing drum-style vacuums. Long-standing and well-known in the hoover industry is Ridgid. So let’s get started with the Ridgid hoover review and examine the brand’s newest product, the NXT.


Ridgid Vacuum Review Overview

Ridgid Vacuum Review Overview

Ridgid stands out as one of the most well-known and highly acclaimed brands on the market for drum style vacuums. There are a number of factors that contribute to Ridgid vacuums’ enduring popularity and users’ glowing reviews.

Ridgid vacuums excel in suction power first and foremost. They consistently score among this category’s top performers, which makes them quite competent at handling a variety of cleaning duties. When working with small dust, dirt, or larger particles, Ridgid vacuums provide powerful suction that is completely undetectable.

Another important feature that sets Ridgid vacuums apart is their durability. These vacuums are made to last thanks to their strong design and high-quality components. They are able to withstand the demands of heavy use and deliver dependable performance for a long time. This toughness guarantees that your purchase of a Ridgid hoover will be both cost-effective and long-lasting.

The clever casters on Ridgid vacuums are one of its standout features. These casters are expertly designed to move freely on a variety of surfaces without getting caught on little particles. This prevents the annoying tendency to topple over and enables effortless maneuverability—even in difficult cleaning situations.

The affordability of Ridgid vacuums is a key benefit. Ridgid sells its vacuums for affordable prices despite the high quality of their performance and robust construction. Because of its accessibility to a variety of users and their low cost, Ridgid vacuums guarantee that you may select a model to fit your needs and budget.

Choosing Ridgid vacuums has a number of important benefits, including ease of availability. These vacuums are available at your neighbourhood Home Depot, giving you quick access to a wide selection of sizes and costs. This choice makes it possible for you to discover the best Ridgid hoover for your particular cleaning needs and ensures that you can find the right fit for your home or place of business.

Personally, I recently finished a remodelling job in my home, and I used vacuum cleaners a lot. I used multiple Ridgid vacuums in addition to a Dewalt vacuum for a variety of chores. As anticipated, these vacuums turned out to be priceless tools for managing the considerable cleaning requirements connected with significant projects.

In conclusion, Ridgid vacuums provide people in need of potent cleaning solutions with a dependable and cost-effective option. Ridgid vacuums have made a name for themselves as a go-to option for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts thanks to its exceptional suction, durability, smooth casters, and accessibility through Home Depot shops. Ridgid vacuums frequently outperform the competition when it comes to taking on difficult cleaning tasks, demonstrating their value as trustworthy cleaning partners.


Ridgid Vacuum Review Features

Ridgid Vacuum Review Features
You may pick up wet or dry waste using the 14 gallon 6.0-Peak HP Ridgid, model HD1400. This gives a lifetime guarantee, same like other Ridgid tools, but make sure you fill out and send in your warranty registration.
The hose is one of the nicest features. It’s a 2-1/2″ by 7′ hose, but the fact that it locks into place is a terrific concept because it takes the annoyance out of hoses and attachments coming off while you’re using them.
The wands and all the accessories lock into place, in addition to the hose locking into the vacuum.
Two wands, a crevice tool, a wet pick up and a dry floor pick up tool are included with the vacuum.
The attachments can be kept on the side of the vacuum, just above the casters.
The hoover has a handle that may be used to lift it into and out of your truck or up and down stairs. You can stow the power cord while not in use by using the handle as a power cord management solution.
The on/off switch is situated on the top of the vacuum, making it simple to reach. It is also big enough that you won’t need to fuss with it when using the vacuum.
Ridgid comes with a filter that can be used for fine dust in addition to regular cleaning. Since the filter absorbs 99.5% of all dust particles, you can use it to remove plasterboard dust, fireplace ash and other types of dust.
Because the vacuum includes a 20-foot power chord, you may move farther without using an extension cord.

Ridgid Vacuum Review Performance

Ridgid Vacuum Review Performance

I got the chance to utilise a variety of vacuums during my house project, but I have to say that the Ridgid vacuum stood out as the most potent one. Even while the Ridgid and Dewalt models were amazing in and of itself, this specific hoover outperformed them all in terms of suction power. It gathered up plaster, nails, nuts, bolts, and other debris with ease. The crevice tool was an excellent addition for cleaning out small crevices that were difficult for other vacuums to access.

The Ridgid hoover wowed me with its useful features in addition to its amazing power. I could cover more ground thanks to the extended power wire without constantly switching outlets. The vacuum’s easy-rolling wheels made moving it around my home a delight, and its small weight made carrying it up and down stairs a breeze. Its present length is still suitable for most chores, however I would have liked a little more hose.

Despite the fact that I am generally happy with this hoover, there is one area where it may be enhanced: the filtration mechanism. Despite having a bag system (A – VF3502), the Ridgid vacuum does not come with a bag. This, in my opinion, is inferior to the Dewalt, which employs a bag inside the hoover to avoid clogs and preserve constant suction. I experienced instances with the Ridgid vacuum when the filter would clog and cause a lack of suction. For instance, a lot of insulation might stick to the filter when vacuuming blown insulation.

Even while a bag could somewhat limit suction power, the convenience it provides is priceless. It allows for extended periods of uninterrupted use by extending the intervals between cleanings of the filter and drum. A bag would have been nice to have came with the hoover, especially for people doing heavy cleaning.


Ridgid Vacuum Review Value

Ridgid Vacuum Review Value

At The Home Depot, the Ridgid NXT retails for around $100. For its quality and power, Ridgid has always been one of my favourite vacuums. So a $100 price tag is a terrific value when you take into account my prior experiences with the quality of the vacuums.

Other vacuums are available at roughly the same price, but I don’t believe they have the same level of quality or suction as the Ridgid.


Ridgid Vacuum Review Final Thoughts

Ridgid Vacuum Review Final Thoughts

Overall, it’s a fantastic hoover. The quality and suction are exceptional. A little longer hose would have been great so the vacuum wasn’t always directly behind you when cleaning up messes, even though it rolls beautifully and can roll over the cord without falling over. To prevent dust and other particles from flying around in the air, it would also be excellent to see a bag included in addition to an air defuser. It’s difficult not to add this to your list of 2019 purchases for $100.

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