The adage “form follows function” couldn’t be more true when it comes to coolers. My spouse has referred to me as a cooler hoarder because I understand the importance of having the appropriate cooler for any situation. However, believe me when I say that finding the ideal cooler is essential. How much must you transport? What is the required transportation distance? The most crucial factor is how long you need the ice to keep. I was contemplating these issues while I awaited the arrival of the greatly anticipated RIDGID Cold Box Cooler. See if it lives up to the hype and if it’s a good addition to your collection.


RIDGID Cooler Overviewbox

RIDGID Cooler Overviewbox

Since the day we created the contemporary pipe wrench, RIDGID proudly declares, “We’ve made it our mission to build for the world’s expert tradespeople.” It is obvious that those tradespeople are the target audience for this cooler. The RIDGID cooler is made to be a component of the Pro Tool Storage System, unlike coolers with telescoping handles and built-in wheels. It can be easily attached to one of the many rolling boxes in the system, offering a complete storage option. The RIDGID Cold Box Cooler is roughly twice the size of a conventional construction lunch box and has a capacity of 27 quarts. The RIDGID cooler offers plenty of room for food, drinks, and ice when compared to rivals like the 10-quart DeWALT Insulated Lunch Box or the 16-quart Milwaukee PACKOUT Compact Cooler. For me, the DeWALT and Milwaukee lunch boxes are too small to hold enough materials for a long, hot workday, so the RIDGID cooler’s bigger size is a welcome addition.

However, it’s vital to keep in mind that this cooler can be fairly heavy to carry exclusively by its top handle, especially when laden with ice, drinks, and food. Even though it might not be the best “replacement” for your family’s large rolling cooler used for camping, tailgating, or boating, it excels as a useful and effective lunch box for workers in certain industries. Your food and beverages will stay cool and fresh throughout the day thanks to the solid construction and insulation of the container.

The RIDGID Cooler is evidence of the company’s dedication to excellence and usability. It is especially made to satisfy the requirements of tradesmen who need a dependable and roomy cooler to go with them on the job. This cooler is a great companion for keeping your meals and beverages cool and refreshing whether you work as a plumber, electrician, or in any other trade.


RIDGID Cooler Features

RIDGID Cooler Features
The RIDGID Cooler (model 249843) is made of high-impact resin that has been molded. The cooler’s outside measurements, according to RIDGID, are 25.04″ x 14.57″ x 12.44″.
Designed to keep your belongings safe, clean, and cold. The walls of the RIDGID Cooler are sturdy and insulated. A watertight, dust-proof seal is made by the 1.75′′ rim’s union with the rubber gasket on the lid, and the cooler can be locked.
Ice retention for 48 hours, according to RIGID. Since I only lifted the lid once a day and put 14 lbs. of ice in ours, it took around four days for the ice to melt completely.
I calculated that the 27 qt. internal cavity measures around 19″ x 10″ x 8.5″. It can carry 42 cans, according to RIGID. I could stand up and fit 27 of these 16.9 oz. water bottles inside.
It weights just over 10 lbs. and has a heavy-duty feel to the RIDGID cooler design. Solid molded resin serves as the latch hinges and front latches. The image above shows the resin and metal rear lid hinges.
A sizable top handle on the RIDGID Cooler folds away. The handles on the sides of the RIDGID Pro Tool Storage System (seen below) might potentially be used to carry it. The two hooked grooves at the bottom of each side, which can be used to bungee or strap it down, is another feature that I would use rather frequently.
The two shallow cup holders that are molded into the top of the lid and the rubber-over-metal RIDGID Pro Tool Storage System handles are shown in this image.
There are four resin feet that are sculpted into the bottom.

RIDGID Cooler Value

RIDGID Cooler Value

When I quickly searched “Roto-Molded Ice Cooler” on Amazon, it was difficult to find one for less than $150. It is therefore among the most reasonably priced coolers of its class at $79.97 at The Home Depot. And is less expensive than the majority of similarly made, but much smaller “lunch box” coolers now on the market. Therefore, this RIDGID Cooler is still a fantastic buy even if you are not interested in the RIDGID Pro Tool Storage System.


RIDGID Cooler Wrap Up

RIDGID Cooler Wrap Up

I like the shape, weight, and functionality of this RIDGID cooler, but it weighs more than 10 pounds, which is a bit much. It offers more than enough space for ice, food, and beverages. My 14 lbs. of ice had only melted around 15% after 24 hours, so my lunches would remain chilled for the entire workday. However, there are two things that are missing: first, given its size, a bottom drain should be included; second, where is the bottle opener? However, at about $80, it is definitely worth taking into account as your new lunchbox and a supplement to your cooler collection.

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