I have used nailers frequently for more than 15 years and have grown to love Ridgid’s pneumatic nailers. Ridgid has stayed dedicated to enhancing their pneumatic nailers despite the growing popularity of battery-operated equipment. Their most recent model of the 18-gauge brad nailer, the Model R213BNF, features some notable improvements that improve the user’s experience. Let’s examine these changes in this Ridgid Brad Nailer Review to see how they measure up.

My father gave me a Ridgid 18-gauge brad nailer more than ten years ago, which is when I first started using their products. It is still my all-time favorite nailer as of right now. I’ve probably fired thousands of nails through the machine, yet astonishingly, I’ve never had a jam. I can’t say enough good things about the performance and dependability of that nailer.


Ridgid Brad Nailer Review Overview

Ridgid Brad Nailer Review Overview

It will be difficult for Ridgid’s new brad nailer design to overtake their prior model as my all-time favorite given my strong attachment to it. As I examine the new nailer’s features throughout this review, I’ll also evaluate their importance and, on occasion, make comparisons to the earlier design.

The new Ridgid brad nailer’s better jam-free performance is one obvious enhancement. The new design improves upon the prior model’s strengths in this area, making for a trouble-free and successful experience. Any nailer must have this feature, thus Ridgid’s commitment to preserving and enhancing it is laudable.

The overall strength and construction of Ridgid nailers are a further feature that merits attention. Their tools’ tough design gives users peace of mind because they know they can survive difficult tasks and extended use. For professionals who depend on their equipment every day, this is especially important.

Additionally, Ridgid included considerate ergonomic elements to its brad nailer. Long-term user fatigue is decreased with a pleasant grip and a well-balanced design, enabling greater efficiency and precision. These ostensibly minor nuances can make a significant difference in the user experience and separate a competent nailer from a superb one.

While the new Ridgid brad nailer has some advantages, it’s also crucial to recognize the advantages of the more enduring older model. The contrast between the two demonstrates Ridgid’s dedication to constant innovation while appreciating the value of tried-and-true features that people value.

Finally, Ridgid’s commitment to creating dependable and effective pneumatic nailers is evident in their most recent brad nailer product. The improvements introduced to the Model R213BNF show how dedicated Ridgid is to giving users a trouble-free and successful experience. Although I have a soft spot for the older design, I can’t wait to embrace the new one and see what advantages it has for my job.

In the always changing world of power tools, Ridgid’s pneumatic nailers continue to show their value, and their dedication to innovation guarantees that customers can rely on their products for many years to come.


Ridgid Brad Nailer Review Features

Ridgid Brad Nailer Review Features
It is immediately clear that the new Ridgid 18 gauge brad nailer has undergone a visual makeover. My prior unit’s dimensions and weight are very comparable to this one. The 18 gauge brad nailers have always been the most comfortable tools for me to use. They are not quite as hefty as a finish nailer, nor are they as little as pin nailers to make them feel like toys.
The 18 gauge nails of the following sizes can be fired by the Ridgid brad nailer: 5/8”, 1”, 1-1/4”, 1-1/2”, 1-3/4” and 2-1/8”. This vast selection includes every feature a brad nailer could possibly have.
A tough plastic with a clear smoke tint is used to make the nail chamber. A wonderful touch like this. You can add nails whenever it’s convenient if you can notice when you’re running low. When I’m in the middle of putting a component into place and I run out of nails, it always annoys me. It might be annoying.
The user can alternate between single nailing and bump nailing using the configurable trigger. This method of actuation is known as bump nailing contact. It is quite simple to change modes, and it is obvious at a look which mode you are in. Although this feature is not brand-new, it is well done.
With this innovative device, Ridgid has made unclogging stuck fasteners a breeze. The jam release is opened by pulling up on the latch label on the front. This makes it possible to quickly and easily remove stuck nails. In the past, you had to use an Allen wrench to access the jammed nail in order to remove stuck fasteners. This required a lot of additional work, which slowed down production.
Operating the depth of drive adjustment is easy. You use a wheel to modify the depth at which your nailer sinks nails.
Three no-mar pads that attach to the workpiece contact point are included with this nailer, and there is onboard storage for the two extras. This seems extremely lovely to me. The no-mar pad on my old nailer is cracked and disintegrating. Do you believe I can locate any spares? Not likely. And it’s not as simple as you might assume to locate a new one to order.

The dry fire lockout feature on the Ridgid 18 gauge brad nailer guards against misfires and prolongs engine life.
You don’t need to apply oil to the nailer before or while using it because of its oil-free operation. Additionally oil-free and still functioning nicely is my ancient appliance.
A belt hook, an adjustable quick connect hose fitting, and a stationary exhaust vent are all located on the back of the nailer.

Ridgid Brad Nailer Review Performance

Ridgid Brad Nailer Review Performance

This nailer now incorporates a technology from Ridgid dubbed Clean Drive Technology, which the company claims can produce 17 times more consecutive perfect drives than the competitors. Without knowing the exact rivals, I am sceptical of such claims, but I can attest that this nailer excels at driving fasteners with remarkably fine precision and accuracy. In my experience, there haven’t been many, if any, operational misfires.

The Ridgid brad nailer’s dependable and constant performance is a credit to its engineering and design. This nailer dependably sinks nails at the correct depth without any problems, whether I’m working on delicate trim work or heavy applications. It offers the assurance and comfort that experts and DIY enthusiasts look for in their instruments.

The Ridgid brad nailer’s ergonomic design further enhances its overall performance. It is simple to maneuver and manage because to the well-balanced build and pleasant grip, which reduces user fatigue even during prolonged use. This emphasis on ergonomics has many benefits, including enhanced productivity and accuracy.

The ease of use of this nailer is one feature I particularly value. Fastener loading is simple, and the tool’s design makes jams uncommon. In the event that a jam does develop, Ridgid has offered practical options for quick and easy removal, reducing any downtime and enabling ongoing productivity.

The Ridgid brad nailer is impressively durable. Its robust design and high-quality components ensure that it will be a durable instrument that can resist the rigors of tough job sites. For professionals who depend on their equipment every day, this dependability is essential.

Generally speaking, the Ridgid 18 gauge brad nailer performs as expected. It stands out from the competitors because to its efficient driving style and constant, dependable performance. Even though I might not be able to directly compare it to other models, I can say with certainty that this nailer is a good purchase for anyone looking for a high-performing and effective tool for their trim and carpentry tasks.

This new model demonstrates Ridgid’s effort to giving people a superior experience and demonstrates their commitment to ongoing improvement. Whether you are an expert carpenter or an enthusiastic do-it-yourselfer, the Ridgid brad nailer will unquestionably increase your productivity and produce excellent results.


Ridgid Brad Nailer Review Value

Ridgid Brad Nailer Review Value

This nailer costs $99.00 on The Home Depot’s website, which also includes a carrying case and 200 starter 1-1/4″ nails. This cost is less than the $119 that my father spent for my older Ridgid brad nailer 14 years ago.

Because more and more individuals are switching to battery-powered tools, corded and pneumatic tool prices are decreasing more frequently. I like to connect my Ridgid 18 gauge brad nailer to my air hose in a shop setting because this tool is so much lighter than its battery-operated version.

This gadget, which costs $99.00, will last you for many years and produce excellent results. This is a wonderful value for professionals that need to use their nailers frequently. Ridgid manufactures excellent products for homeowners that are reasonably priced.


Ridgid 18 Gauge Brad Nailer Review Final Thoughts

Ridgid 18 Gauge Brad Nailer Review Final Thoughts

Although it’s hard for me to imagine, I might end up favoring this new Ridgid 18 gauge brad nailer more than any other. Ridgid didn’t make any ground-breaking alterations to this appliance, but all of their changes and improvements were exactly that—improvements. Look no farther if you do a lot of woodworking and need a brad nailer that will operate flawlessly every single day. That instrument is the Ridgid 18 gauge brad nailer.

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