There are a few manufacturers that immediately come to mind when thinking of vacuums. Ridgid is the best in the business for both professionals and homeowners. One of the most well-known brands in the hoover industry, Ridgid is renowned for its powerful suction, extended lifespan, and affordable price. Does this model, which is a twist on their traditional vacuums, work? It has the motor on the bottom of the device rather than inside the lid. Let’s look at the review of the Ridgid 1650RV vacuum.


Ridgid 1650RV Vacuum Review Overview

Ridgid 1650RV Vacuum Review Overview

Ridgid has made a name for itself in the world of shop vacuums by providing a variety of solutions to suit various demands. Ridgid has all the vacuums you could possibly need, including compact, cordless, wet/dry, and HEPA models. You may be sure that you’ll always locate the ideal hoover for your unique needs thanks to their wide selection.

The bottom-mounted motor of the Ridgid 1650RV vacuum is one of its distinctive features. Although unusual, its design has a number of benefits. The simplicity of emptying the hoover is one of the main advantages. Unlike conventional models, which have the motor on top, removing the heavy motor can be a difficult process that frequently results in dust and debris dispersing, possibly releasing harmful particles and chemicals into the air. This problem is lessened by having the engine at the bottom, which makes the emptying procedure safer and cleaner.

There are disadvantages to take into account, as with every design decision, of course. For instance, the hoover may be larger and/or trickier to manoeuvre in small places due to the bottom-mounted motor. However, for customers who seek hassle-free emptying and excellent dust containment, this novel design becomes an appealing choice that offers noteworthy advantages.

The Ridgid 1650RV vacuum delivers results that stand up to the brand’s reputation. It can easily handle both wet and dry messes thanks to its strong suction characteristics, making it excellent for a variety of applications. This hoover produces dependable results whether you need to clean up sawdust in the workshop, remove water from a flood-damaged region or remove debris from your automobile.

Additionally, Ridgid provides a selection of add-ons and attachments to increase the adaptability of the 1650RV vacuum. These accessories, which range from extension wands to specialised nozzles, let you tailor the hoover to your own cleaning requirements, making it a remarkably adaptable tool.

Another area in which Ridgid excels is durability. Ridgid vacuums, which are renowned for their tough design, are made to endure the demands of demanding work situations. The 1650RV is no exception, boasting a robust design capable of withstanding rigorous use and offering durable performance.

To sum up, users in need of a strong and dependable shop vacuum have an appealing option in the Ridgid 1650RV vacuum. Its distinctive bottom-mounted motor design makes emptying simple and safe while effectively containing dust and debris. Despite being a little bit thicker than more conventional models, it is a worthwhile investment for a variety of cleaning activities due to its effectiveness, adaptability, and longevity. You may be sure that the 1650RV and other Ridgid vacuums will satisfy your particular cleaning needs thanks to their wide selection and dedication to excellence.


Ridgid 1650RV Vacuum Review Features

Ridgid 1650RV Vacuum Review Features
This hoover from Ridgid, Model 1650RV, has a potent 6.5 HP motor for even superior wet and dry material suction.
Extra durability and protection are provided by the heavy-duty drum structure. You are doubly secured when the warranty from Ridgid is included. The vacuum’s distinctive design begins with where the motor is placed. This one has the motor on the bottom rather than the top, making it simpler to empty and maintain the filter.
A quick lock fastening system is used to install and remove the fine dust filter, which is included for the best dust removal.
The foot pedal’s on/off switch enables easy hands-free operation. The lever above also secures the drum in place for safety.
In order to operate more quietly, Ridgid incorporates cutting-edge sound reduction technology into its design. Additionally, they offer an attachable sound muffler.
Large rear wheels and front casters on the Ridgid make it simple to move around and operate.
The sturdy handle offers an easy grip and stable manoeuvrability.
A top access door and a Quick Access Door make it easy to load heavier debris.
In order to provide more thorough draining, Ridgid incorporated a sizable drain that is situated right at the bottom of the drum.
With the Qwik-lock hose, you can quickly switch between outlets and use this vacuum as a blower as well.
The 8-foot locking hose has a smooth inside for less chance of clogging and allows for secure attachment to the hoover.
For storing the 20-foot power cord with an ALCI outlet, a cord hook is provided.
The bundled accessories can be conveniently stored in an accessory caddy.
There are several attachments, such as a wet nozzle, a crevice tool, a car nozzle and a noise muffler.

Ridgid 1650RV Vacuum Review Performance

Ridgid 1650RV Vacuum Review Performance

I had the most wonderful experience with the Ridgid 1650RV vacuum. I reviewed this hoover because I was first intrigued by its unusual bottom motor design, and I have to admit that it much exceeded my expectations in many ways.

Regardless of where the motor resides, emptying a hoover may be a filthy and laborious process. Ridgid, however, has thought of a brilliant answer. With the 1650RV, you can detach the canister from the motor to lighten it and make emptying considerably simpler. Even while using the handle to empty the canister can still be a little difficult, doing so is much easier than trying to do so while the engine is still attached. A practical feature that improves the overall user experience is the separation of the engine and canister.

Vacuum bags would be an even better option. These bags, which are available separately, take care of all the problems with emptying large-capacity vacuums. I haven’t used hoover bags in my workshop for a very long time, and now that I think about it, I have no idea why. Vacuum bags give a simple and clean way to empty the vacuum, regardless of where the motor is placed.

The 1650RV’s top handle design is also deserving of appreciation. Even though the wheels had a few minor issues throughout the emptying process, they turned out to be pleasant and allowed for easy movement around the factory. Additionally, they showed less sticking when coming into contact with small objects like cords, which are frequently a cause of difficulty for vacuum wheels. The vacuum’s bottom on/off button, which allows for hands-free operation and improves ease while use, is another remarkable feature.

The Ridgid 1650RV has a tremendous suction power. It took up fine dust, tiny pieces of dirt, and other particles without reluctance. The hose’s smooth interior kept it clean for extended periods of time and helped prevent clogging. All users will value this feature because it is useful.

The 1650RV’s included accessories significantly increase the vacuum’s capabilities. My favourite of them was the floor tool. I’ve seen similar attachments before, but this one stuck out because of its rubber edge, which made it exceptionally good at picking up fine dust particles. This attachment has shown to be superior to others I’ve used in my experience, making it a noteworthy feature.


Ridgid 1650RV Vacuum Review Value

Ridgid 1650RV Vacuum Review Value

The cost of this hoover is reasonable for the power it has. This hoover costs little under $200 on Amazon, and it is well worth the money. While slightly more expensive than Ridgid models with more conventional designs, it does have a motor that lasts longer and is made for more industrial purposes. The cost is still lower than that of equivalent models from other brands. This hoover has exceptional power, suction, and special features that certain users will find very valuable.


Ridgid 1650 RV Vacuum Review Final Thoughts

Ridgid 1650 RV Vacuum Review Final Thoughts

For a variety of users, the Ridgid Bottom Motor Vacuum is a great alternative. Although this hoover is more suited to professional use, heavier users will appreciate the performance and features as well. Outstanding qualities include being quieter than others, having great attachments, and having wheels that are simple to use. The performance of Ridgid vacuums has always been well-known, and this one is no exception.

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