Husky Connect 2-Drawer 13-Compartment Small Parts Organizer

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The Husky 2-drawer small parts organizer offers handy removable compartment customization so users can reconfigure things matching their frequently accessed hardware storage needs. Durable handbox resin withstands dropped jobsite abuse and conveniently connects other modular workshop components in the system. While smartly conceived, don’t expect watertight sealing in torrential downpours. But for versatile garage project utility, this stackable organizer handles handy parts sorting admirably at a reasonable price.

Product Description

This Husky small parts organizer features a slim profile plastic hand toolbox with lift-out tote tray and customizable dividers creating 13 tracked storage compartments. The clamshell design allows tossing assorted nuts, bolts, fasteners, electronics or accessories then stashing the organizer neatly on shelves or stacking other latching cases atop securely.

Removable plastic dividers reconfigure variable sizing options across the two levels so users optimize things to frequently accessed hardware items saving hassle hunting disorganization. An integrated tote handle and latch channels enable linking things with other Husky Connect modular storage solutions tidily. So things stay neatly together on the move between project sites.

Husky Connect 2-Drawer 13-Compartment Small Parts Organizer

Durable heavy duty handbox resin construction withstands dropped toolbox abuse that cracks flimsier plastics. Don’t baby this organizer – toss it loaded on truck beds or concrete without cringing. And clean up any oil drips or splatter without permanent staining issues.

The 2-level clamshell case with customizable dividers allow users to configure storage perfectly matching their small parts hardware needs. Why settle for wasted compartment volume on unused spaces? This Husky organizer scales utility catering to actual demands Saving real estate.

Integrated tote handle provides easy portability transporting things conveniently around garage workspaces or to/from vehicles when needed. Small organizer boxes ride shotgun securely without sliding hazards during errands. And handy grab-and-go function promotes better organization relocating things less often.

Stackable compatibility with other Husky Connect modules help keep personalized workshop storage components neatly connected in one place. Prevent clutter chaos misplacing specific project gear like fasteners or drill bits critical when customer deadlines loom. Streamline your workflow instead.

Parts stay neatly stashed within removable compartment dividers preventing problematic rattling loose even if the box gets shaken or tossed during transport. Hardware retrieves without digging annoying messes thanks to configurable layouts. Quick access bolsters organization for efficient productivity when needed.


Lacking water resistant gaskets or seals causes issues for environments dealing with wet outdoor conditions regularly. Torrential rainstorms splash around limitations fast. But bonus organizers like these work benches and garage cabinets just fine generally.

The removable dividers rely solely on static friction without additional locks so overly assertive handling risks looseness issues. But general responsiveness avoids carelessly tossing things brutishly. Use sound judgment on driving conditions securing things slide-free.

Linked connectivity to other proprietary Husky components discourages interchangeable mixing with existing workshop organizational solutions from other brands. But most buyers value branded ecosystem continuity anyway. And the Husky Connect line covers plenty of garage utility gaps out the box without much limitation.

Manual customization rearranging dividers proves slightly more hands-on than similarly priced electronic modules with programmable interfaces or macros. But simplicity also means fewer technical vulnerabilities plaguing overtly complex organizational electronics needing battery or app maintenance. Keep it simple as effective.

Specification: Husky Connect 2-Drawer 13-Compartment Small Parts Organizer


11" x 6" x 4.75" Lid Closed


Heavy Duty Resin Plastic


2 Level Clamshell Design


13 Removable Dividers


Tote Handle, Stackable Latching


Links Other Husky System Modules

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