Husky 230379 22 in. 22-Compartment Connect Cantilever Organizer for Small Parts Organizer

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The Husky 22” cantilever small parts organizer mounts conveniently to deliver easily accessible DIY hardware storage with adjustable pitch positioning and interchangeable bin layouts customizable per user content needs. Sturdy polymer construction withstand bridging weighty loads on wall slats securely while integrated rear channels link other proprietary ecosystem workshop components expanding modular capabilities. Yes, the pivoting cantilever arms impose some modest clearance requirements. But for handy garage organization flexibility bringing fastener access immediacy when projects demand responsive productivity, this wall-mounted parts catch-all warrants a look.

Product Description

This cantilever mounted Husky small parts organizer features a central hinged clamp assembly allowing variable pitch adjustment once mounted on slat wall panels or perforated workshop pegboards securely. Durable composite construction resists garage fluids and grime present in most workspaces while providing 22 assorted storage compartments spanning removable bins and small hardware trays configurable by users.

The rear channel accepts other Husky Connect accessories integrating things into existing organizational ecosystems cleanly. So customized workshop utility solutions stay neatly consolidated together. An integrated handle eases portability relocating loaded units where needed. And hardware write-on sections allow users to label specific compartments by content when desired.

The cantilever clamp mount allows variable installation pitch angles to maximize visibility and access convenience reaching stored hardware easily. Rotating parts trays forward proves better than struggling fingertips behind obstructed visibility barriers that fixed upright mounts impose.

22 assorted-sized removable compartment bins split between shallow small part organizers and deeper bulk fastener volumes customizing usage needs. Tailoring personal configurations means no wasted unused organizer capacity hurting efficiency. These adapt around user content not the other or way around ultimately.

Compatibility integrating other proprietary Husky Connect workshop storage solutions through the rear channel keeps workshop gear tidiness consolidated. Misplacing critical project components like bits or drivers gets easier without everything organized together. Prevent frustration searching scrambles killing productive flow and momentum.

An integrated handle allows easy unit portability relocating organizers to active project areas minimizing hardware transportation hassles as tasks progress. Workshop productivity flows smoothly transferring customized components conveniently without wasteful back and forth of critical items as operational dynamics shift.

Rugged composite construction withstands spilled oils or fluids that corrode lesser metal components often stationed in garage environments. Protecting utility investments against premature weathering ensures lasting usable lifespan matching lifetime mechanical upgrade investments accordingly. Durability matters most.


The 25+ lb loaded weight exceeds lighter utility hooks capacity resulting in torn out wall damage if mounted improperly. But properly installed slat wall panels or pegboard dove holes sustain the centralized pressure loading reliably. Just take caution not pushing limits without verification first.

Cantilever clearance requirements may encroach neighboring storage when pivoted fully if mounted too close in tight hardware-packed workshops. But minor positioning compromises still maximize essential arm motion without overly restrictive loss that negates pitch adjustment flexibility benefits overall.

Lacking waterproof lids or gaskets risks exposing hardware contents to dripping leaks if mounted overhead rafters vulnerable. Though the durable resins resist light splashes shaking off sufficiently. Critical components still deserve contingency plans anyway keeping backups handy. Don’t push unnecessary risks losing project momentum.

Perforated label strips rely on user provided contents identification for taxonomy clarity between the 22 assorted compartments. However nothing prevents users taking initiative etching their own markers, printed tags, or color labels customized however fits personalized workflows best.

Proprietary Husky Connect channel integration discourages interchangeable mixing with existing organizational solutions from other brands. But workflow continuity and ecosystem uniformity maintains advantages for users committed already within homologous workshop accessory families anyway. Mixing dilemmas seem largely self-imposed rather forced externally. Prioritize needs accordingly.

Husky 230379 22 in. 22-Compartment Connect Cantilever Organizer for Small Parts Organizer

This Husky 22” cantilever mounted small parts organizer delivers ample storage capacity combined with pitch adjustable mounted convenience improving hardware access immediately when productivity can’t wait. Durable composite construction resists spilled garage fluids that corrode lesser metals over time. And integrated organizational connectivity bridges workflow gaps consolidating components tightly. Yes, the 25+ pound span needs caution on load-bearing anchors concentration points. But consolidating hardware handy at reachable immediacy makes tangible efficiencies realized over flimsier generic storage. The cantilever flexibility warrants consideration from both hobbyists and busy shops alike wanting responsive parts access accelerating project workflows.

Specification: Husky 230379 22 in. 22-Compartment Connect Cantilever Organizer for Small Parts Organizer


22” x 5” x 16” Assembled


Heavy Duty Polymer Resin


12 Small & 10 Large Removable Bins


Variable-Pitch Cantilever Clamp


Husky Connect System Integration


Built-in Handle, Label Sections

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