Husky 1052 Mini Pliers Set (5-Piece) with Bonus Pouch

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The Husky 5-piece mini pliers set packs an assortment of small but mighty gripping tools perfect for precision work in tight spaces. Compact plier head design offers surprising utility given tiny size – slipping easily into electronics compartments or grasping wee components decidedly. Yes lacking brute force limits heavy duty use. But having such handy portable versatility at the ready expands project possibilities for hobbyists and pros alike.

Product Description

This mini pliers set from Husky provides 5 popular plier tools scaled down to surprisingly functional compact sizes. Each stainless steel plier spans around just 4 inches long, with polished metal finish and molded grip handles. Bonus carry pouch keeps the mini set neatly organized.

Included tools comprise 4 inch long mini versions of linesman pliers, diagonal cutters, long nose pliers, end nippers, and flat jaw pliers. Despite portable size, these leverage 5 useful grip capabilities for detail tasks needing pinpoint precision over power. Their diminutive nature slips easily into tight spaces larger counterparts cannot access.

Husky 1052 Mini Pliers Set



Surprisingly functional mini plier heads provide useful versatility with delicacy and precision larger tools lack. Accessing cramped wire runs or miniature components gets far easier when the grippers themselves slim down accordingly. Don’t knock them for modest hand sizes.

Stainless steel plier construction promises durability to withstand reasonable workloads without bending or wearing prematurely. They may focus on detail duties but remain built sufficiently stout for light general tasks as needed. These mini tools not flimsy novelty gimmicks.

The included zippered carry pouch conveniently keeps the itty bitty pliers securely together ready for safe toolbox storage or portability bringing just what’s needed. Losing tiny instruments grows easier, so bundled organization proves important. The pouch prevents headaches.

Weighing less than a pound altogether, the tiny set travels easily to jobsites without notable added luggage burden. Tossing them in a backpack or toolkit occupies negligible space while putting useful specialty capability conveniently on hand for niche access needs arising unexpectedly.

The polished stainless finish looks great while resisting corrosion that can compromise smooth jaw action. Protecting mini precision points that enable intricate utilities remains important so things continue operating like new after years of light use. They may serve backup roles but need reliability when called upon.

Husky 1052 Mini Pliers Set


Lacking larger handles and jaw surface areas limits applying extreme gripping force that bigger pliers accomplish. Don’t attempt bending rebar or twisting rusty bolts. Reasonable expectations get better outcomes. But sometimes a tiny instrument holds the perfect touch.

Absence of any storage tray or foam insert within the included pouch risks jumbled disorder tossing loosely in toolbags. Nothing secures each instrument in place during transport so expect some chaos discovering which hid where unorganized. But durability should withstand reasonable rumbling.

With no molded grips or handles, some fatigue or discomfort arises using repeatedly for extensive periods. The smooth stainless handles lack ergonomic contours or cushions that upgrade models add. But nothing prevents wrapping with tape/foam adding makeshift cushions for personalized comfort.

Cutting or twisting very thin fragile materials risks damage if force applied overly aggressive. Their compact leverages enable controlled precision but moderate power levels accordingly. Attempting too much risks bending tips or jamming joints. Finesse proves more successful than brute force here.

Manufacturer warranty terms remain unclear since tools likely source from third party providers. But miniature mechanical instruments tend to be simpler overall with minimal components prone to malfunctioning without excessive abuse. As backup incidental tools, durability risks stay somewhat mitigated.

Specification: Husky 1052 Mini Pliers Set (5-Piece) with Bonus Pouch

Tools Included

Linesman, Diagonal, Long Nose, End Cutting, Flat Jaw Pliers


4 inch Length Mini Heads


Stainless Steel Construction

Carry Case

Bonus Storage Pouch Included


0.9 lbs Set Weight

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