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In Las Vegas, Nevada, in 2023, we attended the National Hardware Show, where we saw a lot of interesting and cutting-edge products. One of the standout businesses was MULE, which provided a distinctive spin on a typical equipment that we all use: the utility dolly. As we looked around their stand, we became interested in another item: the MULE Garage Fan. We’ll examine the capabilities of the MULE Garage Fan and the MULE Mobile Workshop today.


MULE – Mobile Workshop

MULE – Mobile Workshop

MULE has been a pioneer in the home hardware and ceiling fan industries for more than 25 years, despite the fact that they may not be a household name. MULE has a long history of designing and developing top-notch products, earning it a reputation for excellence.

Let’s talk about the MULE Mobile Workshop first. By providing a number of new features, this product reinvents the traditional utility dolly. It has other uses outside of its main purpose because to the addition of electricity and other accessories, making it a useful and adaptable tool. It stands out because to the fan, which provides cool air circulation while you work.

The MULE Garage Fan is the following standout item from their line. It’s important to have enough air flow when working in the garage rather than putting up with stale air. However, it can be intimidating and expensive to consider hiring an electrician to install a fan. Fortunately, the MULE Garage Fan is a plug-and-play option that does not call for intricate wiring. You may enjoy a well-ventilated office without any difficulty because to its user-friendly design.

The Mobile Workshop and Garage Fan both demonstrate MULE’s dedication to innovation and user convenience. With their useful answers to everyday problems, these goods serve the needs of professionals, DIY enthusiasts, and homeowners alike.

Whether you’re searching for a convenient garage fan or a multipurpose utility dolly with extra functions, MULE provides what you need. Every aspect of their commitment to producing high-quality goods is evident.

Keep checking back for additional information about MULE’s cutting-edge products and to learn how they are continuing to change the ceiling fan and home hardware industries. You can count on MULE for reliable, practical tools that improve your living and working environments.


MULE – Garage Fan

MULE – Garage Fan

I’ve never seen anything like the MULE Mobile Workshop before. This multipurpose dolly has several different accessories that you typically use when working.

Need to move and raise a heavy object? Do not fret. The 200 lb. capacity foldable loading tray may carry a variety of items.

The integrated power strip is yet another incredibly useful and fascinating feature. It has three 110v 3-prong connectors and two USB connections. How often do you look for alternative outlets? Now you may easily access many outlets close to your work area.

Literally, the “very nice feature” is the built-in 14″ fan. Who among us doesn’t require some air circulation while working? This fan generates 1974 CFM on high.

Work lights are frequently required. The built-in light illuminates your workspace with 1500 lumens.

Small rocks, curbs, etc. won’t prevent you from rolling it around or from moving your equipment and accessories to where you need them thanks to the 8′′ no flat wheels’ sufficient size.
The handle of the MULE Mobile Workshop is attached to a moulded tray. This tray keeps tools and other small objects readily available by having flat surfaces as well as containers and holes to put and/or hang things in. There are also available extras like a phone holder and two varieties of cup holders.

MULE – Garage Fan

MULE – Garage Fan

This fan is ideal if, like me, you like some air circulation. In addition to its 3300 CFM, this fan’s ease of installation and usage of a three-prong wire, which requires no additional wiring, are what I appreciate most about it. Since it is a ceiling-mounted fan, there is no need for a floor or countertop to accommodate it. Simply hold the substantial handle on the bottom of the fan, turn it 360 degrees, and point it in whatever direction you desire to direct airflow.

The fan additionally has the following features in addition to those mentioned above:

Size – 18″
AC motor, three speeds 96′′ Motor Cord Length
Downrods of 6″ and 12″ are both supplied.
On/off, low, medium, and high settings are all controlled by a single knob.
Retail cost: $199

With only a few screws, installing the fan is quite simple. Once the fan is mounted, you peel up the cover to see the hardware before plugging the fan in and getting ready to start.
No need to worry if your ceiling is high. You may change the speed with the provided remote.

MULE – The Wrap

MULE – The Wrap

MULE created two distinct, problem-solving products using their expertise in the field. There is no other utility dolly like the MULE Mobile Workshop that we have seen. It helps you take whatever you need to your work places and includes a tonne of helpful features. It might also save a tonne of time, money, and hassles thanks to its extensive list of integrated accessories. The space-saving garage fan is simple to install and operate. Nothing more is truly needed than that. Both of these MULE products, which should be released sometime in the summer of 2023, impressed us.

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