MULE Mobile Workshop & Garage Fan

We saw a lot of cutting-edge and fascinating products at the 2023 National Hardware conference in Las Vegas, but one firm in particular jumped out: MULE. They provided a distinctive perspective on the utility dolly, a widely used equipment. When we went to their stand, though, the MULE Garage Fan was the other object that caught our eye. Let’s explore the MULE Garage Fan and the MULE Mobile Workshop today.


MULE Mobile Workshop & Garage Fan Review

MULE Mobile Workshop & Garage Fan Review

MULE has been inventing and developing products for the home hardware and ceiling fan market for over 25 years, despite the fact that they may not be a household name. Their most recent offerings demonstrate their experience.

The MULE Mobile Workshop will be discussed first. By including extra functions and accessories, this device gives the conventional utility dolly a unique spin. The MULE Mobile Workshop’s primary purpose is to move big objects with ease, but it also offers electricity and other useful features. To ensure that you have a comfortable working environment wherever you are, it even includes a fan.

Let’s focus on the MULE Garage Fan for now. Nothing improves the mood in your garage like a fresh wind, which removes stale air and creates a more comfortable environment. However, it can be unsettling to consider hiring an electrician to install a fan. The MULE Garage Fan can help with that. This fan is extremely user-friendly because it is made to be plug-and-play. Without the effort or cost of expert installation, you can easily put it up and take advantage of the advantages of air circulation.

The Mobile Workshop and Garage Fan are examples of MULE’s dedication to making creative and useful goods. They provide solutions that are both practical and affordable because they are aware of the needs of DIY enthusiasts and homeowners.

Whether you require a practical garage fan or a multipurpose utility dolly with extra capabilities, MULE offers what you need. They continue to make waves in the industry with their know-how and meticulous attention to detail, offering solutions that streamline processes and improve the user experience as a whole. Discover the difference the MULE Mobile Workshop and MULE Garage Fan may make in your daily life by thinking about adding them into your home or place of business.


MULE Mobile Workshop

MULE Mobile Workshop
I’ve never seen anything like the MULE Mobile Workshop before. This multipurpose dolly has several different accessories that you typically use when working.
Need to move and lift something substantial? Not to worry. The foldable loading tray has a 200 lb. capacity and may transport a range of objects.
The built-in power strip is yet another fantastically cool and practical feature. It contains two USB ports and three 110v 3-prong plugs. How frequently do you search for other outlets? You may now easily reach several plugs near your workspace.
Literally, the “very nice feature” is the built-in 14″ fan. Who among us doesn’t require some air circulation while working? This fan generates 1974 CFM on high.
Work lights are frequently required. The built-in light illuminates your workspace with 1500 lumens.
Small rocks, curbs, etc. won’t prevent you from rolling it around or from moving your equipment and accessories to where you need them thanks to the 8′′ no flat wheels’ sufficient size.
The handle of the MULE Mobile Workshop is attached to a molded tray. This tray keeps tools and other small objects readily available by having flat surfaces as well as containers and holes to put and/or hang things in. There are also available extras like a phone holder and two varieties of cup holders.

MULE Garage Fan

MULE Garage Fan

The MULE Garage Fan is the perfect option for anyone looking to move air effectively in their garage or workspace. I discovered that this fan was the best option for me because I value having access to fresh air while working. Along with its remarkable 3300 CFM airflow, what distinguishes it is its simple installation method and the simplicity of a three-prong cable, which eliminates the need for any additional cabling.

The MULE Garage Fan is intended to be positioned on the ceiling and maximizes space efficiency by staying out of the way. You can easily rotate the fan 360 degrees by using the huge lever at the bottom, directing the airflow where it is most required.

Let’s examine the salient characteristics of the MULE Garage Fan in more detail:

Size: The fan’s 18″ diameter ensures that there is enough airflow throughout your space.

Motor: This fan has a strong 3-speed AC motor that can be adjusted to give the airflow you choose.

The fan’s long 96″ wire length allows for versatile positioning throughout your garage.

Downrod: The package contains both a 6″ and a 12″ downrod, giving customers a choice to fit different ceiling heights.

Control: The fan’s on/off and low, medium, and high speeds may all be easily changed using a single knob.

Retail Price: The MULE Garage Fan is offered at a reasonable retail price of $199, representing a great value for its functionality and performance.

The MULE Garage Fan is simple to install and only needs a few screws. After it is fastened, it is simple to open the cover to see the components, giving the fan a polished appearance. When you plug it into a nearby outlet, you can start to benefit from better airflow.

There is no need to be concerned even if your ceiling is high. With the help of the convenient remote control that comes with the MULE Garage Fan, you can easily and conveniently change the fan speed while you’re away from it.

Anyone looking to improve airflow in their garage or workspace has a useful and effective option in the MULE Garage Fan. It is a great option for DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike because to its simple installation procedure, space-saving design, and user-friendly controls.

Purchasing the MULE Garage Fan is an investment in a relaxing and effective workplace. Get rid of the stale air and enjoy a revitalizing wind that will keep you inspired and focused. Avoid sacrificing comfort and air quality by upgrading your workspace with the MULE Garage Fan.


MULE The Wrap

MULE The Wrap

MULE created two distinct, problem-solving products using their expertise in the field. There is no other utility dolly like the MULE Mobile Workshop that we have seen. It helps you move everything you need to your work areas and offers a ton of helpful features. It might also save a ton of time, money, and hassles thanks to its extensive range of integrated accessories. The space-saving garage fan is simple to install and operate. Nothing more is truly needed than that. Both of these MULE products, which should be released sometime in the summer of 2023, impressed us.

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