Milwaukee Switch Tank Water Supply Kit

We were pleased with the Milwaukee Switch Tank Pesticide Sprayer’s performance in our last evaluation. We now focus on the water tank, which provides experts with yet another adaptable solution.

The industry’s first interchangeable tank design without manual pumping is featured in the Milwaukee M18 SWITCH TANK 4 Gal. Backpack Water Supply kit. This creative method was created expressly to meet the water supply requirements for processes like coring and cutting concrete. It gives consumers complete control over their water supply by providing instant, consistent, and adjustable pressure of up to 60 psi. It is battery-powered. To meet a variety of needs, the 5-mode pressure adjustment knob offers pressure settings from 20 psi to 60 psi.


Milwaukee Switch Tank Overview

Milwaukee Switch Tank Overview

Users can take advantage of the ease of up to 12 tanks of water delivery each charge with the M18 REDLITHIUM XC3.0 Battery. The twin diaphragm pump used in the 4 Gal. Water Supply Tank Assembly ensures improved toughness and a longer pump life. The tank also has a wide mouth opening that makes pouring simpler and an integrated strainer that efficiently filters particles to prevent clogging and improve efficiency.

The wide straps and practical handle built into the backpack frame make it easy to carry and store the water supply kit. With a full tank, users can move around with ease thanks to this clever design.

The M18 SWITCH TANK Powered Base and the SWITCH TANK 4 Gal. Water Supply Tank Assembly are the two primary parts of the SWITCH TANK system. While the replaceable Tank Assembly consists of the pump, a 10 foot hose with a quick-connect function, and a water spray nozzle, the Powered Base is equipped with a motor, battery compartment, and REDLINK electronics. Through the utilization of interchangeable tank assemblies, this modular design successfully eliminates the possibility of cross-chemical contamination. Additionally, compared to changing the full water supply system, it gives the flexibility to replace the tank component individually, lowering the overall cost of ownership.

With the Milwaukee Switch Tank Water Supply Kit, professionals can fully control their water supply since it provides fast, steady, and adjustable pressure. This kit is a useful addition to any job site thanks to its sturdy design, user-friendly features, and compatibility with other SWITCH TANK components. The Milwaukee Switch Tank Water Supply Kit is a solid option if you demand a consistent water source for concrete cutting or coring or need a flexible solution for other water supply applications.


Milwaukee Switch Tank Features

Milwaukee Switch Tank Features

Milwaukee Switch Tank – Impressions

Milwaukee Switch Tank – Impressions

We were really impressed with the Milwaukee Switch Tanks, especially after our pleasant experience with the pesticide tank. We were thrilled to give it to a nearby landscaper who now uses it frequently and raves about it. His work has been significantly improved by the unit’s use and robustness, and we are overjoyed by the positive comments it has received on Instagram.

The main distinction between the water systems in the Switch Tank lineup’s amazing features is the hose style. Milwaukee has taken considerable effort to ensure that the water tank is user-friendly, whether it is for filling with liquid, cleaning, or daily use, as we highlighted in our earlier review.

While we enjoy the unit’s general design, there is one element that could have been better: the connecting component. Because it is composed of plastic, we are worried about how long it will last. We do recognize that employing brass would have had its own set of difficulties, such as the potential for bending.

The low setting of 20 PSI and the high setting of 60 PSI produce significantly different amounts of pressure, allowing for flexible utilization in a variety of applications.

In order to cut through old concrete and reach older pipes, we recently obtained the Milwaukee cordless cutoff saw and intend to pair it with the Switch Tank water system. Please follow us on Instagram, where we will share pictures of this setup and show you how the system works.


Milwaukee Switch Tank – Wrap Up

Milwaukee Switch Tank – Wrap Up

We just want to let everyone know that Milwaukee has a water tank available, as was previously mentioned. This will therefore be a perfect technique for people who are drilling and cutting to assist keep the dust down and keep your personnel and the surrounding area clean.

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