I’d like to introduce the Milwaukee PACKOUT XL Cooler, which demonstrates Milwaukee Tool’s dedication to providing top-notch equipment for construction sites and work crews. Milwaukee is well known for its hand tools, power equipment, and office supplies, so its entry into the cooler market may come as a surprise. Milwaukee has created a specialist cooler that is tailored exclusively to the requirements of professionals, though, staying loyal to their reputation. Let’s explore the Milwaukee PACKOUT XL Cooler’s features and advantages.


Milwaukee PACKOUT XL Cooler Review

Milwaukee PACKOUT XL Cooler Review

Cooler Summary
A 40-quart cooler with the product number #48-22-8462, known as the Milwaukee PACKOUT XL Cooler, is created to effortlessly work with the Milwaukee PACKOUT storage system. For those who are unaware, Milwaukee’s modular storage system for tools and job site accessories is called the PACKOUT system. Following the launch of the 16-quart Milwaukee PACKOUT Cooler in 2020, which was the first cooler especially created for the PACKOUT system, this release represents Milwaukee’s second step into the cooler industry. Milwaukee has increased the cooler’s size with the PACKOUT XL Cooler while preserving its legendary durability and adding additional features to improve usability for bigger crew settings.

Construction and enduring quality
The PACKOUT XL Cooler is designed to resist the rigors of harsh industrial settings, as one would anticipate from Milwaukee. Its tough design guarantees outstanding longevity, allowing it to withstand harsh handling and heavy use. Your drinks and supplies will be protected even in difficult circumstances thanks to the cooler’s strong sides and reinforced base, which enhance strength and impact resistance.

Large Storage Space
The PACKOUT XL Cooler’s huge 40-quart capacity provides plenty of room for storing food, drinks, and other necessities needed to keep your staff hydrated and fed during the job. Due to its increased size, it is the perfect option for bigger teams or prolonged work sessions where more supplies are required.

Improved Cooling Efficiency
Your beverages and perishables will stay cool throughout the day thanks to the Milwaukee PACKOUT XL Cooler’s ability to keep its contents cold for extended periods of time. During breaks, you may enjoy cool snacks and refreshing drinks without sacrificing freshness because to its outstanding insulating qualities, which assist maintain the optimum temperature.

Convenient features that are integrated
The PACKOUT XL Cooler from Milwaukee includes a number of cutting-edge innovations that improve its functionality on the job site. A strong, over-molded handle on the cooler offers a secure grasp for simple transportation. Durable latches are also included, which tightly lock the cooler and stop any potential leaks or spills during transit. With these well-thought-out design features, you can experience a hassle-free workflow and concentrate on your work without being concerned about the security of your supplies.

Integrating PACKOUT System seamlessly
The Milwaukee PACKOUT storage system’s seamless integration of the PACKOUT XL Cooler makes it simple to stack and interlock with other PACKOUT modules and parts. You may organize your tools and accessories alongside the cooler using this modular design to create a thorough and effective storage setup.

In conclusion, Milwaukee Tool’s commitment to offering professionals dependable, job site-focused equipment is exemplified by the Milwaukee PACKOUT XL Cooler. It is a standout option for professionals and work teams looking for a speciality cooler due to its sturdy design, generous storage space, extended cooling performance, and integrated features. Milwaukee continues to show their commitment to addressing the various demands of its customers across various industries by extending their product portfolio to include coolers. You can keep your drinks cool with the Milwaukee PACKOUT XL Cooler, ensuring that your team is energized and committed to the task at hand.


Milwaukee PACKOUT XL Cooler Features

Milwaukee PACKOUT XL Cooler Features

Impact-resistant material makes up the exterior of the Milwaukee PACKOUT XL Cooler. It has an IP65 protection certification and is made of a very robust shell. Throw a wrench at it, drop it, leave it outside during a storm, or even throw it into a lake. The form and seal of this cooler will remain intact. It is therefore ideal for bringing to job locations.

With claims that it can keep ice cold for up to five days, it is well insulated. With measurements of 16.93 in. x 16.14 in. x 22.17 in., this cooler is big. There is plenty of space for storing beverages, sandwiches, and other items.

When locked into position, the heavy metal latches provide a very firm grip. When it is bouncing around in the back of your truck, you shouldn’t be concerned about the top opening or coming off.

front has a bottle opener built in. Now you might be thinking about bringing this cooler along for your upcoming trip or tailgate.

The Milwaukee PACKOUT XL Cooler is kept durable by the metal supports on each corner, which also make it simple to grab and move.

The non-slip grips on the 2 in. fold-away handles are rubberized. When lowered, the handles sit beneath the lid, keeping the cooler small and portable for storage and transport.

It is simple to remove melted ice using the drain stop on the left side, and it is secure enough to contain water when necessary.

In the Milwaukee PACKOUT storage system, each modular component fits and locks into place, and this is another example. The Milwaukee PACKOUT XL Cooler resembles the 22 in. Milwaukee PACKOUT XL tool box, with the exception of the white lid. The cooler has the same whole base size as the 22 in. tool box. The PACKOUT Rolling Tool Box fits nicely on top of it. Half of that is the width of the original, smaller 16 qt. Milwaukee PACKOUT Cooler.

To get a couple more things, open the cooler. There is a dry storage bin that is comparable to the 16 qt. version. It takes up half the width of the cooler inside and is noticeably wider than it was in the smaller variant.

The cutting board divider is one of my favorite brand-new additions. It fits well inside the cooler and next to the dry storage container. As a result, both fit in the cooler simultaneously. Of course, the cutting board may be taken out if you prefer to prepare lunch at a gathering or while working.

The dry storage container may be readily removed and cleaned.

The real depth of the internal storage is 12 inches. A large cooler that can be stocked with food, beverages, ice, or other supplies.

The Milwaukee PACKOUT XL Cooler’s lid has a rubber seal that keeps air out and cold in. When closed, the seal is reliable.

The cooler opens and closes smoothly, and the metal rod-secured hinges give it extra durability.


Milwaukee PACKOUT XL Cooler Performance

Milwaukee PACKOUT XL Cooler Performance

The Milwaukee PACKOUT XL Cooler was put to the test. We had plenty of area for the dry storage bin and could easily put your standard-sized water bottles and soda cans. It’s convenient that there are three distinct sections between the cutting board divider and dry storage bin. Even though it is designed to be a worksite cooler, it can be used for camping, potlucks, family gatherings, and other activities thanks to its cutting board, bottle opener, durability, and capacity to maintain ice for five days.


Milwaukee PACKOUT XL Cooler Value

Milwaukee PACKOUT XL Cooler Value

It’s critical to compare the Milwaukee PACKOUT XL Cooler’s features and cost to those of competing products when evaluating its value. Although it could cost more than comparable coolers, it has a number of benefits that make it a viable option.

When compared to other manufacturers’ coolers, including ORCA, the Milwaukee PACKOUT XL Cooler offers a 40-quart cooler that is just as tough but costs much more. On the other hand, the Milwaukee PACKOUT XL Cooler offers equivalent strength and performance at a more affordable cost.

Another competitor, TUNES2GO, offers a cooler with wheels and an integrated Bluetooth PA system, but it may not match the Milwaukee PACKOUT XL Cooler’s toughness and longevity because it was not created for the conditions of a job site.

The Milwaukee PACKOUT XL Cooler’s lack of wheels could be a disadvantage. It’s important to remember that this cooler is meant to be a component of the Milwaukee PACKOUT storage system. The Milwaukee PACKOUT Rolling Tool Box or the 20-inch 2-Wheel Utility Cart, which can be used to transport the cooler, are already owned by many people who purchase this system. Therefore, for individuals who have previously purchased the PACKOUT system, the lack of wheels might not be a major problem.

It makes sense and is a wise decision for individuals who already use the Milwaukee PACKOUT storage system to expand their collection with the PACKOUT XL Cooler. It provides a complete and effective storage solution for tools, accessories, and refreshments by smoothly integrating with the current storage modules. The cooler is an advantageous addition to any PACKOUT system since this integration improves convenience and organization on the job site.


Milwaukee PACKOUT XL Cooler Wrap Up

Milwaukee PACKOUT XL Cooler Wrap Up

As a result, Milwaukee Tool has struck again. They debuted a brand-new item that few people would typically identify with them, and I believe they nailed it. The Milwaukee PACKOUT XL Cooler is huge, has several compartments, is impact-resistant, keeps things ice cold for an entire work week, and is spacious and functional. As I already stated, whether you are a builder with a huge crew or a handyman taking the family camping for the weekend, this is a fantastic addition to anyone who has already purchased and liked the Milwaukee PACKOUT storage system.

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