How often do you find yourself working on a construction site without power where you need it? I hazard a lot. You typically need to use a gas-powered generator when you don’t have access to a power supply. However, there are numerous occasions when using a generator is difficult or impossible since you are inside. What choices do you thus have? What about a station that runs on batteries? Today, we examine the Milwaukee M18 Power Supply Review to see whether or not this is a sensible choice.


Milwaukee M18 Power Supply Review Overview

Milwaukee M18 Power Supply Review Overview

Only a small number of companies in an industry where many claim their battery-powered products can run demanding machines can actually supply the energy needed on a job site. We were curious to see how Milwaukee’s power station, which is built on the M18 battery architecture, holds up and whether it delivers on its promise of offering portable power for tools with high power demands.

We were interested in the Milwaukee M18 Power Supply since it would provide a dependable and adaptable power source. We were interested in putting its capabilities to the test and seeing if it could really handle the demands of various power-hungry instruments and devices that are frequently used in business settings.

The Milwaukee M18 Power Supply stands out in part due to the fact that it is compatible with the M18 battery platform, which is known for supplying powerful and long-lasting power. Because of this compatibility, consumers are able to utilise their current M18 batteries, which eliminates the need to purchase an additional power source and enables easy integration into their Milwaukee tool collection.

We extensively tested the Milwaukee M18 Power Supply’s performance during our review, paying close attention to its capacity to power demanding instruments. We put it to the test with a variety of power-hungry gadgets, such as powerful power tools, lighting for construction sites, and electronic device charging stations. We wanted to know if the power supply could consistently deliver the required energy without sacrificing longevity or performance.

Impressive results were obtained. Even the most demanding tools and equipment were simply met by the Milwaukee M18 Power Supply’s outstanding power output and consistent performance. It reliably and consistently delivered electricity, ensuring that our activities were completed quickly and effectively.

The mobility of the Milwaukee M18 Power Supply is another noteworthy feature. Convenience on job sites is made possible by the lightweight and compact design. It has a tough design that makes it appropriate for harsh locations and guarantees it can survive the rigours of regular use.

A variety of helpful functions and capabilities are also provided by the Milwaukee M18 Power Supply, which improves its overall usage. These include easy-to-use controls, built-in security features, and practical power indicators to alert users of the battery’s remaining life.

Overall, the Milwaukee M18 Power Supply is a strong and dependable option for portable power on construction sites, according to our assessment. It is an excellent addition to any professional’s toolkit because to its compatibility with the dependable M18 battery platform, remarkable performance, and user-friendly design.

The Milwaukee M18 Power Supply proves to be a wise purchase if you require portable power for high-demand tools and equipment. It not only satisfies the needs of numerous power-hungry gadgets but also demonstrates Milwaukee’s dedication to providing professionals in diverse industries with cutting-edge and dependable solutions.


Milwaukee M18 Power Supply Review Features

Milwaukee M18 Power Supply Review Features
The Milwaukee M18 Power Supply (2845-20) delivers 3600 starting watts with 1800 running watts. You can power up to 15 amps using the power supply.
The power supply needs four Milwaukee M18 batteries to operate. Although you can use any of their M18 batteries, the M18 12Ah ones will work the best. It is simple to swap out or remove batteries and view each battery’s fuel gauge because all of the batteries slide in from the top.
Here is a brief comparison of how much usage you may anticipate from 5Ah batteries versus 12Ah batteries.
You may charge the batteries by plugging the supplied charging cord into the unit’s side. However, pass-through power is not available with the Milwaukee M18 Power Supply. In other words, in order to charge your batteries, the device must be turned off. Charging halts when the device is powered back on.
A handle that makes it simple to carry and move about the job site is located on top of the power supply. Additionally, this handle has a “anti-theft” function. Your priceless batteries can be prevented from “walking away” by installing a padlock and sliding the side bars over them.
They are designed for the job site, where conditions can be challenging, just like other Milwaukee tools. Therefore, Milwaukee built this with a cage to guard against drops or heavy objects falling on the device.
A push button to turn on and off the power supply is located on the side, where you can also monitor the battery’s fuel level. Four identical amp-hour batteries are what we advise using. You’re done when one battery dies. If you combine three 12Ah batteries with one 5Ah battery, the unit will turn off when the 5Ah is out regardless of how much power the 12Ah batteries still have.
There is a push button on the side that you may use to turn on and off the power source and check the battery’s fuel level. We advise using four identical amp-hour batteries. You’re finished once one battery dies. When one 5Ah battery runs out when using three 12Ah batteries, the device will turn off regardless of how much power is still in the 12Ah batteries.
There are two (perhaps upside-down?) 120V AC plugs below the power button that can be used to power your tools as well as the charging port when the time comes to recharge the batteries. At a typical 3A rate, the machine charges all four batteries at once.
One USB-A and one USB-C outlet are located on the right. As a result, this device can safely charge delicate gadgets like your phone while simultaneously providing high-demand tools with pure sine wave power.
If that is still insufficient, a shoulder strap attachment point is present. For easy carrying, Milwaukee provides (and we advise using) a shoulder strap (49-16-2845 Shoulder Strap). The machine weighs about 28 pounds when empty and up to 40 pounds when four batteries are used. Get the strap to protect your back!

Milwaukee M18 Power Supply Review Performance

Milwaukee M18 Power Supply Review Performance

It’s critical to take into account the Milwaukee M18 Power Supply’s usability and usefulness while evaluating its performance. First and foremost, thanks to the uncomplicated push-button design for turning it on and off, managing the power station is exceedingly simple. The power supply also has a prominent battery status indicator that enables customers to quickly check how much power is left. A storage solution for wrapping and stowing an extension cord is also provided by the unit’s well-designed cage, ensuring that it is always accessible when using the M18 Carry-On Power Supply.

Let’s now examine the Milwaukee M18 Power Supply’s performance side.

We’ve had the chance to examine a variety of petrol and battery-powered stations throughout the years. Even though many of them had their advantages, some of them lacked the strength and power needed for difficult job site activities. In contrast, it surpassed our expectations in our review of the Milwaukee M18 Power Supply.

Both the typical job site configuration with a mitre saw and a dust collecting system as well as our own mitre saw were used in our tests. Impressive outcomes were obtained. The power supply not only operated both tools successfully and concurrently, but it did so without any discernible lag or power loss, even when cutting wood. We were really taken aback by how well it performed. Without hesitation, this M18 Power Supply Station demonstrated its aptitude and adaptability.

It’s crucial to note a few disadvantages, though. First off, there was a chance to increase adaptability and convenience that was lost due to the lack of pass-through power capability. Second, it’s important to remember that, even when there is no load, leaving the unit on will progressively deplete the linked batteries. This means that devices like sump pumps cannot rely on the power supply as a backup power source. It’s essential to keep in mind to turn off the device at night in order to prevent accidentally draining the batteries.

The Milwaukee M18 Power Supply excels in terms of usability and performance despite these minor flaws. Its effectiveness and ease of use with high-demand instruments proves its applicability for professional applications. Its compatibility with the dependable and well-regarded M18 battery technology also adds to its allure.

The Milwaukee M18 Power Supply is a power station that combines amazing functionality, user-friendly features, and exceptional performance, according to our review of it. Even if it could have a few minor drawbacks, its overall abilities make it a great option for professionals looking for a portable power solution on construction sites. Milwaukee’s dedication to provide the industry with cutting-edge, high-performing tools and equipment is further demonstrated with the Milwaukee M18 Power Supply.


Milwaukee M18 Power Supply Review Value

Milwaukee M18 Power Supply Review Value

This power supply is available at Home Depot for $699 (bare tool). It is a terrific deal and well worth the investment to spend $699 if you require portable, dependable electricity. Batteries are still required to run this device, though. Four 6Ah batteries cost $498, while four 12Ah batteries cost $996.

That can add up to a lot of money, which is what I understand you to be thinking (and you are correct). But if you are starting from fresh and don’t have any Milwaukee batteries, this cost applies. For this 4-place charger/power station, the majority of job sites using the Milwaukee M18 battery platform will have more than enough batteries on hand. Therefore, in actuality, your investment might merely be a tool. If batteries are required, the price will increase significantly, but what is more important: avoiding downtime and having a tool that is capable of doing the job? Anyway, it’s worthwhile.


Milwaukee M18 Power Supply Review Wrap Up

Milwaukee M18 Power Supply Review Wrap Up

The M18 Power Supply was a triumph for Milwaukee, in the end. The design is not only straightforward and useful, but it also functions as intended and can handle the demands of power tools on the working site. You never know when you’ll need power in an out-of-the-way place, so if you already have money invested in the Milwaukee M18 battery platform, this is a terrific addition. If you do need to spend money on a power supply and batteries, it’s comforting to know that Milwaukee has one of the broadest product lines available, allowing you to expand into a high-end power tool line. Furthermore, the usual 3-year guarantee from Milwaukee is applicable to this M18 Power Supply.

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