The preferred tool for cutting threaded rods of various sizes on construction sites is the Milwaukee M18 Brushless Threaded Rod Cutter (2872-20). This cordless cutter’s efficiency and accuracy-focused design results in great performance and adaptability. This tool is capable of handling either mild steel or stainless steel.

The M18 Threaded Rod Cutter has a powerful brushless motor from Milwaukee that can cut through material with ease. Over 400 cuts can be made with the M18 REDLITHIUM 2.0Ah Battery that is provided. As a result, there will be less downtime and higher productivity at work.


Milwaukee Threaded Rod Cutter Overview

Milwaukee Threaded Rod Cutter Overview

The tool’s unique feature is its 4-sided cutting dies. By simply rotating the dies, you may use them to cut threaded rod in a variety of diameters with a single tool. You no longer have to switch between several tools for various rod sizes, saving you time. The front-facing cut surface provides a clear line of sight to ensure precise cuts each and every time, while the improved blade geometry and cut speed eliminate chips and sparks when cutting.

The Milwaukee M18 Threaded Rod Cutter’s safety features are one of its main benefits. Nuts may be easily threaded onto the rod without the need for filing down the ends because the tool produces clean, burr-free cuts. Fast and repetitive cuts are made possible by the auto jaw opening technology, and improved control and precision are ensured by the use of the reverse button to stop unintentional cuts.

The tool’s ergonomic design improves user experience. For one-handed overhead cuts, the centered grip offers the best balance and minimizes user fatigue during extended use. Additionally, the benchtop use is possible in the flat horizontal position, offering stability and ease.

An LED light that illuminates the cut area on the Milwaukee M18 Threaded Rod Cutter improves vision in low light. With the provided Allen key, which is neatly housed on the tool itself, changing the cutting dies is a breeze.

The tool is small and simple to handle thanks to its measurements, which are H 6.3 in, W 5 in, and D 10 in. The brushless motor guarantees more power, longer tool life, and longer runtime. An 18V Lithium-Ion battery system powers the Milwaukee M18 Threaded Rod Cutter, ensuring steady performance throughout the task at hand.

Milwaukee is committed to producing high-quality goods, and the M18 Threaded Rod Cutter is no different. You may rest easy knowing that this product is long-lasting thanks to its UL Listing certification and 5-year warranty.


Milwaukee Threaded Rod Cutter – Features

Milwaukee Threaded Rod Cutter – Features

Milwaukee doesn’t follow a formula when they introduce new power tools. In order to make the job simpler and more effective for the expert, they truly aim to create a useful tool that gives a variety of advantages and features. This is also true with the Milwaukee M18 Threaded Rod Cutter.

A brushless motor serves as the center of gravity for the Threaded Rod Cutter (model 2872). The device is made to cut rods as large as 1/4″, 3/8″, and 1/2″ of mild steel as well as 1/4″ and 3/8″ of stainless steel.

The tool also has an LED light, which makes it simple to see in low light.
The M18 battery line, which powers the cutter, can deliver up to 400+ cuts on 3/8′′ Mild Steel utilizing an M18 2Ah battery.
The equipment has a four-sided cutting die that enables you to cut threaded rod in various sizes using just a simple rotation of the dies.

When producing burr-free cuts, the tool is made such that there is a lovely clear line of sight. You get a cleaner cut and no chips or sparks because the tool employs pressure rather than a wheel. The tool is made to make uniform 1-1/2″ trim length cuts.

The jaws will automatically open after a user completes a cut, making repeated cuts simple.
The tool’s design is intended to provide good balance for one-handed cuts, tabletop use, or even flat horizontal cuts to stabilize the tool.
To make cuts, the tool only has one trigger switch.

Milwaukee Threaded Rod Cutter – Impressions

Milwaukee Threaded Rod Cutter – Impressions

It’s obvious that the Milwaukee Threaded Rod Cutter is a tool that goes above and beyond expectations. With the threaded rod we had in mind, we tested its performance, and it performed superbly. The tool operated with ease, and the cuts were clear and free of burrs. It satisfies every requirement for a top-notch gadget.

But we wanted to push this tool’s limitations and see how far it could go. By slicing through certain challenging materials that are more difficult than the threaded rod itself, we made the decision to test it. We wanted to determine the jaws’ strength and whether the equipment could tackle increasingly difficult tasks.

We were astounded at how well the Milwaukee Threaded Rod Cutter performed. Bolts and other forms of steel that presented a bigger obstacle were easily cut through by it. The jaws turned out to be exceptionally strong, demonstrating the tool’s extraordinary robustness and durability.

A testament to Milwaukee’s dedication to creating tools that can survive the rigors of professional use is the degree of overbuilt strength displayed by these products. The business is aware that professionals require reliable instruments so they can handle difficult work and resist challenging environments on a daily basis. No exemption applies to the Milwaukee Threaded Rod Cutter.

Milwaukee has developed a flexible solution that experts can rely on by inventing a tool that goes beyond its intended use. This tool will help you whether you’re dealing with threaded rods or harder materials.

The Milwaukee Threaded Rod Cutter inspires trust in its performance because of its strength and longevity. Professionals can rely on it to hold up to the difficulties they encounter on the job site, even when they run across unforeseen stumbling blocks. This tool is made to last, so it will be a trustworthy ally for years to come.


Milwaukee Threaded Rod Cutter – Wrap Up

Milwaukee Threaded Rod Cutter – Wrap Up

It’s a fantastic tool to put on your radar when you take into account the material we cut and how it held up, the ease of use and all the capabilities this instrument has to offer the expert. This is a no-brainer that you buy to simplify your life and speed up your tasks if you work with threaded rods and make repetitive cuts.

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