I can state with certainty that the Milwaukee Jig Saw has been an excellent asset after having the chance to utilize it extensively for several tasks throughout my house remodel. I have used this specific model, and while I don’t now own it outright owing to a loan, I can give you an insightful analysis of how it performed. Let’s examine the Milwaukee Fuel Jig Saw’s advantages and disadvantages.

When precise non-linear cuts are required, a jig saw is a useful instrument that always pays off. Professionals and DIY enthusiasts have realized the advantages of this instrument for increasing productivity and saving time throughout the years. Jig Saws were typically corded in the past and required access to electricity outlets. Milwaukee, on the other hand, has completely changed the industry by launching a cordless choice that not only outperforms its forerunners in terms of power but also offers greater portability. Let’s examine this tool’s capabilities in more detail now.


Milwaukee Fuel Jig Saw Review Overview

Milwaukee Fuel Jig Saw Review Overview

The Milwaukee Fuel Jig Saw, first and foremost, has amazing power that makes it simple for you to do a variety of cutting chores. This saw is up to the task whether you need to cut complicated shapes in a variety of materials or produce apertures for pipelines. You may get results on par with those of professionals because to its reliable performance, which guarantees effective and precise cuts.

This jig saw is not only powerful but also ergonomically engineered for user comfort. In order to make a tool that is comfortable to hold and use for extended periods of time without generating excessive tiredness, Milwaukee made it lightweight. With better control and accuracy made possible by its ergonomic design, you can make cuts that are exactly as you wanted.

Additionally, this tool’s cordlessness offers an unmatched degree of mobility. You are no longer constrained by the requirements for power outlets or the restrictions on cord length. With this improved portability, you can operate without sacrificing performance in any setting, including remote or confined spaces.

It is important to keep in mind that the Milwaukee Fuel Jig Saw’s battery life can vary based on the model and the severity of the current cutting jobs. To reduce potential interruptions during prolonged work sessions, it is important to keep extra batteries on hand.

Milwaukee also provides a large selection of add-ons and attachments for the jig saw to enhance and increase its functionality. These add-ons make sure you have the proper equipment for the job, regardless of whether you’re working with various materials or need particular cutting techniques.

The Milwaukee Fuel Jig Saw, in conclusion, is a strong and dependable equipment that excels at providing precise and effective cutting performance. Its ergonomic features and cordless design enable greater flexibility and movement on the job site. Although planning for battery life may be necessary, this tool’s overall performance and simplicity make it a great choice for both pros and DIY enthusiasts.

The Milwaukee Fuel Jig Saw is unquestionably an option to take into consideration if you’re searching for a highly effective and adaptable jig saw that can handle a variety of cutting chores. It is a crucial addition to any toolset because to its strength, mobility, and longevity because it gives you the capacity to handle challenging and non-linear cuts with ease. Trust Milwaukee’s reputation for quality and see for yourself how effective the Fuel Jig Saw is.


Milwaukee Fuel Jig Saw Review Features

Milwaukee Fuel Jig Saw Review Features
A brushless motor powering the Milwaukee Jig Saw model 2737 produces 3,500 strokes per minute. The saw has a bevel, which is adjusted via a lever on the saw’s rear. With detents at 0, 15, 30, and 45 degrees, the shoe can bevel up to that angle.
The Jig Saw blade can be inserted and removed using a lever on the tool’s front.
The saw employs t-shank blades and has a tool-free blade replacement capability.
For comfort, the D-handle design incorporates an over-mold rubber grip.
A four-position orbital control on the saw allows it to cut a variety of materials.
The on/off blower, which helps keep the line you are cutting visible and unclogged, is a handy addition.
There is a no-mar detachable shoe on the bottom of the saw to help safeguard the various materials you are dealing with.

Milwaukee Fuel Jig Saw Review Performance

Milwaukee Fuel Jig Saw Review Performance

We have used the Milwaukee Fuel Jig Saw extensively, and we have run across many situations where its adaptability really shines. This tool has constantly performed superbly, whether it was cutting beadboard for the porch ceiling or navigating around vents. The jig saw effortlessly glides through the material, even when working with relatively thin wood, enabling perfect cuts along both straight and curved lines.

One specific incident in which the strength and adaptability of this tool were demonstrated was when we chose to test it by cutting through thick wood for no particular reason other than to demonstrate its potential. The Milwaukee Fuel Jig Saw lived up to its reputation, cutting through the hard wood with ease and proving that it can handle difficult tasks without sacrificing performance. It maneuvers around varied lines and contours with ease, giving the operator the best possible control and accuracy.

This tool’s excellent runtime is one of its most notable qualities. One can anticipate a dependable and long-lasting performance from the Milwaukee Fuel Jig Saw that eliminates interruptions during prolonged work hours. As a result, you can concentrate on the task at hand without having to constantly change or recharge your batteries.

The Milwaukee Fuel Jig Saw also offers simple operation, making it usable by both DIY enthusiasts and professionals. Because of its simple design, even individuals with little experience can produce impressive results. This tool offers the essential simplicity and maneuverability to achieve your objectives, whether you need to follow a perfect line or make elaborate circular cuts.

Another area where the Milwaukee Fuel Jig Saw shines is durability. This tool is a dependable partner for a variety of jobs because it was made with high-quality materials and is designed to resist demanding use. Milwaukee’s dedication to producing durable tools is apparent in the way this jig saw was put together.


Milwaukee Fuel Jig Saw Review Value

Milwaukee Fuel Jig Saw Review Value

For a basic tool, you can purchase this Jig Saw at The Home Depot for roughly $199. It will cost you roughly $299 if you want the kit with the batteries.

Overall, I believe this to be a reasonable price. The tool is strong, user-friendly, and powerful. Therefore, taking into account all of this as well as the ergonomics, it’s a good buy and a fair price.


Milwaukee Fuel Jig Saw Review Final Thoughts

Milwaukee Fuel Jig Saw Review Final Thoughts

In general, I adore this Jig Saw. I enjoy how simple it is to use and how powerful it is. I can use it to cut through decking to run pipes, on my soffits, and more without any problems. If you’re looking for a Jig Saw, Milwaukee should be at the top of your list to acquire given the wide range of equipment it offers in its 18V platform.

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