Your life will be made easier by having a cordless hoover. Small messes may be cleaned up without having to worry about plugging in a cord or having a limited range of motion due to the length of the power cord. Let’s examine this Milwaukee Cordless Vacuum, then.


Milwaukee Cordless Vacuum Overview

Milwaukee Cordless Vacuum Overview

Milwaukee has made a name for itself as a top performer in the 18V class of job site vacuums. Milwaukee offers excellent value for the money because other brands, like Hilti, may provide remarkable performance but can carry a heavy price tag.

The Milwaukee hoover from the first generation, the 0880-20, has been a personal possession of mine for a while. It has been a dependable companion for me ever since I bought it back in 2011. But lately, as I was washing my truck, I had a bad experience. When I tried to unstick the hoover nozzle from underneath the seat, the end snapped off. I was shocked to learn that a replacement nozzle would set me back about $50. I then made the decision that it was time to upgrade.

Introduce yourself to the improved Milwaukee Cordless Vacuum, also known as model number 0880-20. To match the needs of job site cleaning activities, this latest edition promises better features and functionality.

The primary attributes that distinguished its predecessor as a top pick are still present in the updated Milwaukee Cordless Vacuum. It is powered by a dependable 18V battery system, which guarantees dependable performance and enough runtime for completing a variety of cleaning tasks. You are not constrained by power cords when operating cordlessly, which enhances mobility and convenience.

The new nozzle, which resolves the problem I had with the prior model, is one significant improvement in this edition. The likelihood of breaking during difficult cleaning circumstances is decreased by the redesigned nozzle’s increased strength and durability. This improvement offers comfort and prevents the need for pricey replacements.

Milwaukee has also considered user input and made additional adjustments to improve overall usability. The ergonomics of the hoover have been enhanced, making it more comfortable to handle and use for prolonged durations. Even in small settings, its lightweight and compact form provides effortless manoeuvrability.

A highly effective filtration mechanism on the Milwaukee Cordless Vacuum allows it to capture dust, dirt, and particles as fine as 0.3 microns. This guarantees a cleaner, healthier work environment, especially on construction sites where pollutants and dust are common.

Milwaukee continues to offer a variety of practical attachments to increase versatility in terms of accessories. The hoover can easily adjust to various cleaning requirements, from crevice tools for cramming into tight spots to brush attachments for delicate surfaces.

In conclusion, anyone in need of a dependable job site vacuum should consider investing in the enhanced Milwaukee Cordless Vacuum with its better nozzle and overall user-friendly design. It provides the strength, versatility, and dependability for which Milwaukee is renowned, all at a more reasonable cost than some rivals. With the Milwaukee Cordless Vacuum, you can improve your cleaning routine and take advantage of effective and hassle-free cleaning on the job site or anywhere.


Milwaukee Cordless Vacuum Features

Milwaukee Cordless Vacuum Features
Because the Milwaukee cordless vacuum, Model 0880-20, is both a wet and dry vacuum, you can clean up almost any mess with it. The vacuum is effective for a little vacuum, with 45 CFM and a 32′′ water lift.
The M18 battery powers the hoover. While any of the M18 batteries can be used, the 9Ah battery will provide roughly 30 minutes of operation.
On the top of the vacuum, Milwaukee added a built-in handle and an on/off toggle switch. (I don’t like where the on/off switch is located; more on that below.)
Two sturdy plastic latches on the top lid secure it in place.
You can get to the hose by opening the top. The hose is convenient to access and stores well. I prefer this setup, myself. When moving the previous hoover, the hose, which was on the exterior, would frequently fall to the ground.
Both the attachments and the batteries are simple to reach once the hose has been removed.
A flexible hose, crevice tool, utility nozzle and a verified HEPA filter are all included with the vacuum.
The flexible hose measures 6 feet in length and has a 1-1/4 inch diameter.
There are latches on each side of the trash can for cleaning. allowing you to reach the 2-gallon trash can and/or clean the HEPA filter.

Milwaukee Cordless Vacuum Performance

Milwaukee Cordless Vacuum Performance

The Milwaukee Cordless Vacuum is one of my personal favourites because of its remarkable power, which is one of its distinguishing qualities. Due to its powerful suction power, it can handle a variety of cleaning tasks with ease. Its box-shaped design is very appealing to me because it not only enhances its potent performance but also makes storage simple.

This hoover can easily manage challenging cleaning tasks, as earlier shown by its ease of use in picking up larger nuts and dirt. The hoover effortlessly picks up anything that fits through the 1-1/4″ nozzle, keeping your workspace neat and orderly.

I do have a slight issue with the vacuum’s design, notably where the toggle button for turning it on and off is located. It is, in my opinion, situated in a slightly awkward situation. I’ll go into further detail. When the lid is closed, the handle is in the middle, the vacuum’s hose is on the left side, and the on/off switch is on the right side.

When in use, the hose will naturally expand in front of you as you hold on to the hoover. The on/off switch now requires two hands to operate due to its current positioning behind the handle. As a result, you must let go of the handle and reach back with your other hand to operate the switch.

It would have been nice if Milwaukee had put the on/off switch on the opposite side of the handle to enhance user ease and pleasure. This would have streamlined the process and made it more user-friendly by allowing people to hold the hoover firmly in place with one hand while easily operating the switch with their thumb.

The Milwaukee Cordless Vacuum nonetheless shines in terms of power and functionality despite this slight flaw. It is a reliable tool for numerous cleaning tasks due to its capability to remove trash with effectiveness and its intelligent box-shaped design for simple storage.


Milwaukee Cordless Vacuum Value

Milwaukee Cordless Vacuum Value

Be prepared to spend $120 on a basic tool. This is priceless, especially given how much usage I got out of the first generation. I appreciate the power and how the tools and hose are now housed inside. So it’s a wonderful deal at $120.


Milwaukee Cordless Vacuum Wrap Up

Milwaukee Cordless Vacuum Wrap Up

Bottom line, this Milwaukee is a no-brainer. It offers a lot of power for the price, and I appreciate the tool storage. If you require something more advanced, I would recommend the Hilti. It will cost you approximately $225, but in exchange, you will receive a hoover with two speeds, manual filter cleaning, and a bag, as well as a larger waste container and longer hose.

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