Milwaukee is a company that stands out when it comes to 18V power equipment. Milwaukee, which is well-known for its vast selection of cordless tools, provides a variety of choices for professionals looking for dependable and resilient equipment. The M18 range from Milwaukee contains everything, from drills to miter saws. Their Jig Saw, however, had been waiting for an improvement for a while. Now that Milwaukee has added a new and improved Jig Saw to their lineup, the wait is finally over. We shall assess whether this update is cost-effective in this Milwaukee Cordless Jig Saw Review.

Since 1946, when Albert Kaufmann had the brilliant notion to use a saw blade instead of a sewing machine needle, jig saws have been a dependable instrument. Professionals that need precise free-form cuts, such as circles, angles, and complex shapes, frequently use these multipurpose instruments. The capacity of a Jig Saw to give both power and control, enabling users to make the ideal cut in a variety of materials, is essential to its excellence.


Milwaukee Cordless Jig Saw Review Overview

Milwaukee Cordless Jig Saw Review Overview

The new Cordless Jig Saw from Milwaukee, a company recognized for pushing the envelope and consistently improving its products, is evidence of their dedication to innovation. This Jig Saw is a valuable addition to any professional’s toolkit since it combines power, control, and dependability.

The Milwaukee Cordless Jig Saw doesn’t fall short in terms of power. It has enough power from its 18V battery system to effortlessly cut through a variety of materials. This Jig Saw can easily tackle the task whether you’re working with wood, metal, or plastic. With its powerful motor ensuring dependable operation, you can confidently take on challenging cutting applications.

Power by itself, though, is insufficient. A Jig Saw’s ability to offer precise control for challenging cuts is where its actual worth is tested. With careful consideration, Milwaukee has given the Cordless Jig Saw features that improve its agility and cutting precision. By adjusting the cutting speed in accordance with the material and desired finish, you can consistently achieve the best results thanks to the variable speed control. With its superb balance and comfortable grip, the tool’s ergonomic design enables you to easily maneuver around curves and shapes. With the Milwaukee Cordless Jig Saw in your hands, you’ll possess the assurance and control necessary to make complex cuts with precision.

Milwaukee also recognizes the value of consumer efficiency and convenience. A tool-free blade replacement system on this jig saw makes changing blades simple and quick. This time-saving function guarantees that you can work uninterruptedly, maximizing productivity at work.

In conclusion, professionals looking for a versatile and high-performance cutting tool should consider upgrading to the Milwaukee Cordless Jig Saw. This Jig Saw excels on all counts thanks to its strong power, fine control, and user-friendly features. This expertly made tool demonstrates Milwaukee’s commitment to ongoing innovation and provides dependability and durability for even the most demanding tasks. The Milwaukee Cordless Jig Saw is certain to surpass your expectations and open up new possibilities in your woodworking projects, whether you’re an experienced expert or a DIY enthusiast.


Review of the Milwaukee Cordless Jig Saw Features

Review of the Milwaukee Cordless Jig Saw Features
Milwaukee offers two different versions of the Jig Saw: the 2737-20, which is a bare tool, and the 2737-21, which includes a battery and charger. A brushless motor that is optimized for speed and runtime is built into the saw.
The battery for the 2737-21 is an M18 5Ah battery. Any M18 battery, though, will work with this saw.
There is no barrel grip on the saw; instead, it has a D-Handle design. Like their drills and other tools, the handle includes a rubber overmold.

The saw makes use of a variable speed trigger with a range of 0 to 3500 strokes per minute.
There are four cutting positions on the saw. The blade travels up and down in a no-action position, and there are three orbital settings after that.
A single lever makes adjusting the metal shoe simple. The shoe includes positive detents at 0°, 15°, 30°, and 45° and can be modified.
Turn on the blower to make sure your line is clean if you are not using a dust collection system. However, you can turn off the blower if this is connected to a dust collection system.
The saw has an LED light that does a respectable job of lighting up your cutting area.
T-Shank blades are used in the saw. The way the saw ejects the balds is one of my favorite aspects. So you don’t have to grip and pull the blades out when they’re hot.
The saw has a dust collecting adaptor, splinter guard, and no-mar shoe cover.

Milwaukee Cordless Jig Saw Review Performance

Milwaukee Cordless Jig Saw Review Performance

The Milwaukee Cordless Jig Saw consistently demonstrates its value when it comes to handling a variety of cuts. This tool performed superbly whether I wanted to cut vent pipes or HVAC ducts out of plywood on the second floor. This Jig Saw stood out among others I’ve used before thanks to its flawless operation and outstanding speed.

The dust blower on this saw is one feature that truly distinguishes it. It successfully removes obstructions, enabling a clear field of vision for exact cuts. Additionally, the integrated light offers superb visibility, particularly in poorly lit work spaces. These smart design features improve the user experience overall and add to the saw’s simplicity of usage.

The Milwaukee Cordless Jig Saw’s outstanding vibration control is one of its most striking features. The saw is very steady despite having a strong motor, so there is no discomfort or pressure on the hands. This stability enables continuous, accurate cutting throughout the project for long periods of time without becoming fatigued.

Another exceptional feature is the saw’s easy maneuverability during cutting. The Milwaukee Cordless Jig Saw’s design makes it simple to rotate, giving you the versatility you need to easily navigate curves and complex designs. Even with tricky materials, this level of control provides clean, precise cuts.

Although some people might be worried by the saw’s weight, I personally thought it was a benefit. During operation, the construction is slightly heavier, which improves stability and control. Smoother cuts are possible with a lower danger of deviating from the intended course thanks to the extra weight’s ability to minimize vibrations and create a more balanced feeling.


Milwaukee Cordless Jig Saw Review Value

Milwaukee Cordless Jig Saw Review Value

The saw is available at The Home Depot for roughly $300, and that price is for the kit 2737-21, which includes a single battery and charger. You will pay $200 less if you only require the essential tool.

Not one of the inexpensive saws, this. This saw is sturdy, long-lasting, and just a pleasure to use. So, any configuration you choose, it’s a good bargain for what you receive, in my opinion. Yes, you can get one for less money, but given how well this saw works, I wouldn’t suggest it.


Milwaukee Cordless Jig Saw Review Final Thoughts

Milwaukee Cordless Jig Saw Review Final Thoughts

I have a lot of love for Bosch and Festool jigsaws. The new Milwaukee Jig Saw, however, has quickly become one of my favorites. I enjoy using this saw since it is light, fast, simple to operate, and comfortable to hold. It will fit perfectly in anyone’s tool collection and is constructed like a tank.

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