The introduction of chainsaws with batteries has completely changed how we view this necessary instrument. Who would have thought that a tool with a reputation for demanding power could be powered successfully by a battery? These chainsaws demonstrate their mettle not only when it comes to heavy-duty labour but also when it comes to cutting through massive pieces of wood. This formerly far-off fantasy has come true thanks to developments in battery technology. There are several battery-powered chainsaws on the market, so it’s critical to separate the good from the average. Today, we focus on the Milwaukee Chainsaw and undertake a careful analysis to evaluate its position in this market.

Many manufacturers have stepped up to the plate in the field of battery-powered OPE (Outdoor Power Equipment) products, including chainsaws in their product selection. But only a select few have succeeded in winning users’ hearts. The Ego and Makita chainsaws stand out among them and have a devoted following, which has raised the bar for the competitors.


Milwaukee Chainsaw Review Overview

Milwaukee Chainsaw Review Overview

Anxiety grew when Milwaukee, a well-known producer of power tools, announced their entry into the chainsaw market. The possibility of a Milwaukee chainsaw was quite alluring due to their reputation for superior engineering and the strength of their batteries. How this newbie would perform against the seasoned competitors Makita and Ego was the question on everyone’s mind.

We must examine the Milwaukee Chainsaw’s features, performance, and overall value offer in order to evaluate it fairly. Does it have the strength, durability, and accuracy required for difficult tasks? Will it establish itself as a worthy rival to its valued competitors? These are the issues that frame our evaluation.

Follow along as we evaluate the Milwaukee Chainsaw’s cutting ability, battery performance, ergonomic design, and overall user experience in great detail. We aim to provide a thorough study that aids potential purchasers in making an informed selection by analysing its strengths and limitations.

Milwaukee has a long history in the power tool sector and is renowned for producing goods that cater to both the demands of experts and DIY enthusiasts. Their decision to release a chainsaw is a brave move forwards in their quest to become one of the leading players in the battery-powered chainsaw market.

Join us as we set out on this thrilling journey to discover the Milwaukee Chainsaw’s actual capabilities and shed light on its capacity to handle the most challenging cutting operations. By the end of our study, you’ll be able to tell whether this chainsaw lives up to the Milwaukee name and competes favourably with the top brands in the market.


Milwaukee Chainsaw Review Features

Milwaukee Chainsaw Review Features
This is the first cordless chainsaw from Milwaukee, and the company claims it cuts through hardwoods more quickly as a 40CC saw. A brushless motor, which offers efficiency and extended run durations, is the foundation of the saw. The saw has a 13.9 lb weight and a 6600 rpm speed.
A chainsaw requires a lot of power to complete the task at hand, as one might anticipate. This was developed by Milwaukee using the M18 battery architecture, and in particular, the Milwaukee 12Ah battery, which is their highest amp battery.
Along with the saw, battery, charger, and bar oil, the 2727-21HD is packaged.
This saw was created by Milwaukee with a 16′′ Oregon bar, so it can handle some serious cutting.
Like their power tools, the grip is overmolded with rubber.
This has a safety function, just as all power tools, to prevent accidental trigger actuation.
You have additional alternatives for gripping the handle because it is a full D-handle that wraps from the top of the saw all the way down the left side.
It features a bar lock for security similar to other chainsaws.
You can see through one side of the oil chamber to see how much oil is in the reservoir without removing the top.

Milwaukee Chainsaw Review Performance

Milwaukee Chainsaw Review Performance

As a devoted user of a wood-burning heater, I frequently find myself cutting firewood. I’ve depended on Ego and Makita chainsaws over the years since I think they’re the best options available. I’m happy to inform that I’ve found a third competitor, the Milwaukee chainsaw, who has won a seat among my favourites.

The Milwaukee chainsaw immediately dazzles with its exceptional power and runtime thanks to the installation of a 12Ah battery. This chainsaw genuinely shines when it comes to handling difficult chores. The saw starts up as soon as I pull the trigger, prepared to handle even the most difficult cutting tasks. Larger pieces of wood are easily cut with ease by its powerful motor, and the long runtime guarantees continuous use.

This chainsaw is a clear winner for homeowners. Wood-cutting jobs are easily completed because to its power and performance, which also offers a dependable and effective cutting experience. What about qualified arborists, though? The Milwaukee chainsaw has application in a number of circumstances. It works well for clearing terrain since it removes branches and other obstacles quickly. Additionally, the Milwaukee chainsaw makes the ideal partner for anyone operating a chipper, enabling them to quickly and easily cut branches before putting them into the chipper. This chainsaw might be quite useful for climbers as well. The Milwaukee chainsaw offers a revolutionary advantage over the conventional approach of climbing, manually starting the saw, cutting, and repeating for each branch. Climbers may start moving by just pulling the trigger, doing away with the inconvenience of gas-powered saws. Even while carrying extra batteries may be necessary, the benefits it provides in terms of convenience and use are unsurpassed.

For a variety of users, the Milwaukee chainsaw stands out as a dependable and effective cutting tool. This chainsaw meets your needs whether you’re a homeowner looking for a strong saw for your firewood requirements or a professional arborist looking for a flexible equipment for ground clearing or climbing. It is a force to be reckoned with thanks to its amazing runtime, powerful motor, and user-friendly design.

Finally, the Milwaukee chainsaw has shown to be a top competitor in the market. For those looking for a dependable and effective chainsaw, its performance, along with the renowned Milwaukee quality and innovation, makes it a remarkable option. The Milwaukee chainsaw is likely to meet and surpass your expectations, giving power, durability, and the freedom of cordless convenience, whether you’re a serious DIY enthusiast or a professional in the field.


Milwaukee Chainsaw Review Value

Milwaukee Chainsaw Review Value

At The Home Depot, the Milwaukee chainsaw 2727-21HD retails for around $400. If you only cut once or twice a year, this can be a bit expensive. For those of us who cut a lot, the $400 price tag represents a good deal because it also includes a 12Ah battery.


Milwaukee Chainsaw Review Final Thoughts

Milwaukee Chainsaw Review Final Thoughts

This is a winner in my book. I adore the ability to eliminate the need for gas and spark plugs as well as the power and simplicity of operation. I adore how this saw can produce significant amounts of work and run for a long time on only one battery. What I like best is how quickly the saw cycles up to full speed. For those looking to give up gas and switch to Milwaukee’s cordless performance, this chainsaw is a fantastic addition to any tool collection.

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