Nailers have been a crucial component of my toolkit during my home remodeling project. I depend on these tools every day, whether it be a frame nailer, finish nailer, brad nailer, or pin nailer. I’m searching for a brad nailer that can stand out as my top pick as I continue to hone my collection. This is the reason we’re here today: to examine the Milwaukee Brad Nailer Review and see if it qualifies for that coveted position.

Let’s talk about my current go-to nailers before we examine the Milwaukee Brad Nailer. I recently bought a Milwaukee Framing Nailer, which has shown to be a dependable and effective equipment for framing. My dependable partner when it comes to finish nailers is the Dewalt. And the Porter-Cable has been my go-to tool for brad nailing jobs.


Milwaukee Brad Nailer Review Overview

Milwaukee Brad Nailer Review Overview

One of the main tasks during the renovation of my home was to install new molding all over it. My dependable Bostitch Brad Nailer served as my go-to tool for smaller components. Although it was quick and dependable, I couldn’t ignore the bother of using a hose and an air compressor. I longed for a brad nailer that would work at the same level without requiring a compressor and hose. At that point, a friend praised the Milwaukee Brad Nailer’s functionality and effectiveness and suggested it. I was intrigued by the idea and felt it was finally time to give it a shot.

The Milwaukee M18 Fuel 18 Gauge Brad Nailer, specifically the model 2746-21CT, is the subject of today’s discussion. Milwaukee also sells bare tools, but we are focusing on the set that comes with a battery, charger, and handy carrying case.

We had a favorable first impression of the Milwaukee Brad Nailer. The tool seems well made and has a strong design, giving users confidence in its endurance. A powerful and reliable performance is guaranteed by the M18 Fuel system, which also provides the necessary driving force for accurate brad placement. Greater mobility is made possible by the ease of cordless operation, which also gets rid of the difficulties that come with hoses and compressors.

The Milwaukee Brad Nailer demonstrated speed and dependability during testing, consistently and precisely sinking brads. Lack of ramp-up time results in trigger actuation-immediate firing, further increasing efficiency. Its quickness, which ensured a fluid workflow with little downtime, really pleased us.

The Milwaukee Brad Nailer’s simple depth-of-drive adjustment is a noteworthy feature. This enables careful control over nail positioning, resulting in a tidy and polished result. The large capacity of the magazine lowers the frequency of reloading and boosts output.

In terms of ergonomics, the nailer has a comfortable grip that enables prolonged use without becoming tiresome. The weight of the tool is evenly distributed, which aids in a steady and controlled operation.

While the Milwaukee Brad Nailer excelled in our tests, there may be one issue that needs to be addressed. Some users have mentioned sporadic jams or misfires. It’s important to note that, overall, these issues didn’t arise during our use of the nailer.

The Milwaukee M18 Fuel 18 Gauge Brad Nailer proves to be a dependable and effective instrument in the end. Its cordless design, combined with the M18 Fuel system’s strength and dependability, guarantees smooth operation and higher production. The adjustable driving depth and large magazine capacity of the nailer enable precise and uninterrupted work. While some users have occasionally run across problems, largely our testing was successful.


Milwaukee Brad Nailer Review Features

Milwaukee Brad Nailer Review Features
The brushless motor that powers the M18 cordless nailer is built for efficiency and longevity. With no ramp-up period, the Brad nailer does the steady operation of sinking nails. It uses a nitrogen air spring mechanism.
Since the nailer is powered by a Milwaukee 18V battery platform, there is no requirement for a compressor or air pipe. While any Milwaukee M18 battery will work, the little 2Ah battery is ideal since it provides a long runtime without adding much weight to the nailer.
Any 18 gauge straight nailer that is between 5/8″ and 2-1/8″ in length will operate with the nailer.
An on/off switch and a mode button that allows the operator to switch from bump to sequential are located on the tool’s base. Knowing which mode the nailer is in by glancing at the LED light is a feature I really like.
There is a pretty smooth dial that the user can turn to raise or lower the depth of drive in order to change the depth of the nail.
Even though I haven’t encountered a jam, the tool is made such that the user can remove any bent or jammed nails by opening the front of the tool without a tool.
The nailer uses a no-mar tip, and it even has a handy spot to store extra no-mar tips.
The magazine slides open by pushing a push-down lock, just as other nailers.
You will be pleased to know that Milwaukee uses the same over-mold rubber grip for the nailer if you have previously used Milwaukee tools.

Milwaukee Brad Nailer Review Performance

Milwaukee Brad Nailer Review Performance

I’ve had the opportunity to test the Milwaukee Brad Nailer during my numerous home projects. This nailer has proven to be a reliable performer in a variety of tasks, including installing shelving and trimming around windows.

The installation of blinds, which required building out the window trim, was one project that demonstrated the nailer’s powers. In this activity, the Milwaukee Brad Nailer consistently and dependably produced results, guaranteeing a solid and accurate finish.

This nailer’s simple depth-of-drive adjustment is a standout feature. This enables flexible nail placement, whether you want to bury the nail beneath the surface of the board or leave it raised slightly for particular purposes. The nailer offers two depth settings, allowing you the freedom to get the result you want.

I mostly used this nailer with pine trim because it works with that material. It excelled in easily and consistently driving nails into the pine. But I also put it to the test with some stair trim and corner beads made of oak. Only two out of fifty shots needed extra sinking, indicating that the performance was still excellent. It’s important to note that any sporadic resistance might have been brought on by running against a nail in the subfloor or a wood knot. Finding only two cases that needed additional attention is impressive given the overall success rate.

We tested the nailer on a 2×4 to determine its speed and effectiveness. The Milwaukee Brad Nailer proved to be capable at keeping up with the quick pace by firing nails as quickly as possible. Nearly every nail was firmly embedded in the board, demonstrating the nailer’s ability to do difficult tasks without stumbling.

The Milwaukee Brad Nailer has proven its dependability, consistency, and power in terms of overall performance. It excels in accurately sinking nails and provides depth adjustments with flexibility. With either pine or oak, the nailer regularly produces good results. Its capacity to keep up with rapid firing only increases its allure.

Although the Milwaukee Brad Nailer has shown to be a trustworthy product, it is important to take into account any potential shortcomings mentioned by some users. Misfires or jamming problems have occasionally been recorded. It’s important to emphasize, though, that my personal use of the nailer was largely trouble-free.


Milwaukee Brad Nailer Review Value

Milwaukee Brad Nailer Review Value

The kit, which has the model number 2746-21CT, is available from The Home Depot for $400. When you merely consider the price, you can see that it is somewhat expensive. It seems like a good deal to me. You misplace both the air hose and the compressor. You receive a sturdy brad nailer that is dependable and trustworthy. Additionally, you receive a battery platform with a wealth of add-on tools. So, when you consider everything, the price is very fair.


Milwaukee Brad Nailer Review Final Thoughts

Milwaukee Brad Nailer Review Final Thoughts

The final truth is that this brad nailer is among the best I have ever used. I adore how dependable this nailer is. Love how every shot places the nail exactly where I want it. Not often have I needed to return with a nail kit and sink nails. This is a fantastic addition to the Milwaukee line overall.

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