Call me a brand whore or a fanboy, but Milwaukee, in my opinion, makes the best cordless drill and impact. Sure, a power tool lineup consists of much more than just these two items, such as batteries, additional tools, and quality, but I have to agree Milwaukee did a good job with their drill and impacts. Which leads us to the subject of the review for today: the Milwaukee 12V Surge Review.


Milwaukee 12V Surge Review Overview

Milwaukee 12V Surge Review Overview

When it comes to 12V power tools, Milwaukee dominates the competition by a wide margin. In fact, their dominance in the 12V tool market is unmatched, leaving rival producers in the dust. Milwaukee goes above and above by offering a broad choice of tools specifically made for professionals, unlike some brands who just provide a few equipment for tradespeople in their 12V array.

Impact drives typically have a lot of noise, especially when employed in small spaces or places with echoes like basements. The constant hammering mechanism can be harmful to your long-term hearing health in addition to being unpleasant. The Milwaukee Surge Impact Driver, which transforms the user experience, fills that gap.

The Surge Impact Driver is designed to deliver outstanding performance while reducing noise levels. It considerably reduces the noise, allowing for normal discussions and even allowing you to listen to the radio while using the tool, even if you can still hear the hit. The Surge impact driver transforms your working environment by adding a new degree of comfort and convenience. The days of suffering ear-piercing noises that interfere with conversation and concentration are over.

The Surge Impact Driver’s ability to reduce noise without sacrificing power is a major benefit. The tool offers great performance, ensuring that you can successfully do a variety of activities. The Surge Impact Driver excels at offering the required torque and control for a variety of tasks, including driving screws, fastening materials, and other tasks.

Let’s now explore the characteristics of the Milwaukee Surge Impact Driver that set it apart. First off, you can easily work in confined locations because to its compact and ergonomic design, which guarantees a pleasant grip and maximum agility. The tool’s brushless motor improves productivity, toughness, and overall tool life, making it a trustworthy partner for difficult work.

Additionally, Milwaukee’s ground-breaking REDLINK Plus Intelligence technology, which offers superior protection against overloading and overheating, is incorporated into the Surge Impact Driver. By doing this, the tool is not only protected but also has a longer lifespan and consistently reliable performance. Additionally, the tool’s variable-speed trigger enables for fine control and makes it simple to adjust to various fastening applications.

The Surge Impact Driver is built with the quality and craftsmanship that Milwaukee is known for. The tool delivers the great reliability that professionals demand and is constructed to resist demanding use. Its adaptability and convenience are further increased by the fact that it works with Milwaukee’s wide selection of 12V batteries.

In conclusion, the Milwaukee 12V Surge Impact Driver represents a revolution in the power tool industry. It differs from conventional impact drivers in that it can drastically lower noise levels while maintaining exceptional power and performance. With the Surge Impact Driver, you can feel the difference and benefit from a more productive, quieter working environment. Milwaukee’s commitment to giving craftsmen top-notch tools has once again cemented its place as the leader in the sector.


Milwaukee 12V Surge Review Features

Milwaukee 12V Surge Review Features
The Milwaukee Surge is built on a brushless motor that generates 450 in-LBS of torque and 3,400 BPM at 0-3,000 rpm.
The fact that it is 2X quieter than ordinary impact is its best feature. The hydraulic powertrain, which is fluid-driven, is the cause.
The impact is really little, measuring only 7.8′′ high by 5.2′′ long.
The Impact’s model number is 2551-22, and it includes a charger, two 2Ah batteries, a protective casing, and a surge impact driver.
The Milwaukee 12V battery powers the impact. A 2Ah CP battery is included with the kit.
With just one button press, the tool’s top allows you to change the speeds from 1-3. Additionally, there is a Self Tapping mode that helps the user tighten screws and stops them from walking.
The tool has a 1/4′′ metal hex chuck on the front.
The tool’s head is covered by a soft plastic shell.
The gadget is convenient. Dan may not be a big fan of the grip, but I believe the majority of people, including myself, are. I simply adore the way it conforms to your hand.
This also has an LED light, like the majority of other effects. Though I’m sure that would have made the head much bigger and less compact, I think a three LED light would have been wonderful.
Since the battery level is not on the batteries, it can be seen on the side of the tool.

Milwaukee 12V Surge Review Performance

Milwaukee 12V Surge Review Performance

The Milwaukee 12V Surge Impact Driver definitely lives up to its reputation in terms of performance. I’ve been working on a sizable addition to the back of my house, as some of you may know, and I’ve had the chance to test this tool out. I’ve been utilizing it specifically to fasten the sheathing to the building’s exterior and raise the sheathing up to the soffits for accurate cutting. I have to admit that the Surge Impact Driver has been nothing less than extraordinary.

This tool’s lightweight construction, which makes it simple to maneuver even in awkward settings, is one of its distinguishing qualities. The Surge Impact Driver turns into my dependable ally as I steadily work my way up a ladder while holding a piece of plywood, quickly driving screws and attaching the sheathing. Its strength is simply amazing, enabling me to operate productively and successfully without exerting myself or compromising performance.

The Surge Impact Driver has an unexpected benefit in addition to its strength and maneuverability: quiet operation. The Surge operates with little noise, creating a more comfortable working atmosphere in contrast to standard impact drivers, which produce deafening noises. This is especially helpful while working in confined quarters or residential areas where excessive noise can be upsetting or bothersome. You can concentrate on the task at hand with the Surge Impact Driver without worrying about upsetting people or causing unneeded discomfort.

Despite my desire to provide photos of the Surge Impact Driver in use, it is difficult to accurately capture the tool’s functionality in pictures. My full focus is needed while holding a sheet of plywood on a ladder, tightening screws, and snapping pictures. The Surge Impact Driver’s performance, nevertheless, speaks for itself, I can guarantee you of that. It is an essential tool for a variety of tasks due to its strength, comfort, and silent operation.

The Milwaukee 12V Surge Impact Driver is a game-changer for anyone, whether they are a professional tradesperson or a DIY enthusiast. It stands out from the competitors thanks to its outstanding performance and user-friendly features. You can rely on this product to provide the strength, accuracy, and dependability needed to approach your projects with assurance.

In conclusion, Milwaukee’s dedication to offering top-notch products to tradespeople is exemplified by the Surge Impact Driver. Its exceptional performance, lightweight construction, and silent operation make it a great addition to any toolkit. Milwaukee continues to push the limits of innovation when it comes to power tools, creating new benchmarks for excellence. Discover a new level of productivity and job satisfaction by using the Milwaukee 12V Surge Impact Driver and experiencing its unmatched performance.


Milwaukee 12V Surge Review Value

Milwaukee 12V Surge Review Value

On the website of The Home Depot, the 2551-22 kit costs $200. It costs a bit more than other impacts, but I believe that considering its strength, comfort, and quietness, the price is reasonable. So yes, there is a premium for this instrument, but it is worth it, and at this price, I would definitely buy it.


Milwaukee 12V Surge Review Final Thoughts

Milwaukee 12V Surge Review Final Thoughts

Call me what you want, but as I mentioned previously, I believe Milwaukee has it right with their drills and impact. Another illustration of Milwaukee’s dominance in this field of power tools is the Surge. When I use an impact driver, I appreciate the strength, the feel, and the fact that my eardrums won’t be damaged.

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