What power tool manufacturer springs to mind then when it comes to impact? Although there are many firms, Makita is the one that most people think of. Although Makita is well recognized for its extensive selection of 18V tools and other equipment, they have long been a pioneer in the field of cordless impact drivers. So let’s see if Makita XDT16Z Review puts them in the lead when it comes to leading.


Makita XDT16Z Review Overview

Makita XDT16Z Review Overview

Impact drivers have changed the game in the world of power tools by providing important advantages over conventional drills. Impact drivers have a special internal mechanism that combines rotation with high-impact strokes as opposed to drills, which merely spin. They stand out when it comes to fastening jobs thanks to this dynamic movement, which makes them incredibly efficient in sinking self-tapping metal screws, huge screws, and even heavy lag screws.

Professionals in many trades frequently come into contact with a variety of fasteners on a daily basis. In such circumstances, having a trustworthy impact driver becomes essential. Now meet the Makita XDT16Z, an effective impact driver that excels in performance, lightweight construction, maneuverability, and compatibility with a wide range of fasteners.

The Makita XDT16Z is designed to give exceptional power, enabling you to easily handle even the most difficult fastening applications. Its powerful motor ensures optimum performance while driving screws of various sizes into diverse materials by producing outstanding rotating speed and maximum torque. This impact driver is capable of handling difficult lag screws, big screws, and self-tapping metal screws.

The Makita XDT16Z’s lightweight design, which improves mobility and lessens operator fatigue, is a noteworthy benefit. As the impact driver’s ergonomic design offers good control and enables precise operation, this feature is especially helpful while working in cramped places or overhead positions. The XDT16Z’s adaptability is further enhanced by its small size, which makes it easy for you to access confined spots and move around complex workspaces.

The Makita XDT16Z has excellent compatibility with a wide range of fasteners in addition to its power and mobility. This impact driver can easily handle a variety of fasteners, regardless of whether you work in the building business, carpentry, or any trade that entails fastening activities. The XDT16Z provides the adaptability and dependability required to complete the task successfully, from tiny self-tapping metal screws to large lag screws.

With the XDT16Z, Makita, known for its dedication to quality and innovation, has once again produced a top-notch tool. This impact driver is a prime example of Makita’s commitment to giving professionals from a range of industries with a tool that combines strength, adaptability, and simplicity. You can confidently tackle any fastening task with the Makita XDT16Z in your toolbox, knowing that you have a dependable and effective tool available.

In summary, the Makita XDT16Z is a remarkable impact driver that surpasses expectations in terms of strength, lightweight construction, mobility, and compatibility with various fasteners. This impact driver has the power and adaptability needed to handle a variety of fastening tasks, whether you’re a skilled tradesperson or a DIY enthusiast. Purchase a Makita XDT16Z and benefit from the dependability and productivity that Makita tools are known for. Use the Makita XDT16Z impact driver’s power and accuracy to take your job to new levels.


Makita XDT16Z Review Features

Makita XDT16Z Review Features
Built on a brushless motor, the Makita XDT16Z weighs only 3.4 lbs and measures 4-9/16′′ long while producing 3,600 rpm and 1,600 in-lbs of torque. This Makita impact features a Quick-Shift, similar to some of the others, to automatically adjust the speed and power of the engine to your application.
The Makita 18V series of batteries power the impact. Although the 2Ah battery works just as well and will still give you enough run time for the day, the 5Ah battery will give you longer run times.
The tool is made for one-handed insertion operation and uses a 1/4 chuck. Simply place the hex shank bit into the tool, and it will lock into place on its own. Simply pull the collar out and the bit will come out.
On the base of the tool is where all the magic happens.  Makita preprogrammed this tool for the most common types of applications.  On the left-hand side, there is a push button to select from four different speeds:
0-1,100 RPM, 0-1,100 IPM
0-2,100 RPM, 0-2,600 IPM
0-3,200 RPM, 0-3,600 IPM
0-3,600 RPM, 0-3,800 IPM
On the left side, you can also control the LED light.

The auto assist side is on the right-hand side. Again, you may switch between several modes by just pressing a button. For large fasteners, use the first mode. To aid in preventing cam-out, the tool will start out slowly before ramping up. The option after that is for removing nuts. The tool will halt spinning as soon as it detects that the fastener has been released. In this manner, you won’t have to worry about the nut dropping and you having to hunt for it in an engine block to remove it by hand. The final two things are items #1 and #2. For both heavy metal and light metal, this is a self-tapping mode. The tool will cut off when it detects an increase in torque, protecting the self-tapping screws from stripping or breaking a head.
This makes the tool incredibly special and cool. This quick selector is used. Therefore, you may switch from 1-4 speeds with simply your index finger as opposed to the base. Perfect if you’re in a tight location or only have one hand accessible. You can program your preferred setting, such as speed 3, using this.
The impact driver has a variable speed trigger, allowing you to adjust the tool’s speed regardless of the selection you are making.
Makita installs LED lights on the left and right sides of the tool, in contrast to other manufacturers that place them on the base or just above the trigger.
The handle has the familiar rubber over-mold grip of a Makita tool. These handles appeal to me because they are so comfy.

Makita XDT16Z Review Performance

Makita XDT16Z Review Performance

The Makita XDT16Z performs above and beyond expectations in every way. Even though we could brag about easily burrowing fasteners into steel and driving hundreds of screws, this tool stands out for other reasons. Yes, it has a lot of power and a long runtime, as one would expect from an excellent impact driver. Running these tools continuously is a given in the modern world of sophisticated batteries. The XDT16Z shines most, nonetheless, because of its exceptional convenience.

The Makita XDT16Z’s unmatched convenience is one of its most notable characteristics. This impact driver offers remarkable versatility and adaptability for numerous applications with a wealth of capabilities at your fingertips, including four speed settings and multiple help modes. It stands out since you can easily change speeds with your index finger, doing away with the need to fiddle with the base. While the base is useful, the ease of speed adjustment with a single finger movement offers a degree of efficiency that experts genuinely value.

The weight, balance, and power ratio of the Makita XDT16Z are, in my opinion, its best features. You will fall in love with this impact driver’s ergonomic design the moment you touch it in your hands. Although some may object to the focus on ergonomics, it is important, especially for professionals in the industry. Consider an electrician who works long hours as an example. One of the electricians I spoke with, who was in his fifties, told me about his impact driving experience. He enjoys the tool, however he frequently has sore shoulders at the end of the day. His shoulders have suffered from years of repetitive stress, so his concern with weight and ergonomics is essential.

He went on to say that his job entails frequently working overhead while alternating between using an impact driver, hammer, and pipes. His shoulders will experience less stress throughout the day for every pound lost. Ergonomics are crucial for people like him, and the Makita XDT16Z succeeds in this area. Even over prolonged hours of labor, it is a delight to use due to the careful design and ideal weight distribution.

The XDT16Z’s portability is further increased by its small size. The tiny design of this impact driver enables you to easily reach confined spaces whether you’re working on cabinets, drywall, or numerous other applications. It is the perfect tool for individuals working overhead or in small spaces because of its lightweight design, which minimizes fatigue.

Professionals and people who demand both power and mobility can meet their needs with the Makita XDT16Z. It stands out on the market thanks to its performance, practical features, and ergonomic design. By selecting the XDT16Z, you are spending money on an impact driver that is dependable and effective, increasing your productivity and simplifying your jobs.


Makita XDT16Z Review Value

Makita XDT16Z Review Value

On Amazon, a single tool costs around $190. Without a battery or charger, it might seem like a lot, but it’s definitely worth the money. When you have this driver in your hands, you’ll understand why so many people adore it. It can handle any task and is strong and fluid.


Makita XDT16Z Review Final Thoughts

Makita XDT16Z Review Final Thoughts

The Makita XDT16 is currently my favorite tool for 2019 as of this article. I adore the power and design. First off, it has a compact body, is incredibly powerful, and is lightweight. Second, I adore the impact driver’s ingenuity. I like that I can use it as a driver, but there is also an aid mode for the typical things an impact is used for. The little switch that allows me to change speeds without fiddling with the base is my favorite feature. Overall, this impact driver is excellent, maintaining Makita’s position as the leader in the impact driver market.

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