How do you maintain cleanliness in your store or other spaces? I have a few vacuums of my own, but they are all box-style vacuums. The box shape is fantastic for fast picks, but it hurts my knees when I have to hoover a bigger area. Stick vacuums are a choice, but not all of them are excellent. There are only a few that I genuinely like. The Makita hoover with the Cyclonic attachment, however, altered everything. I discovered a system that not only performs admirably but also runs quickly. Let’s examine the Makita Cyclonic Cordless Vacuum now.


Makita Cyclonic Cordless Vacuum Overview

Makita Cyclonic Cordless Vacuum Overview

Without a question, Makita has one of the most comprehensive lineups of vacuums among power tool makers. Makita meets the different demands of professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike with a wide selection of alternatives, including corded dust extractors, cordless backpack vacuums, stick vacs and more. Notably, they provide flexibility and variety by offering vacuums in both their 12V and 18V lines.

Today, we’ll be concentrating on a two-part design: the 18V-powered Makita XLC02Zb stick vacuum. This hoover has been on the market for a while and has won praise for its outstanding performance. The Cyclonic attachment (199553-5), however, is a game-changing upgrade that Makita has unveiled to improve both its performance and dust management. This ground-breaking add-on effortlessly combines with the XLC02ZB, enhancing its capabilities.

The Cyclonic attachment enhances the XLC02ZB’s overall performance and dust collecting effectiveness by acting as a tiny container. This attachment effectively separates dust and debris from the airflow by utilising the force of cyclonic movement, minimising clogging and ensuring constant suction power. This attachment uses cyclonic technology to maintain ideal airflow, extending filter life and lowering the need for frequent filter replacements. This translates to better performance and more durable use, which makes it a crucial complement for difficult cleaning tasks.

The Makita Cyclonic Cordless Vacuum offers the ease and adaptability for which Makita is renowned in addition to its improved performance. Users may effortlessly manoeuvre around awkward locations and clean a variety of surfaces thanks to the stick vacuum’s manoeuvrability and simplicity of use. Ample duration is guaranteed by the 18V battery platform, which eliminates the need for frequent recharging and permits continuous cleaning sessions. The construction of this hoover demonstrates Makita’s dedication to quality and endurance, guaranteeing that it can survive the rigours of tough applications.

It is important to note that the Makita XLC02Zb and Cyclonic attachment (199553-5) are a part of the company’s broad line of vacuums, demonstrating their commitment to provide all-inclusive cleaning solutions. Makita has a vacuum to suit your specific demands, whether you need a lightweight stick vacuum for quick cleanups or a powerful dust extractor for hard job sites.

In conclusion, a spectacular cleaning solution is provided by the Makita Cyclonic Cordless Vacuum, the XLC02Zb stick vacuum, and the ground-breaking Cyclonic attachment. This hoover system, which boasts improved performance, superior dust control, and the ease of cordless operation, is proof positive of Makita’s dedication to producing high-quality power tools and accessories. The Makita Cyclonic Cordless Vacuum is a useful addition to your cleaning arsenal whether you are a devoted DIYer or a professional tradesperson, delivering efficient and effective cleaning outcomes.


Makita Cyclonic Cordless Vacuum Features

Makita Cyclonic Cordless Vacuum Features
The bagless 2-stage cloth filtration system of the cordless vacuum model XLC02ZB from Makita uses cloth. The hoover just weighs 3.2 lbs and is made to clean anything you need to clean, like a shop, a truck, an RV, or anything else.
For a tiny cordless hoover, the motor’s output of 46 CFM is impressively powerful.
The hoover consists of three parts: the motor, the canister and the extension rod, which connects to the head attachment.
Although various 18V Makita batteries can be used in the hoover, a 5Ah battery works well and provides a runtime of roughly 33 minutes.
There is a straightforward trigger you depress, just like a drill, to switch the hoover on and off.
Vacuuming is quite simple, both to clean and to empty. Every filter is simple to install and clean.
Both a standalone Cyclonic and a kit are available for purchase. This addition strikes me as interesting because it can trap up to 90% of the trash that enters. This results in longer runtimes and fewer cleaning filters since the primary canister is kept clean and clear of debris.
Installing the Cyclonic is simple. The device is mounted between the long wand and the main canister head. To ensure that it never gets in the way when vacuuming, the canister rotates 360 degrees.
The canister is ready to be cleaned out after pressing two buttons. Very easy to install, very easy to clean, and the cordless hoover actually improves performance.

Makita Cyclonic Cordless Vacuum Performance

Makita Cyclonic Cordless Vacuum Performance

The Makita Cyclonic Cordless Vacuum performed admirably throughout a protracted period of use, both at my home and at the shop. One instance in particular sticks out: a doorway that was frequently used, and over time, dirt and trash had gathered there. People would bring in dust and other items from the nearby woodshop, resulting in a thick coating of dirt, making this location a big task.

But the Makita Cyclonic Cordless Vacuum handled this job with ease, showcasing its superior cleaning qualities. The hoover effectively removed the dust and other minute particles that had been imbedded by the high foot traffic, as shown in the image above. The doorway was noticeably cleaner and free of ugly accumulation thanks to the amazing results.

I was genuinely surprised by how clean the vacuum’s container was. This demonstrated that the filter was still clear, allowing for consistent suction power and reducing stress on the vacuum’s internal components. Instead, the Cyclonic compartment’s revolutionary design effortlessly contained all the gathered dirt and debris, promoting unhindered airflow to the top hoover unit. The accumulated waste was quickly and easily disposed of by easily emptying the Cyclonic compartment.

The Makita Cyclonic Cordless Vacuum’s battery life performed admirably throughout our prolonged use. It constantly provided dependable and long-lasting performance when paired with a 5Ah battery. The hoover did a great job of effectively eliminating daily dirt and debris, even if it wasn’t made to pick up big screws or other such objects. Let’s face it, even the majority of powerful vacuums have trouble cleaning up such objects. However, the Makita Cyclonic Cordless Vacuum proved to be a top performer for routine maintenance activities involving normal household dirt and debris.


Makita Cyclonic Cordless Vacuum Value

Makita Cyclonic Cordless Vacuum Value

For $105 on Amazon, you can purchase the vacuum and Cyclonic vacuum. You can anticipate spending roughly $35 if you already own the vacuum and only want to get the Cyclonic attachment. However, the cordless hoover alone costs roughly $70 as a standalone product.

To have a vacuum that actually works, has a respectable duration, and I don’t have to worry about dragging a cable around, in my opinion, is worth the $105 price tag. Now, the batteries will really make the price jump if you are not in the Makita line, and I’m not sure if I would be a buyer. But it’s worth the price if you already own Makita equipment or plan to invest in their product range.


Makita Cyclonic Cordless Vacuum Wrap Up

Makita Cyclonic Cordless Vacuum Wrap Up

Probably the most selection of cordless vacuums is offered by Makita. They can support it with their experience and solid construction. Given that the cordless hoover was already a leader in its category, the addition of the Cyclonic elevates it even more. This is an excellent purchase for anyone who wants to clean up after a task is finished, clean their shop, clean their truck, or clean any other place they want to keep clean thanks to its powerful suction, low noise, and long runtimes.

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