Makita has a reputation for quality chainsaws in the marketplace. We recently got the chance to test out their chain saw at the Bode Tree Company, and now we’re reviewing their newer, more powerful, and improved cordless model, the XCU03PT. The chain saw, model XCU03PT, will be the sole subject of our review as we examine its features and applicability to arborists and landscapers.

Let’s start by showcasing the Makita cordless chain saw’s distinctive power system. Although it is built on their 18V basis, Makita has given this model a unique twist. This technique uses two batteries to essentially create a 36V saw rather than relying just on an 18V battery. It stands out from the competition thanks to its innovation, which provides increased power and performance for difficult cutting tasks.


Makita Cordless Chain Saw Review – Overview

Makita Cordless Chain Saw Review – Overview

The Makita cordless chain saw’s remarkable cutting performance was one of the first things that stood out to us throughout our testing. The saw proved its strength and effectiveness by cutting through thick branches or felling trees. Even the toughest wood was easily sliced with the help of its powerful motor and the 36V power supply thanks to their combination.

The Makita chain saw shines in terms of handling. User comfort and control are prioritised in the tool’s design and ergonomics. Operator fatigue is reduced during extended use thanks to the well-balanced structure and strategically positioned handles that enable smooth manoeuvrability. This is particularly crucial for arborists and landscapers who frequently use chainsaws.

Power tool safety is always of the utmost importance, and the Makita chain saw does not fall short in this regard. The risk of injury is reduced by the automatic chain brake system that activates in the event of kickback. Additionally, the integrated kickback prevention aids in maintaining stability and control when using the saw, adding to your sense of security.

The runtime of the Makita cordless chain saw is another outstanding feature. The saw has a longer operational time due to the dual battery technology, enabling continuous cutting without the need for frequent battery changes. For professionals whose jobs need continual performance, this is a huge benefit.

The cordless chain saw lives up to Makita’s reputation for commitment to toughness and longevity. The tool can resist the rigours of tough outdoor applications because to the strong build. Makita’s well-known battery technology also guarantees dependable power supply and increased battery life, making it a trustworthy worker on the job site.

Although the XCU03PTX1 kit also includes a cordless grinder, the focus of this review is on the chain saw specifically. The availability of two tools in one set gives excellent value for consumers wishing to increase their collection of cordless tools, though we will discuss the grinder in a separate review.

In conclusion, both arborists and landscapers can benefit greatly from the Makita Cordless Chain Saw, model XCU03PT. It is a dependable and effective option for experts in the industry thanks to its boosted power, precision cutting, ergonomic design, and prolonged runtime. This chainsaw offers great performance and durability whether you’re trimming trees, felling timber, or taking on other difficult cutting activities.

The XCU03PT cordless chain saw is a tribute to Makita’s continuous commitment to innovation and quality as well as their drive to offering dependable tools for professionals. Invest in a Makita cordless chain saw to enjoy cordless power’s flexibility without sacrificing performance or dependability.


Makita Cordless Chain Saw Review – Features

Makita Cordless Chain Saw Review – Features
The brushless motor is the centre of the saw’s design. Because this sort of motor is more effective, you can accomplish more tasks on a single charge and the motor will last longer.
The 14″ guide bar is propelled at a configurable speed of 0 to 3,940 FPM by the brushless motor.
This chain saw has a front guard that also functions as a chain brake.
It’s simple and tool-free to make adjustments if the chain does come off the guide bar or if you need to tighten or loosen the chain.
You can easily reach the on/off push button with your thumb. To assist preserve battery life, the saw will automatically turn off if it is not used for a predetermined amount of time. It seems to switch off too quickly to me. I have to push the power button once more if I cut a piece of wood, bend down to move it, then try to use the saw again. It’s not a big deal, but it would be good to have a little more time.
A battery LED located towards the front of the saw will indicate how much power each battery has left.
A built-in view glass makes it simple to check the amount of the bar oil.

Makita Cordless Chain Saw Review – Performance

Makita Cordless Chain Saw Review – Performance

When it comes to chainsaws, it might be unrealistic to expect a battery-powered saw to be able to take down a sizable oak tree that is 100 years old. However, you won’t be able to fully appreciate and recognise the performance of the Makita Cordless Chain Saw until you are aware of the limitations of a battery saw and appreciate its intended use.

This chainsaw is strong, perfectly balanced, and wonderfully easy to use. It also offers a level of control that makes it fun to use. The addition of an electric brake improves its safety features and gives you peace of mind when cutting. This saw will easily suit your needs, whether you’re a professional arborist or just trimming branches in your customers’ yards.

The Makita Cordless Chain Saw cuts through wood at an astonishingly fast rate, which never ceases to astound users. This can be ascribed to the saw’s direct drive design, which maximises cutting performance and ensures effective power transfer. You’ll be astounded by the saw’s capacity to consume wood with ease with each cut, increasing the effectiveness and productivity of your work.

When it comes to cordless power tools, battery life is always a worry, and the Makita Cordless Chain Saw does not dissapoint. The design of the saw enables prolonged cutting sessions before the batteries need to be recharged. This increases your overall productivity because you may work uninterruptedly for a long period of time. The battery technology used by Makita also guarantees dependable and steady power output, providing continuous performance throughout your cutting operations.

It’s crucial to keep in mind that your gas-powered saw should still be used for heavy-duty applications if you want to use the Makita Cordless Chain Saw. However, this saw will perform superbly and far surpass your expectations when utilised as intended. It is an excellent tool for tree topping, branch trimming, and other light to moderate cutting activities because of its strength, balance, and ease of use.

Understanding its limitations and appreciating its advantages is crucial, just as with any other cordless power tool. For the tasks it is intended for, the Makita Cordless Chain Saw excels in its capacity to deliver dependable performance. You’ll find a world of ease and manoeuvrability by accepting its battery-powered nature that gas saws simply cannot provide.


Makita Cordless Chain Saw Review – Final Thoughts

Makita Cordless Chain Saw Review – Final Thoughts

Because it is properly balanced and constructed, operating the Makita cordless chain saw is much simpler than using a gas one. Although it doesn’t have a runtime that compares to gas, a battery-powered saw can run for an incredibly long time. The saw is strong, and you’ll be surprised by how much work such a quiet machine can accomplish. It’s difficult to beat with regards to upkeep.

Although I still don’t think it should be the primary saw in an arborist’s toolkit, I believe landscapers will benefit from this saw for their tree work as a secondary source of revenue. This saw can come in handy for someone who is mowing and doing simple tree work.

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