Husqvarna’s Two New Xcite Zero-Turn Mowers

Husqvarna revealed two new mower models, the Z350 and Z380, as well as its new line of XciteTM Zero-Turn Mowers in late 2022. Husqvarna did not forgo any power in the design of this line of mowers to make each ride as comfortable as it is powerful. Each Xcite Zero-Turn Mower comes equipped with Best-in-Class suspension, individualised comfort settings, high-quality, long-lasting mower blades, and enhanced driving features, among other things.

We chose to investigate the Xcite Zero-Turn Mowers because spring had arrived and the time for lawn mowing was approaching.

To learn more about them, continue reading or check out our video from our visit to the Husqvarna US corporate office.


Key Features of New Xcite Zero-Turn Mowers

Key Features of New Xcite Zero-Turn Mowers

High-end Kohler 7000 Series Engines: Any mower must have power, and the Xcite series doesn’t fall short. These mowers feature high-end Kohler 7000 Series engines, which provide exceptional longevity and high performance. You can rely on these engines to provide the required power to easily handle even the most difficult mowing chores, ensuring a spotless lawn every time.

  1. SmoothRide™ Comfort Technology: Husqvarna introduces its revolutionary SmoothRide™ comfort technology, designed to enhance the operator’s experience. With 10 different ride options, including vertical-movement suspension and adjustable shocks, users can enjoy the smoothest ride possible. Say goodbye to the jarring bumps and vibrations commonly associated with mowing and embrace a new level of comfort.
  2. On-Stick Controls: Husqvarna takes convenience to the next level with their innovative on-stick controls. These controls eliminate the need for operators to look down while operating the mower, providing a seamless and uninterrupted mowing experience. With the ability to turn the engine on and off using just your fingertips, you can stay focused on the task at hand and maintain optimal control throughout the entire mowing process.
  3. Premium Kohler 7000 Series Engines: Power is a crucial aspect of any mower, and the Xcite series doesn’t disappoint. Equipped with premium Kohler 7000 Series engines, these mowers offer outstanding longevity and high performance. You can trust that these engines will deliver the necessary power to tackle even the toughest mowing tasks with ease, ensuring a pristine lawn every time.
  4. DuraSharp™ Coated Bi-Metal Mower Blades: Husqvarna takes durability and cutting performance to new heights with their DuraSharp™ coated bi-metal mower blades. These blades are engineered to provide excellent cut performance while withstanding the rigors of regular mowing. With proper maintenance, these blades can last up to five years, saving you time and money on frequent blade replacements.

The Husqvarna Xcite zero-turn mowers offer a number of cutting-edge innovations that improve your mowing experience in addition to being a strong and effective machine. The on-stick controls provide unrivalled simplicity and ease of use, while the SmoothRideTM comfort technology offers a smooth ride. With durable DuraSharpTM coated bi-metal mower blades and dependable Kohler 7000 Series engines, you can rely on these mowers to produce excellent results for many years to come.

The new Husqvarna Xcite zero-turn mowers will up your mowing game. Take use of their unique, cutting-edge features to elevate your lawn-maintenance routine to a new level of comfort, control, and performance.

Additional Features

On both the XciteTM Z350 and Z380 Zero-Turn Mowers, a few additional features.

constructed cutting deck with a 54-inch length and 12 possibilities for cut heights, from 1.5 to 4.5 inches.
Removal of the footplate allows for simple, tool-free access to the cutting deck
With a fuel gauge, levels, and service reminders, an LCD digital dashboard
LED headlamps
Rack for extras included


Xcite Z350 vs Z380 Zero-Turn Mowers

Xcite Z350 vs Z380 Zero-Turn Mowers

There are many similarities between Husqvarna XciteTM Mowers. The figure below, however, highlights a few significant variations between the Z350 and Z380 variants. Additionally, this article compares and contrasts the normal Kohler 7000 Series with Kohler 7000 Series PRO.


Final Thoughts on Xcite Zero-Turn Mowers

Final Thoughts on Xcite Zero-Turn Mowers

No matter whatever model you choose, the Husqvarna Xcite Zero-Turn mowers are opulent. The two variants are priced between $5,499 and $6,999, which clearly reflects this. But if maintaining a large yard occupies a significant portion of your day, you might find great value in a comfortable mowing experience coupled with superior power and accuracy.

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