Husky Tool Storage Heavy Duty 84 in. W Matte Blue Mobile Workbench Cabinet

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For garage tinkerers, home DIY warriors, and professional mechanics alike, having ample and organized tool storage is a must. The Husky 84 in. Heavy Duty Mobile Workbench aims to satisfy that need for serious tool users who require robust storage capacity along with a spacious and sturdy work surface. With a higher price tag hovering around $1588 at Husky Tool Box, this workbench represents a premium investment for your garage, shop or workspace.

In this comprehensive review, we’ll examine how the Husky heavy duty workbench delivers on storage, durability, workspace utility and mobility to justify the higher cost for shop owners with extensive tool collections and frequent use needs. Key factors like materials, weight capacity, drawer design, workspace size, power integration and more are covered. Read on for the full workbench review or jump ahead to key sections:

  • Product Overview and Specs
  • Storage Capacity
  • Materials and Durability
  • Drawer Design
  • Work Surface Utility
  • Mobility and Maneuverability
  • Pricing Considerations
  • Pros and Cons
  • Final Verdict

Product Overview and Specs

The Husky heavy duty mobile workbench provides extensive storage space with 22 drawers built into a thick, solid wood worktop – creating the ultimate garage Swiss Army knife.

Key specs and features:

  • 84 inch width spans nearly 7 feet
  • 24 inch depth provides substantial drawer space
  • Solid wood worktop for durability
  • 22 drawers for organized storage
  • Drawer liners keep tools in place
  • integrated power strip with USB charging
  • Sturdy tubular steel frame construction
  • Large 6 inch casters for easy mobility
  • Max weight capacity of 3,800 lbs
  • 5 year limited warranty

With nearly 37 cubic feet of storage capacity across a range of drawer sizes and a solid wood worktop rated up to 3,800 lbs, this workbench is built to handle the storage needs and job site demands of serious DIYers or professional tradespeople. Integrated power strips allow for charging tools directly from the workbench.

The extended 24 inch depth offers substantially more storage capacity than typical 18-21 inch deep models. This added depth allows you to make full use of the expansive 84 inch width. With its hulking dimensions, the Husky workbench makes an imposing statement in your shop. Let’s examine how it excels across the key factors you should evaluate in a premium storage workbench.

Storage Capacity

Storage is the primary function of a large rolling workbench, and this Husky model delivers in spades. The Husky workbench houses a total of 22 drawers to accommodate tools large and small. The upper section contains 14 shallow drawers well-suited for small parts, fasteners, and supplies. The lower section has 4 deep full-width drawers for bulky power tools, hand tools, and other gear you need quick access to. Finally, 4 half-width drawers provide mid-depth storage.

With its cavernous 36,608 cubic inch storage capacity, you’ll be hard pressed to fill this workbench completely. The deep 24 inch depth means you can make full use of the ample drawer space without items getting lost in the rear of shallow drawers. Husky designed this workbench for professional-grade storage needs, and it shows in the massive storage potential.

Materials and Durability

Built from thick, industrial 19 gauge steel, the Husky workbench provides a sturdy framework for heavy tools and tasks. The work surface consists of hardy solid wood designed to withstand regular use and abuse.

The high quality steel construction allows this workbench to support a maximum load capacity of 3,800 lbs – plenty of strength for heavy tools. A powder coated finish protects the steel from nicks and scratches that can occur in the garage or job site environment.

The solid wood worktop provides a durable yet forgiving surface for vigorous tasks like sawing materials, hammering nails, or assembling projects. It provides just enough give to absorb impacts without flexing too much under heavy loads. Combined with the thick steel frame, this workbench provides a stable, non-flexing workspace built to endure.

Drawer Design

Efficient drawer design enhances the storage capacity and utility of this rolling workbench. The Husky workbench incorporates large, full extension drawers on smooth, 120 lb rated ball bearing slides.

Full extension means you can pull the generously sized drawers completely out for full access rather than limited slide-out access. This complete accessibility allows you to take full advantage of the deep 24” drawers without struggling to reach the back corners. The smooth action of the heavy duty slides means drawers open and close with minimal effort.

In addition to full extension, the drawers feature soft-close mechanisms. A slight push is all it takes for drawers to close completely on their own – no more swinging drawers shut with a loud slam. Soft-close gives a refined feel not always expected from shop gear.

Finally, the Husky workbench thoughtfully includes drawer liners for all drawers. The textured material helps tools stay in place rather than sliding around when you open or close the drawers. The liners also provide a layer of protection between metal tools and the painted drawer surface.

Overall, the drawer design choices make accessing and putting away tools in this massive workbench a smooth and refined experience.

Work Surface Utility

In addition to expansive storage, the Husky 84 in. workbench provides a large, durable work area for handling projects. The 84 x 24 inch solid wood worktop gives you ample room to spread out projects, tools and materials while working.

The work surface depth matches the 24” depth of the lower drawers, maximizing the use of space. You can work across the entire surface without awkwardly reaching across a too-deep worktop. Combined with the sturdy weight capacity up to 3,800 lbs, you can confidently saw lumber, hammer, assemble projects and perform other demanding tasks from this workbench.

Integrated into the worktop are two power strips with 6 outlets and 2 USB charging ports. This allows you to power or charge tools directly from the workbench surface without hunting for open wall outlets. The integrated power strips enhance the utility and convenience of the expansive work area.

Mobility and Maneuverability

Despite its formidable size and weight capacity, the Husky 84 in. workbench provides mobility around your workspace thanks to large, heavy duty casters. Six 6 in. industrial casters allow you to roll the loaded workbench around your shop floor with ease.

Locking mechanisms on the front casters hold the workbench firmly in place while in use. The rear swivel casters make it easy to pivot the workbench into different positions. A tubular steel side handle gives you solid leverage when maneuvering the weighty loaded workbench.

The casters smoothly roll over floor imperfections or small debris that could potentially stop smaller casters dead in their tracks. Relocating this fully loaded heavy duty workbench is surprisingly straightforward thanks to the high quality casters.

Pricing Considerations

With an MSRP around $1588 at Husky Tool Box, the Husky 84 in. heavy duty workbench represents a premium investment. More affordable storage workbenches typically fall in the $250 to $800 range. So what justifies the lofty price tag?

First, the expanded storage capacity reaches professional-grade levels capable of handling even the most extensive tool collections. The premium materials and construction ensure this workbench withstands years of regular use and provides a rigid, stable work area for demanding tasks.

Next, the integrated power strips provide conveniences not found on lesser models. Finally, this workbench should provide a lifetime of durable use – distributing the cost over many years to come.

For home DIYers or hobbyist woodworkers doing occasional light-duty work, this workbench is likely overkill. But for professional contractors or passionate hobbyists with ample tools and frequent use in mind, the Husky workbench provides long-term value worthy of the price.

Pros and Cons


  • Massive 36,608 cubic inch total storage capacity
  • Durable 19 gauge steel frame construction
  • Huge 24” deep drawers maximize storage
  • Integrated power strips and USB charging
  • Smooth, soft-close full extension drawers
  • Gargantuan 84” x 24” solid wood worktop
  • High 3,800 lb weight capacity
  • Industrial casters for easy mobility when fully loaded


  • Expensive pricing around $1588
  • Intimidatingly large for smaller home shops
  • Heavy storage capacity overkill for light DIY use
  • Assembly required upon delivery


Final Verdict

The Husky 84 in. Heavy Duty Mobile Workbench lives up to its billing with incredible storage capacity, integrated power, a substantial work surface and robust construction. For professionals and dedicated hobbyists with ample tool collections and frequent shop use anticipated, the workbench is a worthy investment that should provide many years of reliable service.

Homeowners or casual DIYers may find the storage and work surface overkill, and would be better served with a smaller yet still versatile workbench in the $250-$800 range. Ultimately the Husky workbench makes the most sense for serious users who will make frequent use of the mammoth storage capacity while appreciating the integrated power strips and connectivity.

If your tool collection has simply outgrown your current workbench, or you run a professional shop in need of an epicenter for handling tasks and projects, the Husky Heavy Duty Workbench deserves your consideration. Just be prepared to allocate a sizable footprint for this storage beast!

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