Let’s face it: You have a lot of options to select from when it comes to work gloves. You have a choice between pricey leather gloves or cheap disposable gloves. Some gloves protect more than just your fingers, while others protect your entire hand. Therefore, when we discovered the Husky gloves, we decided to do a Husky Impact Glove Review and let you know the results.

Before we continue, you must comprehend who these gloves are manufactured for and the uses for which they are intended. Gloves like this Husky glove aren’t made for labor-intensive tasks. Although these gloves are advertised as being “heavy duty,” they are not. Good luck if you plan to use this for concrete, roofing, or other demanding tasks. Before they develop holes, you can use them for roughly two hours of labor.

Gloves like the Husky gloves are made for light-duty tasks like carrying wood, yard labor, and other similar outdoor activities. You’ll understand when I talk about the price, dexterity, and durability after you know what these gloves are intended for.


Husky Impact Glove Review – Durability

Husky Impact Glove Review – Durability

As long as they are used for modest tasks, Husky Impact Gloves provide solid dependability in terms of durability. Our experience was not consistent with the few consumers who have complained about the plastic falling off in their ratings on The Home Depot. It is unclear if these incidents were the consequence of a design problem or incorrect use for actions that were outside the scope of the gloves’ authorized use.

The Husky Impact Gloves ought to last for projects like carrying wood or other light-duty work. They offer sufficient protection and durability because they are made to endure the demands of these kinds of activities. The $9 price tag makes them a great investment even if you only use them for a complete month. This inexpensive price is appropriate given how important hand protection is.

It’s important to match the intended use of the gloves with the type of the duties at hand. While the Husky Impact Gloves are acceptable for mild work, putting them through too much wear and tear could compromise their performance and durability. It’s always a good idea to consider the kind of task you’ll be doing and choose the right gloves accordingly.


Husky Impact Glove Review – Dexterity

Husky Impact Glove Review – Dexterity

The Husky Impact Gloves manage to strike a good mix between protection and dexterity, which may be challenging to find in gloves. These gloves guarantee that users maintain full control and dexterity while offering top-notch hand security.

The rubber pads on the hands’ backs give the Husky Impact Gloves their distinctive appearance. These pads efficiently protect the back of your hand from potential strikes and wounds. These safety features demonstrate the gloves’ commitment to defending your hands in risky work environments.

Additionally, the front of the gloves is covered in plastic. Despite the additional layer of security, users still have full hand control and agility. Wearing the gloves while picking up little objects and easily manipulating larger ones is made possible by the design. This degree of dexterity is crucial for tasks that require precision and grace.

Husky Impact Gloves successfully combine the rubber padding on the back and the plastic coating on the front to provide all-around hand protection without sacrificing dexterity. Users are able to handle a range of objects and do tasks with ease knowing that their hands are shielded from any risks.

The gloves are extremely dexterous, but their main purpose is impact protection, so they might not be as dexterous as gloves designed specifically for tasks requiring fine manipulation. This is important to keep in mind. The Husky Impact Gloves, however, prove to be a solid choice for tasks that call for a balance between protection and control.


Husky Impact Glove Review – Price

Husky Impact Glove Review – Price

Reviews of Husky Impact GlovesThe glove costs about $9 at retail. A good purchase to keep your hands safe would be that. I wouldn’t recommend using these gloves if you plan to do a lot of hard lifting. These gloves are excellent to own for any light task because they are not only comfy, but they also let your hands breathe.


Husky Impact Glove Review – Final Thoughts

Husky Impact Glove Review – Final Thoughts

These gloves are excellent all around. They are difficult to beat for the price. Similar gloves are available from Home Depot, however they lack the back of the hand protection. These gloves are excellent for transporting drywall or other materials around a jobsite. These are fantastic gloves to own for the homeowner working outside or doing other light work. Your work won’t be hindered by the material’s dexterity and breathability.

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