Power tool manufacturer Husky has a history dating back to 1924. They are undoubtedly familiar to you if you have ever entered a Home Depot. The Home Depot house brand for hand tools and pneumatic tools is their most well-known product. Husky has made it a point in recent years to upgrade their popular range to one of superior quality. They have improved their product options in addition to raising their quality. Find out if this set is right for you by reading our review of the Husky 92-piece socket set.


Husky 92pc Socket Set Review Overview

Husky 92pc Socket Set Review Overview

The 92-piece socket set from Husky is the best option for do-it-yourselfers or homeowners looking for a diverse set of tools. It can also be a practical choice for people looking for a small tool set to keep in a dorm room, offering a solid substitute when a Gerber multi-tool just isn’t enough.

While it may be nice to have a full set of 1/4″-1/2″ drive deep and shallow sockets filling a sizable drawer in a roomy rolling chest, such a system is difficult to carry. The Husky 92-piece socket set excels in this area since it was made with mobility in mind. Such sets are ideal for bringing to job sites or places where a wide variety of sockets is not required. In fact, all of our fire trucks have setups like this, demonstrating their applicability and value in commercial situations.

This socket set is extremely portable without sacrificing functionality thanks to how little it is. It provides a wide range of socket sizes, guaranteeing that the majority of popular fastener types can be properly addressed. This kit includes all the necessary tools to complete the task, whether you need to tighten or loosen bolts, nuts, or screws.

The Husky 92pc socket set is renowned for its robustness and dependable performance in addition to its portability. Because the sockets are precisely made, there is less chance of slipping or rounding off and they fit fasteners securely. Your duties can be accomplished effectively and efficiently thanks to this degree of precision.

Additionally, the set’s small size does not degrade its quality or robustness. Tools made by Husky are renowned for balancing cost and dependability. The socket set is a useful addition to any toolbox or on-the-go kit because it is made to resist frequent use and provide consistent results.

In conclusion, those in need of a flexible tool set have a practical and transportable option in the Husky 92-piece socket set. It is perfect for job sites, travel, or other situations when a comprehensive socket collection is not necessary due to its compact design, which also makes it simple to transport and store. This set offers a dependable and effective tooling solution for light DIYers, homeowners, and professionals alike thanks to its precisely carved sockets and sturdy structure.

Please be aware that although this socket set offers a variety of sizes and capabilities, it might not be adequate for highly specialized activities or professional applications needing a wide range of sockets. In these circumstances, it is advisable to take into account more complete socket sets made to meet certain requirements. However, the Husky 92-piece socket set is a great place to start for anyone looking for a durable, transportable, and reasonably priced tool set for regular usage.


Husky 92pc Socket Set Review Features

Husky 92pc Socket Set Review Features
There are 1/4″ and 3/8″ drive sockets in the set. The sizes vary from 4mm to 19mm in Metric and 5/32′′ to 13/16′′ in SAE. There are ten 1/4″ drive deep well sockets. Additionally, there are two sets of allen/hex keys in the sizes 1/16′′-7/32′′ and 1.5mm-6mm. The set only includes one extension, a 3/8″ drive extension that is 3″ long.
The hex handle is ergonomically designed and pleasant.
The hex bit handle uses a magnet to keep the bits in place.
There are nut driver bits that fit into the given bit handle in addition to the socket set.
There is a modest selection of screwdriver bits included.
Just above the 3/8″ ratchet are eight 12-point shallow 1/4″ drive sockets. Six point sockets in all of these sizes are also included, and these are all duplicates.
The sealed tear-drop rapid release ratchets are available in 1/4″ and 3/8″ sizes. Both of them include cozy grips and simple-to-operate locks for changing direction. The button for the rapid release is big and simple to press. Additionally, the ratchets include a tiny tooth gear that makes it much simpler to turn fasteners in confined locations.
For convenient identification, each socket has been laser engraved.
For the friction ball on the ratchet or extension to firmly hold them in place, the sockets also include indentations.
A lovely plastic molded case with plastic latches protects the entire set when it is delivered. Even with gloves on, the handle is big and comfortable to hold.

The latches are simple to operate, even while wearing gloves. It is simple to tell when they are fastened or opened due to their firm and tactile feel.

Husky 92pc Socket Set Review Performance

Husky 92pc Socket Set Review Performance

This package is excellent for the home, workplace, car, or garage and works incredibly well. It contains sufficient capabilities to launch larger projects as well as most minor ones. The parts are organized so that they are simple to view. The tools’ locations and labels help to make retrieving and replacing them very quick.

I compared the 19mm socket’s fit on a 19mm bolt to one from a more expensive tool truck. The Husky socket fit was quite satisfactory and in no way in danger of rounding off the fastener, despite the tiny differences in fits.

I simply have two improvements to recommend. A 1/4′′ extension and at least one spark plug socket would have been nice to have. Both of those elements would really make this kit stand out in that category since it is marketed as a mechanic’s set. An extension and/or a spark plug socket are frequently needed for even the simplest maintenance tasks. However, larger sets include these.

They do not hold everything well when the case is truly flung around, as is the case with all cases of this kind. However, this case arrangement performed far better than I had anticipated. A single set of allen keys moved little, and just a couple of the sockets actually dropped out of their perspective holes. This came after the case had been shaken and thrown around a lot. All along, the locks were secure.


Husky 92pc Socket Set Review Value

Husky 92pc Socket Set Review Value

After receiving this set, I went to Home Depot to see what it was now selling for. It’s virtually impossible to find a toolbox like this for less than $39.97.

I contrasted the cost of this package with those from a bargain retailer and a direct rival. For the same price, the set at the discount tool store came with one-third fewer pieces. Although it cost more than 75% more, the direct competitor’s set was nearly identical to this Husky set.

Even at $49.97, this was a terrific value. You might as well get a couple at the new, reduced price and store them wherever you are, in the office, the vehicle, etc.


Husky 92pc Socket Set Review Final Thought

Husky 92pc Socket Set Review Final Thought

Common socket sizes, premium components, an exceptional price, a lifetime warranty, and all of this in a robust case. What else do you require? This collection is a definite winner and belongs in every family.

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