Husky 52 in. W x 25 in. D Standard Duty 9-Drawer Mobile Workbench Tool Chest with Solid Wood Top in Gloss Black

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With its functional workspace and immense storage capacity, the Husky 52 in. 9 Drawer 24.5 in. D Mobile Workbench is the ideal combination for your tool storage needs. This sturdy and versatile mobile work center provides ample space to tackle projects while keeping your tools neatly organized and secure.


The Husky 52 in. Mobile Workbench features a durable 21-gauge steel construction with a weight capacity of up to 1,500 lbs. The spacious top measures 52 in. wide by 25 in. deep, providing ample workspace for various tasks. The 1 in. thick solid wood top is coated to protect against wear and tear. With 9 drawers plus open storage underneath, this mobile workbench offers a total storage capacity of 23,362 cu. in.

Five 5 in. swivel casters provide smooth mobility even when the workbench is fully loaded. Two of these casters lock for stability when stationary. A steel tubular side handle allows you to easily maneuver the unit. The drawers feature soft-close slides rated for 100 lbs each, enabling smooth operation when opening and closing even the heaviest drawers. The long top drawer and two deep bottom drawers have double slides for extra durability.

Storage Capacity

With its 9 drawers and open storage area, the Husky 52 in. Mobile Workbench provides an impressive 23,362 cu. in. of storage space. Here is a breakdown of the storage capacity by section:

  • Top drawer – 1,008 cu. in.
  • Second drawer – 672 cu. in.
  • Third drawer – 672 cu. in.
  • Fourth drawer – 672 cu. in.
  • Fifth drawer – 672 cu. in.
  • Sixth drawer – 672 cu. in.
  • Seventh drawer – 672 cu. in.
  • Eighth drawer – 672 cu. in.
  • Bottom left drawer – 1,344 cu. in.
  • Bottom right drawer – 1,344 cu. in.
  • Open storage underneath – 14,112 cu. in.

The top drawer is extra long, designed for storing frequently used tools and supplies that you want to keep close at hand. The bottom two extra deep drawers are ideal for bulky items. And the open storage area underneath is perfect for larger equipment, storage bins, or other items. With this combination of drawers and open space, you can organize tools, parts, and materials exactly how you like.

Drawer Design

All nine drawers feature ball bearing slides rated for 100 lb capacity each. The smooth sliding mechanisms allow the drawers to glide easily when opening and closing. This makes it effortless to access your items, even when the drawers are loaded to full capacity. The two bottom drawers and top long drawer have double slides for enhanced durability when storing heavier items.

Adding to the premium feel of the drawers, the Husky 52 in. Workbench includes soft-close technology. The drawers close gently and quietly, rather than slamming shut. This protects against slamming injuries to fingers or jarring of tools. Soft-close is especially valuable for the wide top drawer, which you’ll likely open and close frequently when working on the tabletop.


Built from thick 21-gauge steel, this Husky workbench provides incredible durability and support. The sturdy steel construction enables the unit to handle up to 1,500 lbs in total weight. The smooth-operating drawers have a 100 lb weight rating per drawer. So even if you fill each drawer fully, the robust build quality withstands the load.

The workbench tabletop is equally rugged. Constructed from 1 in. thick solid wood, it resists warping, scratches, and stains. A protective coating seals the wood surface from minor abrasions or moisture damage. The quality plywood build stands up to heavy use. You can place power tools, workpieces, and hardware directly on the surface without worry.


Moving the Husky 52 in. Workbench is easy thanks to its 5 in. swivel casters. The large heavy-duty casters smoothly roll over garage floors or workshop surfaces, even when the unit is completely filled. To keep the workbench locked in position for active use, simply step on the foot brake levers on two of the wheels. The other two casters swivel freely, making it easy to pivot the workbench around tight spaces if needed.

The built-in tubular steel side handle provides a convenient grip point when pushing or pulling the unit. Just grasp the handle and you can maneuver the workbench exactly where you need it. The handle has a comfortable diameter and smooth finish to make steering effortless.

With its supreme mobility and ample storage capacity, this Husky workbench allows you to bring your tools, supplies, and workspace right to the project location. Easily roll it outside when tackling automotive or landscaping jobs. Move it across the garage to access different work zones. Or transport it between rooms or floors of your home for indoor projects. Wherever the work takes you, this mobile workbench delivers.


Assembling the Husky 52 in. 9 Drawer Mobile Workbench takes some time and effort but can be managed by one person working alone. All required hardware and tools are included apart from a hammer and screwdriver. The instructions provide clear diagrams and directions.

Plan to allot 90 to 120 minutes for assembly. Having an extra person to assist with lifting the workbench carcass and holding pieces in place while attaching makes the process faster and easier. The main steps include:

  • Attaching the casters
  • Mounting the side handle
  • Securing the drawer slides
  • Attaching the drawer fronts
  • Inserting the drawers
  • Mounting the solid wood work surface
  • Securing the side storage shelf

The result is a rock-solid workbench optimized for functionality, storage, and mobility. Just be sure to follow each step carefully and double-check your work. Once assembled properly, this high-capacity work center will provide years of reliable service.


This Husky 52 in. wide 9 drawer mobile workbench is priced at $698 at Husky Tool Box. Considering its rugged steel construction, spacious solid wood work surface, huge storage capacity, premium drawer slides and casters, and versatile mobility, this workbench provides excellent value.

The price is very competitive compared to similar mobile workbenches of this size and durability. While you can find cheaper options on the market, the quality here is superior. The Husky workbench is designed to withstand daily use and last for years. If you’re looking for maximum storage with single-tool accessibility, smooth operation, and heavy-duty build quality, this reasonably priced unit is an excellent choice.

What Customers Are Saying

With a 4.8 out of 5 star average rating from over 275 customer reviews, the Husky 52 in. Mobile Workbench earns outstanding feedback for its value, storage capacity, durability, and smooth operation. Reviewers consistently state this workbench exceeds their expectations and works extremely well for organizing a garage, workshop, or shed.

Positive reviews mention that the workbench provides sturdy construction, rolls easily, and provides perfect accessibility with ample room to store all their tools. They love the soft-close drawers and say this model makes their workspace far more efficient. Many reviewers mention they wish they had purchased this high-quality Husky workbench sooner.

Negative reviews are few and mention minor issues only. A couple reviewers had damaged hardware or scratched panels in the initial packaging. Some note that assembly is time consuming. A few remarked that the top work surface sags slightly under heavy loads. However, the overwhelming consensus is that this is an excellent heavy-duty workbench for the money.

Where to Buy

The Husky 52 in. 9 Drawer Mobile Workbench is sold exclusively through Husky Tool Box , both in stores and online. This workbench typically costs $698 with free delivery or free in-store pickup.

Husky Tool Box frequently offers sales on Husky products, so watch for deals around major holidays. They provide a 1-year warranty covering defects and missing parts. If purchased with a Husky Tool Box credit card, you can also take advantage of 24 months special financing.


With its large storage capacity, durable construction, smooth-gliding drawers, and ultimate mobility, the Husky 52 in. 9 Drawer 24.5 in. D Mobile Workbench is one of the finest garage workbenches on the market. This versatile storage workhorse allows you to neatly organize all your tools while providing a spacious, sturdy work surface. If you need maximum storage and accessibility for keeping your garage or workshop running efficiently, this Husky mobile workbench is an outstanding choice that delivers tremendous value.

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