Husky 42 in. W x 18.1 in. D 8-Drawer Red Mobile Workbench Cabinet with Solid Wood Top Reviews

The Husky 42 in. W x 18.1 in. D 8-Drawer Red Mobile Workbench Cabinet with Solid Wood Top is an ideal solution for home workshops or garages where extra storage and workspace is needed. This sturdy and versatile workbench provides ample storage with its 8 drawers, as well as a large 760 square inch wood work surface for completing projects.

With a total storage capacity of 12,201 cubic inches spread across the 8 drawers of varying sizes, there is plenty of room to organize tools, hardware, and other supplies. The full extension ball bearing slides on the drawers allow them to open completely for full access to the contents. A built-in soft close mechanism ensures the drawers shut gently instead of slamming.

Mobility is another key feature of this workbench, with 5 inch casters that allow it to be moved around the workspace with ease. Two of the casters are stationary while two swivel and have toe locks for stability when needed. The tubular side handle provides an ergonomic grip when moving the unit.

This review will take an in-depth look at the Husky 42 in. Mobile Workbench’s design, features, specifications, performance, and overall value. Read on for the full product breakdown.


Product Overview

Product Overview

The Husky 42 in. Mobile Workbench has an all-welded steel construction with a durable red powder coated finish that resists rust and corrosion. The work surface is made of solid wood, providing a stable and sturdy work area for completing projects.

With a total weight of 159.3 pounds, this workbench has considerable heft and stability. The heavy duty casters are load rated for up to 1,500 pounds, well beyond the weight of the workbench and anything you’ll put on top of it.

Some assembly is required out of the box, mainly attaching the casters and side handle. But this is a relatively quick and simple process with included hardware and instructions. The end result is a reliable and rugged workbench designed for garage, workshop, or industrial use.



  • Product Dimensions: 42″ W x 18.1″ D x 37.1″ H
  • Casters: 5″ x 2″ heavy duty casters with 1,500 lb weight capacity
  • Drawers: 8 total drawers with ball bearing slides (load rated to 100 lbs)
  • Drawer Sizes:
    • Top drawer: 37.7” W x 15.5” D x 3.9” H
    • 3 left small drawers: 22.4” W x 15.5” D x 3.9” H
    • Left large drawer: 22.4” W x 15.5” D x 6.3” H
    • 2 right small drawers: 12.7” W x 15.5” D x 5.1” H
    • Right large drawer: 12.7” W x 15.5” D x 8.3” H
  • Work Surface: 42″ W x 18.1″ D solid wood top (760 sq. in. surface area)
  • Frame: All welded steel construction with 21 gauge steel
  • Finish: Red powder coated paint
  • Storage Capacity: 12,201 total cubic inch storage volume
  • Locking: Internal keyed lock system with 2 included keys
  • Power: Integrated power strip with 6 outlets and 2 USB charging ports
  • Accessories: Drawer liners, side handle, casters

With its heavy duty construction and ample storage, the Husky 42″ Mobile Workbench is ideal for organizing tools and materials for nearly any project.


Setup and Assembly

Setup and Assembly

Thankfully, very little assembly is required with the Husky 42” Mobile Workbench. The unit comes with the solid wood work surface, frame, drawers, and integrated power strip already put together.

You simply need to attach the 5” casters, two of which come with toe locks for braking. The casters insert into the provided holes at the bottom of the steel frame legs and fasten with included hardware. A side handle also needs installed, which conveniently has holes on either side of the workbench so it can be positioned for left or right hand operation.

With just the casters and handle to attach, assembly took under 30 minutes. No special tools are needed beyond a wrench or socket set for the nuts and bolts. Husky provides clear instructions with pictures showing each assembly step. All required fasteners and parts are included.

The drawer slides, wood top, and steel frame all came pre-assembled and the unit was very square and stable right out of the box. Everything lined up properly during assembly without any adjustability issues. Husky’s quality control resulted in a workbench that went together seamlessly in a short time.


Drawer Design

Drawer Design

One of the most important aspects of any storage workbench are the drawers. On the Husky 42” Mobile Workbench, you get 8 ball bearing drawers in a variety of sizes to handle anything from small fasteners to large power tools.

The ball bearing slides are robust, with a 100 pound weight capacity per drawer. They provide smooth operation that allows the drawers to open fully, giving complete access to the contents. Soft close mechanisms engage when each drawer is closed, preventing them from violently slamming shut.

The drawer configuration consists of:

  • 1 large 37.7” wide x 15.5” deep x 3.9” high drawer along the entire top section
  • 3 small 22.4” wide x 15.5” deep x 3.9” high drawers on the left middle section
  • 1 large 22.4” wide x 15.5” deep x 6.3” high drawer on the bottom left section
  • 2 small 12.7” wide x 15.5” deep x 5.1” high drawers on the right middle section
  • 1 large 12.7” wide x 15.5” deep x 8.3” high drawer on the right bottom section

This excellent mix of drawer sizes provides seamless organization for hand tools, power tools, bulkier items, small parts and supplies, and anything else you need to store. The sheer volume of storage space, with over 12,000 cubic inches spread across the 8 drawers, means you’ll never run out of room for all your equipment and materials.

The top small drawers are perfect for rulers, levels, screwdrivers and pliers, wrenches, and other often used tools that you want to keep within easy reach. The larger bottom drawers have ample room for circular saws, reciprocating saws, impact drivers, boxes of screws, jars of nails, and other bulkier workshop items.

Included with each drawer are pre-cut liner mats that help tools and supplies stay in place when opening or closing the drawers. This prevents items from sliding around unnecessarily.

Overall, the drawer design is one of the strongest features of this workbench, providing robust storage solutions for virtually anything you need to store in a home workshop or garage.


Work Surface

Work Surface

No good workbench would be complete without an ample, durable work surface for completing projects on. The Husky 42” Mobile Workbench includes a 760 square inch solid wood top that provides stability and work space for even large tasks.

The 42” width provides plenty of left-to-right room for cutting lumber, sanding long boards, assembling furniture, staining projects, and any other job that benefits from a wide work area. The 18.1” depth gives you front to back space as well, allowing you to work comfortably without running out of room.

A quality solid wood surface is essential for preventing dents and dings when hammering or doing assembly work. The Husky workbench delivers here, with a smooth and sturdy wood top that stands up to serious use. Keeping the surface clean and protected with an occasional reapplication of stain will maintain its appearance for years.

Having a stationary workbench surface on top complements the mobility from the heavy duty casters on the bottom. You get the best of both worlds – a stable and flat area for precision work that can also be easily moved around the shop whenever needed.


Storage Capacity

Storage Capacity

With 8 drawers that offer a total storage volume of 12,201 cubic inches, you’ll be hard pressed to fill up this workbench. From large power tools to small jars of screws and nails, there’s a spot for everything in one of the spacious drawers.

To put the 12,201 cubic inch total capacity in perspective, here’s an idea of what you can store:

  • 85 screwdrivers
  • 178 pairs of pliers
  • 9 circular saws
  • 34 cordless drill/driver combos
  • 113 cans of nails
  • 455 rolls of shop towels
  • 7 reciprocating saws
  • 251 pairs of gloves
  • 3292 AA batteries
  • 866 wrenches
  • 108 hammers

As you can see, the storage possibilities are practically endless. When organized using the included drawer liners, you’ll be able to find what you need in seconds while keeping everything neat and tidy. Between the top small and large bottom drawers, you can even store elongated items like levels, clamps, or rulers.

Maximizing the robust drawer storage means you can have frequently used tools within reach in the top drawers, while bulky items and backup supplies reside in the bottom large compartments. With some thoughtful organization, this workbench allows for a tremendously efficient workshop setup.


Mobility & Portability

Mobility & Portability

One of the top assets of the Husky 42” Mobile Workbench is the set of 5” heavy duty casters. These casters utilize industrial grade components, with a total weight capacity of 1,500 pounds. This allows them to handle the 159.3 pound workbench with no problems, even when fully loaded up with tools and materials inside.

Two of the casters can fully rotate 360 degrees for maneuverability. They come equipped with toe locks so the workbench can be braked into place and remain stable when doing delicate tasks on the work surface.

The other two casters are fixed directionally but still allow the unit to be rolled where you need it. Between the rotating casters and fixed direction casters, repositioning this sturdy workbench around the shop is quick and easy.

The included side handle provides an easy grip point to push and pull the workbench into place. Its tubular steel construction allows a positive grasp from multiple angles. Since this handle can be installed on the left or right side, operation is optimized whether you are right or left handed.

Having mobility means you can position the workbench right where you need it for any given task. Work close by your table saw temporarily to handle larger material support needs, then easily move the workbench away when done. The same goes for assembling projects, working on machinery, finishing woodworking tasks, or any other scenario where mobility helps increase workspace efficiency.

When garage space is limited, rolling the workbench around helps clear space whenever you need extra room to work on or store something. The heavy duty casters ensure smooth movement across concrete garage floors or workshop surfaces.

Thanks to the integrated design and quality components used throughout, the Husky Mobile Workbench provides excellent mobility and portability.


Durability & Construction

Durability & Construction

This Husky workbench is built from the ground up to handle heavy duty use in home garages and workshops. The all-welded steel frame utilizes thick 21 gauge steel for structural rigidity. All joints are precision welded for maximum strength at the vulnerable seams.

The powder coated red finish is tough as nails, rated for 1,000 hours of salt spray testing. This industrial level coating resists chips, scratches, and corrosion from oil, fluids, or humidity. Thanks to this durable finish, you can expect the vibrant red coloring to last for many years of use.

Other components continue the trend of rugged design. The solid wood work surface withstands dents and dings from daily wear and tear. The full extension ball bearing drawer slides are tested to 100 pound loads per drawer. The heavy duty casters exceed the entire weight of the workbench for reliable mobility under full loads.

Simply put, Husky used hardcore construction methods and materials selected specifically to endure constant shop use. The 42” workbench feels indestructible from front to back, capable of taking whatever you can throw at it.

With appropriate care and maintenance, like occasionally reapplying protectants to the wood top, this workbench will serve reliably for decades. The sturdy build quality ensures you’re making a long term investment in your shop instead of a short term one.


Integrated Power Strip

Integrated Power Strip

A valuable feature included on the Husky 42” Mobile Workbench is the built-in power strip located on the left side panel. This provides 6 standard three prong AC outlets as well as 2 USB ports for convenient charging of phones or batteries.

Having outlets integrated directly into the workbench frame means you always have power access right where you need it. The extra length of the power cord allows the whole unit to be moved around while still plugged in.

The power strip stores neatly concealed under a access panel when not in use, protecting the outlets from dust and debris when retracted. This keeps your power options tidy instead of cords dangling down when not needed.

With up to 6 power tools or shop appliances able to plug in at once, you can set up everything from saws, sanders, and grinders to work lights, chargers, soldering irons and more all while staying organized. No more having to hunt around for elusive extension cords or power strips before starting a task or project.

Overall the addition of this integrated power strip adds greatly to the utility and convenience of the workbench. Expect to take regular advantage of having readily available power handy at all times.


Locking & Security

Locking & Security

To keep your tools secure, the Husky 42″ Mobile Workbench comes equipped with a built in locking system. This allows either the top drawer or bottom cabinet doors to be locked with the included set of two keys.

The twin locking points are important since they secure both the deep bottom compartment and the shallow top drawer separately. Each can be locked or left unlocked depending on your needs at the moment.

For maximum security, both top and bottom locks can be utilized when away from the workspace for extended time. This prevents unwanted access and protects your investment in the workbench and tools.

Some users may choose to only lock the bottom section when working, allowing access to the frequently used tools in the top drawers. Then the entire unit can be locked down tight during extended absence.

No matter how you choose to utilize them, the dual locking points are a valuable feature for controlling access. Paired with the durable all-steel construction, your tools and equipment receive reliable protection from theft or unauthorized usage.

The ball bearing drawer slides have a 100 pound weight rating to prevent them from being forced open when locked. Overall, the combination of sturdy steel build and integrated locks provides peace of mind your workbench will be secure.


Price Value

Price Value

With an MSRP of $298.00, the Husky 42” 8-Drawer Mobile Workbench offers outstanding value for the quality, storage capacity, and features included.

The workbench has a list of specifications that rival or exceed competing alternatives often priced over $500. Between the rugged steel and wood construction, expansive drawer storage, and versatile mobility, this Husky workbench punches far above its price class.

Some of the standout aspects of value include:

  • All-welded high strength steel frame construction with thick 21 gauge steel
  • Durable and corrosion resistant red powder coated finish
  • Huge 12,201 cubic inches of storage capacity across 8 ball-bearing drawers
  • Large 760 square inch solid wood work surface for completing projects
  • Built-in power strip with 6 AC outlets and 2 USB ports
  • Twin locking points for maximum security of your equipment
  • Heavy duty casters rated to 1,500 pounds
  • Highly customizable drawer configurations well suited to any workshop storage needs

When you compare the Husky 42” workbench to other alternatives with similar specifications, it’s easy to see the high value offered. You simply won’t find this blend of quality materials, storage capacity, and versatile design at a comparable price point.

For home garage shops or industrial workspaces needing an affordable yet heavy duty project workbench, the Husky 42” Mobile Workbench is an exceptional option providing stellar value.


Where to Buy

Where to Buy

The Husky 42” 8-Drawer Mobile Workbench Cabinet is an exclusive product available at Home Depot stores nationwide or online at

This workbench typically maintains strong availability through Home Depot’s extensive supplier and distribution network. While inventory has been tighter industry-wide lately due to product shortages, Home Depot’s buying power usually makes stock outs less likely compared to other retailers.

One benefit of purchasing directly through Home Depot is their 90 day return policy. If you find the workbench is not the right fit for your workspace, bring it back for a refund within 90 days. Home Depot also offers arrange at home delivery service for larger items like workbenches.

Beyond the typical retail availability, Husky products like this workbench cabinet are sometimes offered for extra savings during holiday sales events or clearance promotions either online or in-store. Given Home Depot’s purchasing volume, periodic price reductions present opportunities for even more value.

When making such a sizeable investment into a long term workshop storage solution, the ability to easily purchase from and return to Home Depot helps minimize the risks. Combined with the product’s stellar blend of quality, storage capacity, and versatility, purchasing through Home Depot is a great option.


Pros & Cons

Pros & Cons


  • Rugged all-welded steel construction with corrosion resistant finish
  • Huge 12,201 cubic inch storage capacity across 8 drawers
  • Integrated power strip with 6 outlets and 2 USB ports
  • Large 760 square inch solid wood work surface
  • Excellent value and price point below $300
  • Heavy duty casters for mobility even when fully loaded
  • Full extension ball bearing drawer slides rated to 100 lbs each
  • Built in locking system with 2 keys for security
  • 5 year limited manufacturer’s warranty


  • Significant 159 pound empty weight requires heavy duty floor to support
  • Minimal assembly required for casters, handle, and drawer slides
  • Only available through Home Depot in-store and online



With its rugged steel construction, vast storage capacity, and versatile mobility, the Husky 42” 8-Drawer Mobile Workbench Cabinet delivers tremendous utility for home garage shops. This workbench provides a rock-solid anchor point for organization and projects that workshop users will rely on for years to come.

The excellent value is clear after inspecting the quality components used throughout this Husky workbench. From the durable powder coated finish to the smooth rolling casters, industrial grade hardware is integrated into every aspect. Topped off with the spacious solid wood work surface, this cabinet excels at serving all the critical needs of a modern workshop.

For your heavy duty workbench needs, the Husky 42” Mobile Workbench deserves strong consideration. The capacity to handle substantial storage, the flexibility of a mobile design, and the sheer durability provided make this product a standout choice. With competitive pricing below $300, it deserves a top spot on any workshop wish list.

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