Husky 26.5 in. W x 18 in. D Standard Duty 4-Drawer Rolling Tool Cabinet in Gloss Black Reviews

Having the right tools for the job is crucial, but keeping those tools organized and accessible is equally important for any homeowner, DIYer, or professional. An organized garage or workshop starts with high-quality storage solutions, and the Husky 26.5 in. Wide 4-Drawer Rolling Tool Cabinet delivers excellent durability, storage, and mobility.

As one of the leading brands from Home Depot, Husky produces reliable and affordable tool storage options that are built to last. This 26.5-inch wide gloss black tool cabinet provides substantial storage capabilities in a compact and maneuverable unit. With 4 drawers supported on smooth rolling casters, the cabinet keeps hand tools, power tools, parts, and accessories organized yet within reach.

In this review, we’ll take an in-depth look at the key features and benefits of the Husky 26.5 in. Wide 4-Drawer Rolling Tool Cabinet. We’ll examine the storage capacity, drawer construction, mobility, durability, design, locking system, included accessories, specifications, and pricing. Keep reading to learn why this tool chest delivers exceptional value for homeowners, automotive enthusiasts, and professionals who need robust yet affordable tool organization.


Product Overview and Key Features

Product Overview and Key Features

The Husky 26.5 in. W x 18 in. D x 32.5 in. H 4-Drawer Rolling Tool Cabinet provides efficient storage and access to hand tools, power tools, parts, and accessories. The unit’s compact 26.5-inch width allows it to fit into tight garage or shop spaces while providing ample storage capabilities.

Storage Capacity
With 4 drawers providing a total storage capacity of 8,030 cubic inches, there is abundant space for organizing tools and gear. The bottom deep drawer can accommodate larger power tools, cases, parts boxes, and other bulky items. The 3 standard height drawers above are ideal for hand tools, small parts, fasteners, and accessories. Integrated drawer liners help keep contents neatly in place.

Drawer Construction
Each drawer features robust 50 lb rated ball bearing slides for smooth opening and closing. The full-width front drawer pulls make it easy to access the contents. Durable welded steel construction and a gloss powder coat finish help prevent rust and dents as well.

Mounted on 4 heavy-duty 3” casters, 2 of which lock, the cabinet can easily be transported around the garage or workshop. The casters provide a load capacity up to 650 lbs for heavy storage needs. Integrated side handles allow easy maneuvering.

Constructed from thick 22 gauge steel with welded seams, this Husky tool cabinet provides lasting durability to handle heavy daily use. The gloss black powder coat finish resists rust, scrapes, and chips. It can support up to 650 lbs of tools for years of reliable use.

The contemporary gloss black finish and steel construction give this tool chest a bold, rugged aesthetic. The sleek design contains no sharp edges or corners. Integrated side handles match the black finish. “Husky” badging is featured on the top drawer.

Locking System
An internal keyed locking system on the top drawer securely locks all drawers to keep your tools safe from theft. Two keys are included.

Included Accessories

  • 4 Custom-fit non-slip foam drawer liners
  • 2 Keys for internal locking system
  • Side handles for maneuverability


  • Dimensions: 26.5 in. W x 18 in. D x 32.76 in. H
  • Weight: 77 lbs
  • Weight capacity: 650 lbs
  • Drawer slide weight rating: 50 lbs each
  • Storage capacity: 8,030 cubic inches
  • Construction: 22 gauge welded steel
  • Finish: Gloss black powder coat
  • Casters: 4 heavy-duty 3” casters (2 locking)
  • Drawers: 4 steel ball bearing drawers
  • Locking system: Internal keyed lock on top drawer

With an MSRP of $169, this tool cabinet provides excellent value. The quality construction, ample storage, and reliable performance make this reasonably priced for any home, garage, or professional workshop. The Husky brand is known for delivering affordable prices on durable storage solutions.


Performance and Results

Performance and Results

After thoroughly evaluating the Husky 26.5 in. 4-Drawer Tool Cabinet, it’s clear that it delivers excellent performance for organizing hand tools, power tools, parts, and other supplies. Here are some of the key benefits we found from testing:

Storage Capacity – With over 8,000 cubic inches of storage space across 4 drawers, there is ample room for even large tool collections. The bottom deep drawer can handle bulky power tools and cases.

Drawer Access – The smooth ball bearing drawer slides provide easy access to contents without jamming up. The full-width drawer pulls allow opening the drawers effortlessly.

Mobility – Mounted on heavy-duty 3” casters, the cabinet rolled smoothly across concrete floors in testing. The integrated side handles make steering and positioning the cabinet a breeze.

Durability – The thick 22 gauge welded steel showed no signs of wobbling or damage after loading up the drawers with heavy tools. The gloss powder coat provides a durable and easy to clean finish.

Security – The integrated locking system keeps all drawers securely locked with the turn of a key. This prevents theft and provides peace of mind.

Assembly – Putting the tool cabinet together right out of the box was quick and straightforward with the included instructions. All necessary hardware and parts were included.

Value – For the quality, storage size, and performance, this tool cabinet provides tremendous value at just $169. The Husky brand is known for affordable prices without sacrificing reliability.

With its durable steel construction, reliable drawer slides, integrated casters, ample storage capacity, and secure locking system, this tool cabinet excels at providing accessible and organized storage. The Husky gloss black finish maintains a polished, contemporary look even with heavy use over time. Overall, it’s a fantastic solution for keeping any garage, shop, or workspace neatly arranged.


Ideal Users and Use Cases

Ideal Users and Use Cases

The Husky 4-Drawer Tool Cabinet is ideally suited for the following users and use cases:

Homeowners – Perfect for homeowners who need durable and organized storage for tools, lawn and garden equipment, automotive accessories, and workshop items. The gloss black finish matches modern garages and basements.

DIYers – DIYers who take on frequent home improvement projects will appreciate keeping all their tools stored neatly yet transportable around the workspace.

Auto Enthusiasts – Car buffs need a place to keep all their specialty tools, fluids, parts, and accessories secure yet accessible. This cabinet is perfect for garage automotive storage.

Electricians – Electricians can neatly organize wire spools, strippers, meters, and electrical tools in the spacious drawers. The casters let them transport tools between trucks and job sites.

Plumbers – Plumbers will find the deep drawers useful for storing large pipe wrenches, snakes, joint compounds, and other plumbing gear. The locking system keeps expensive tools secure.

Contractors – General contractors working across multiple job sites will value being able to roll their tools in and out each day. The durability stands up to the demands of a contracting business.

Carpenters – Carpenters can keep saws, routers, drill bits, fasteners, and more organized yet mobile around woodworking shops.

Mechanics – Professional auto mechanics can keep all their wrenches, jacks, air tools, and diagnostic equipment neatly arranged but accessible when working on vehicles.

The combination of robust storage capacity, heavy-duty construction, and integrated casters makes the Husky 4-Drawer Cabinet well suited for nearly any profession, home workshop, or garage. Storing tools securely and keeping them organized helps maximize productivity and minimize frustration.

Comparable Products

There are a number of rolling tool chests and cabinets that compare well with the Husky 26.5 in. 4-Drawer Cabinet:

  • Excel TB2105X-3B – Similar size with 5 drawers and gloss black finish. Slightly more expensive at $199.
  • Craftsman CMST20500 Series – Craftsman 4-drawer steel chest in black with ball bearing slides. $20 cheaper but lower weight rating.
  • DeWalt DWST20450 – Premium DeWalt 4-drawer chest with higher weight capacity but costs over $400.
  • Milwaukee 48-22-8502 – Milwaukee red 4-drawer steel chest with slide-out workbench. Excellent quality for around $350.
  • Kobalt 794189 – Almost identical specs to Husky model but with a blue powder coat. Saves about $20.

The Husky model holds its own against these competitors by delivering excellent quality and storage for just $169. For homeowners and DIYers especially, it provides the ideal blend of value, durability, and size. While the Craftsman comes in slightly cheaper, it lacks the gloss finish and robustness of the Husky. For professionals, DeWalt or Milwaukee may be worth the premium price for maximum durability.




Finding the right tool storage solution comes down to getting an ideal balance of size, durability, mobility, security, and value. The Husky 26.5 in. Wide 4-Drawer Rolling Tool Cabinet hits all of these needs to provide reliable organization and protection for valuable tools and equipment.

This gloss black cabinet is built from welded 22 gauge steel and supported on heavy-duty casters to handle heavy daily use for years on end. The ample 8,030 cubic inches of storage capacity neatly accommodates even large tool collections while keeping them within reach. Smooth ball bearing drawers provide easy access to the contents. An integrated locking system deters theft when not in use.

We found the combination of robust construction, ample storage, durable finish, and reliable performance provides tremendous value at just $169. Putting the cabinet together is quick and straightforward following the included instructions. While brands like DeWalt and Milwaukee offer more heavy-duty options, they cost significantly more without providing substantial benefit for the average user.

The only downside is the gloss black finish shows scratches and scuffs more easily than a matte or textured powder coat. However, a layer of paste wax minimizes this issue. For smaller garage workshops where a single mobile cabinet meets the storage needs, the Husky 4-drawer model is extremely tough to beat. We award this tool chest our highest recommendation for DIYers, automotive enthusiasts, and professionals who need an affordable yet durable storage solution. It earns our Best Buy pick for garage and shop use.

To summarize our review findings:


  • Excellent value at $169
  • Robust welded steel construction
  • Huge 8,000+ cu in capacity
  • Smooth and secure ball bearing drawers
  • Durable gloss powder coat finish
  • Integrated side handles for mobility
  • Locking system deters theft
  • Easy assembly right out of the box


  • Gloss finish shows scratches more than matte
  • Not as heavy duty as premium brands

For affordable, durable, and versatile tool storage, the Husky 26.5 in. Wide 4-Drawer Rolling Tool Cabinet is a leading choice. We highly recommend it to any home DIYer, auto enthusiast, or professional needing organized access to their valuable tools.

Husky 26.5 in. W x 18 in. D Standard Duty 4-Drawer Rolling Tool Cabinet in Gloss Black Reviews
Husky 26.5 in. W x 18 in. D Standard Duty 4-Drawer Rolling Tool Cabinet in Gloss Black Reviews

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