We have been highlighting and talking about some of the innovative new tools from Hart over the past few weeks. Today, we’ll talk about the Hart 20V Drill and Impact Kit, a tool that every homeowner needs. If you don’t know much about Hart as a company or are interested in learning more about their cooperation with Walmart, we suggest reading our in-depth Hart Power Tool article to get to know them better.

The Hart 20V Drill and Impact Kit is made to satisfy the demands of DIY enthusiasts and homeowners who place a premium on efficiency, dependability, and cost. Two vital power tools are included in this complete package, allowing you to easily do a variety of drilling, driving, and fastening operations.

Let’s first examine more closely at the Hart 20V Drill. This drill performs to an exceptionally high standard thanks to its strong motor and adaptable design. This drill provides continuous power and accuracy whether you’re working on wood, metal, or plastic. Its small size and ergonomic grip make it easy to use and manage, enabling you to work continuously without getting tired.

The kit’s accompanying Hart 20V Impact Driver is a genuine workhorse. This impact driver excels at tackling challenging operations since it is built to generate high torque for effective driving and fastening. This tool offers the strength and dependability you need to finish the task, whether you’re sinking screws into varied materials or working on heavy-duty applications.

A 20V lithium-ion battery is included with the drill and impact driver, which offers long-lasting performance and reduces downtime. Two batteries are included in the box, ensuring that you always have a backup available. The fast charger additionally enables speedy and effective battery recharging so you can continue to be productive and on schedule.

The Hart 20V Drill and Impact Kit’s user-friendly design is one of its standout qualities. The tools come with LED work lights that illuminate the workspace and improve vision in low-light conditions. This guarantees that even under difficult circumstances, you can operate accurately and precisely.

A sturdy carrying case is also included in the set, which makes it easy to store and transport your tools, batteries, charger, and accessories. This guarantees that your instruments stay protected and organized while yet being accessible whenever you need them.

For homeowners and DIYers, the Hart 20V Drill and Impact Kit offers excellent value. This kit provides you with the fundamental tools required to take on a variety of chores around the house thanks to its power, adaptability, and affordability.

Experience the performance and simplicity the Hart 20V Drill and Impact Kit adds to your toolset by making an investment. Learn about the superior workmanship and dependability that have positioned Hart as an industry leader. With the help of this thorough Hart kit, which is only available at Walmart, your DIY projects will reach new heights.

Remember to read our thorough article on Hart Power Tools to find out more about the company’s history and their partnership with Walmart.


Hart 20V Drill and Impact Kit Information

Hart 20V Drill and Impact Kit Information

Name – Hart 20V Brushless Drill and Impact Combo Kit
Model – HPCK252B
Price – $178
Where to Buy – Walmart


Hart 20V Drill and Impact Kit Features

Hart 20V Drill and Impact Kit Features
A drill/driver, an impact driver, two 2Ah batteries, a charger, and a bag are included in the kit.
Everything does fit in the bag, as you can see. Even though it isn’t arranged, it can be stored in the bag.
The brushless motor that powers the drill allows for increased power, longer runtimes, and longer motor life. The drill is 2.5 pounds in weight.
The tool includes a metal chuck, but its plastic exterior might help to safeguard your work. The drill’s chuck cannot be locked, thus it is only as tight as your hand can make it.
A two-speed selector is located on the drill’s top. Speed 1 ranges from 0-500 to 0-1,800. Use speed one if you are undertaking high torque tasks.
The drill has a drill-only mode and a clutch with 24 positions.
The grip is one aspect of this tool that I really like. Both the grip and the handle are really cozy.
The trigger, which can only be operated with a single finger, works reasonably well for feathering and maintaining a constant pace for the drill.
You can keep an extra bit on the drill’s rear.
The brushless motor used by the 2.5-pound Hart Impact Driver is efficient and long-lasting. Torque output from the impact driver is up to 2,200 in-lbs.
The driver has a 1/4′′ hex chuck that can change bits without a tool.
The impact driver has the same ergonomic grip as the drill.
The trigger matches the drill exactly and is simple to maintain at a constant speed.
An LED light that is located on the impact driver’s base does a respectable job of illuminating a dim location.

Hart 20V Drill and Impact Kit Impressions

Hart 20V Drill and Impact Kit Impressions

A dependable power tool that can perform sporadic high-demand jobs is crucial for homeowners’ demands. In light of this, we used a 5/8″ drill bit, a 1″ spade bit, and three 3″ screws to evaluate the Hart 20V Drill and Impact Kit.

We started with the drill bit and successfully drilled through a 4×4 without any problems. The drill showed that it could be used for a variety of drilling applications by smoothly cutting through the wood. We advise using the first speed option for harder activities to get the best results. This exercise is capable of handling both minor jobs and more difficult ones.

The Hart drill performed admirably when used with the spade bit, which generally takes greater force. Our testing demonstrated that the drill handled the spade bit with ease and produced precise, clean holes. Knowing that the drill can deliver the required power for more difficult drilling applications is comforting.

We used a number of 3″ screws, which are not often used for domestic projects, to push the limitations even further. These longer screws were driven deeply into the material by the Hart drill, which demonstrated its power with ease. The tool operated wonderfully under the additional stress, showing no signs of cutting out or having trouble.

The Hart 20V Drill and Impact Kit’s entire user experience is one noteworthy feature. The instruments’ ergonomic handles offer a firm grip and lessen strain during prolonged usage. They were created with user comfort in mind. Two batteries are furthermore included in the box, enabling uninterrupted operation.


Hart 20V Drill and Impact Kit Wrap Up

Hart 20V Drill and Impact Kit Wrap Up

The drill and driver are excellent power tool starters for the average homeowner. For the homeowner, both provide good electricity. For individuals who require a drill around the house for regular work, it’s a terrific drill even though I wish it were a little bit smaller and had better ergonomics. This is a wonderful line to enter given that the Hart company currently has a sizable line of power tools and will only expand.

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