Most of us immediately think of Outdoor Power Equipment (OPE) like lawnmowers, blowers, and trimmers when the name Greenworks is mentioned. Vacuums are rarely what come to mind when we think of gardening carts and pressure washers. I would have answered categorically no if you had asked me if Greenworks intended to release a vacuum. Simply put, when I think of Greenworks, I don’t think of vacuums. I was surprised to see that Greenworks has entered the vacuum industry, which takes us to the Greenworks Pro 60V Wet Dry vacuum, model 4700502.


Greenworks Vacuum Information

Greenworks Vacuum Information

I had never thought about switching brands because I have always preferred Ridgid or Dewalt vacuums. I loved the strength, dependability, and simplicity of use that these well-known brands provided. But after I had the chance to use the Greenworks Pro 60V Wet Dry vacuum, my viewpoint had changed.

Let’s first examine its salient characteristics before getting into my experience with this hoover.


Greenworks Vacuum Features

Greenworks Vacuum Features
The 9-gallon Greenworks Pro wet/dry vacuum is portable and powerful. The hoover is ideal for any job site and can create air at speeds of up to 90 cfm. The hoover is roughly 20 pounds in weight.
One of the nicest advantages is that you can power the vacuum with either two 60V batteries or a 10′ long 120V power line. Although the hoover is a basic tool, you may separately purchase 2 batteries and a twin charger.
The batteries are positioned on top of the hoover so you can quickly access them, as shown in the photographs at the top.
The off position is in the middle of the on/off twist knob. Depending on whether you want to use cordless power or plug-in power, you can turn left or right. You may anticipate a battery-powered device to run for about 30 minutes.
The hoover has a flexible, sturdy-feeling hose. The hose measures 7′ in length and 1-7/8′′ in width.
You can move in any direction thanks to the caster swivel.
You can empty any liquids you sucked up using the drain plug that is located on the vacuum’s bottom.
You need some extras. The hoover has a floor tool, two extensions and a crevice tool. They can be kept in the accessory holder on the vacuum’s rear or above the wheels.
The hoover has a handle on top that makes it simple to lift up and carry from your truck’s bed to the ground.
When not in use, all of the accessories and the hose are practical and simple to store.

Greenworks Vacuum Performance

Greenworks Vacuum Performance

I am truly impressed with the Greenworks Pro 60V Wet Dry vacuum for a number of reasons. First off, the craftsmanship is superb. This hoover is made to last for a long period. It has a strong sense of durability because it doesn’t have any flimsy or delicate parts that could break.

Second, its hybrid functionality is one of the distinguishing qualities. I like that I can use the batteries for shorter cleaning periods or plug it in for infinite duration. Due to its adaptability, it is no longer necessary to deal with a power cord when it is not required.

Thirdly, this vacuum’s strength is incredible. It is a genuinely powerful machine that can compete with more expensive ones on the market, not just a gimmick. In fact, I contend that in terms of performance and pure suction force, it is superior than them.

These factors have made the Greenworks Pro 60V Wet Dry vacuum my top choice. However, there are a few things I would focus on if I were to think about prospective upgrades. First first, I would want a little bigger wheels. Although the existing wheels work fine and can easily go over obstructions like extension cords, I personally like bigger wheels. Even while I know that it might not have a big effect on how well the hoover performs.

The vacuum’s capacity to recharge the batteries when not in use by just plugging it in would also be convenient. I am aware that adding such a feature could enlarge the budget and create practical difficulties. Nevertheless, dreams are still possible, right?


Greenworks Vacuum Value

Greenworks Vacuum Value

The cost of this hoover as a standalone tool is $130. It’s a wonderful offer, in my opinion, given the price. You are talking about a considerably higher price range if you need to purchase the batteries and a charger. However, adding this to your line of tools is a no-brainer if you are investing in the Greenworks 60V range. All of the 60V tools we’ve tested so far have exceeded our expectations, making this a wonderful line to buy into.


Greenworks Vacuum Final Thoughts

Greenworks Vacuum Final Thoughts

In conclusion, I think this is the best hoover on the market. I appreciate the quality, power, usability, and hybrid options. This has more power than I anticipated, and if you want a terrific hoover that won’t break the bank, this is the one to get—especially if you already have Greenworks 60V batteries.

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