The Ford FG2200iS is an efficient and reasonably priced inverter generator that provides excellent value. With two 120-volt power outlets, two USB ports, and 2,000 operating watts of electricity, it has enough power for a variety of uses.

Although it lacks the ease of an electronic start, this gasoline-powered generator starts with a pull cord and performs well. The FG2200iS is lightweight and portable despite its power capabilities, making it easy to carry with just one hand. Camping excursions and other circumstances when portability is crucial are perfect for its tiny form.


Ford FG2200iS Reviews

Ford FG2200iS Reviews

This generator’s inverter technology, which guarantees a pure sine wave of electricity, is one of its most notable qualities. Because of this, it is secure to use with delicate electronics like laptops and other things that need consistent power. Access to all the functions is made simple and convenient by the control panel’s front location. It is user-friendly since the on/off and choke settings are neatly combined onto a single dial.

The FG2200iS additionally includes safety components. It has a circuit breaker overload and an LED indicator that warns you when there is an overload or low oil, giving you confidence while operating.

The FG2200iS’s lightweight and small design, which makes it simple to travel and store, has received praise from customers. A notable benefit for camping or other activities where noise disruption is a worry is its quiet operation, which is widely valued and has noise levels similar to a Honda engine.

However, there are a few disadvantages to take into account. The lack of a fuel gauge on the generator might be annoying because it makes it more difficult to keep track of the fuel level. Furthermore, the tank is somewhat tiny, which can necessitate more frequent recharging during extended use. It may not be as quiet as some more expensive versions, like the Honda EU3000is Handi, but it still provides a tolerable level of noise for routine camping trips and other outdoor activities.

In conclusion, you get excellent value for your money with the Ford FG2200iS inverter generator. It is the perfect option for camping excursions and other outdoor activities because to its dependable performance, small size, and silent operation. It may have certain drawbacks, such as a tiny tank and a lack of a fuel gauge, but it is still a reasonable choice for people looking for a gasoline-powered generator. The Ford FG2200iS is a generator you should think about if you value affordability and adaptability.


Ford FG2200iS What you need to know

Ford FG2200iS What you need to know

A gasoline-powered inverter generator with a comparatively low noise level of 59 dB is the Ford FG2200iS. You can use it with delicate gadgets, such as laptops, because the inverter generates a clear sign wave of electricity. To connect appliances to, there are two 120 volt power outlets, a 12 volt auto charger, and one USB port.

Given that it only weighs 50 lbs., the sturdy case and carrying handle make it easy to transport outside, making it perfect for camping vacations. If the 2,200 watts of starting power are insufficient, two units can be used in parallel to produce 4,400 watts of starting power.


Ford FG2200iS Price

Ford FG2200iS Price

One of the best things about the Ford FG2200iS is how affordable it is to get one. The FG2200iS is difficult to beat on price if you want to buy a generator for less than $1,000. For instance, the Ford FG2200iS typically costs roughly $699.99 on


Ford FG2200iS Features

Ford FG2200iS Features

The FG2200iS has a running wattage of 2000 and a starting wattage of 2200, which is enough power to operate a variety of appliances and gadgets. Its OEM Branded engine type ensures dependable performance. The generator can run for a longer period of time thanks to its 1.18 gallon gasoline tank. It has a respectable runtime for your power requirements at half load, lasting about 6 hours.

The FG2200iS is a lightweight, portable device that weighs only 50 pounds, making it simple to move about and transfer. Whether you use it for outdoor sports, camping vacations, or as a backup power source, its small size makes it easy to store and travel.

The FG2200iS complies with CA (CARB) rules, guaranteeing that the required emission levels are met. Users who live in California or other states with strong emission rules should pay special attention to this compliance.

The integrated inverter of the FG2200iS is one noteworthy feature. Because of this function, the generator can supply steady, clean power that is suitable for use with delicate gadgets like laptops and phones. You don’t have to be concerned about voltage changes or damage when powering your electrical equipment.

For simplicity, all required functions are conveniently gathered on the generator’s front control panel. It has a USB port for charging gadgets, two 120V power outlets, and a 12V charger. The easy placement of the on/off and choke settings on a single dial streamlines the startup procedure. To warn you of any potential overload or low oil problems, the unit also has a circuit breaker overload and an LED warning.

Despite having a number of helpful features, the FG2200iS lacks a fuel gauge. This implies that you’ll have to manually check the fuel level or gauge the runtime based on usage. Make sure you have enough gasoline on hand to match your needs for power.

With a two-year warranty, the FG2200iS offers confidence and peace of mind regarding the generator’s performance and quality.


Ford FG2200iS Performance

Ford FG2200iS Performance

The variety of gadgets that the tiny Ford FG2200iS can power is surprising. A refrigerator, lights, a TV, and other appliances can all be run on 2,200 watts of starting electricity and 2,000 watts of running power. Additionally, you won’t have any trouble charging electronics like computers and phones thanks to the model’s built-in inverter.

The FG2200iS’s fuel tank, at 1.18 gallons, is somewhat little, so you might not be able to run your appliances overnight unless you’re only utilizing 25% of its power, in which case it will last you till morning. If you need more power, you should either hunt for a larger generator or use the FG2200iS’s parallel functionality to link two units in series. This will increase the starting wattage to 4,4000 watts.

Although the Ford FG2200iS isn’t completely silent, it is relatively quiet when compared to other 2,000 watt generators on the market at 59 dB.


Ford FG2200iS User reviews

Ford FG2200iS User reviews

Customers routinely praise the FG2200iS’s modest weight, small size, and silent operation. The noise level was estimated to be only little louder than a Honda engine. Customers who carry the generator on camping excursions love how lightweight it is.

Don’t forget to keep the oil levels topped up, as one Amazon customer pointed out that he had to utilize the majority of the oil that was provided. However, this is quite typical of all generators that run on gasoline.

Except for a microwave, which may be very power-hungry appliances, no one had any issues with the gadget not powering the types of appliances you’d expect it to.


Should you buy the Ford FG2200iS?

Should you buy the Ford FG2200iS?

The Ford FG2200iS is a reliable performer that has gained public favor and is offered at a fantastic price if you don’t mind a gasoline-powered generator and a pull cord starter. You won’t have any trouble charging today’s delicate electronics because the power it generates is smooth and constant. Even a few years after it was initially introduced, the FG2200iS is still difficult to surpass despite the fact that more contemporary generators have electronic starters, larger gas tanks, and more features.

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