Last month, I received the question “Who is EGO?” I must admit that I was a little taken aback. Because I work in the industry and was present when EGO initially entered the market, I assumed that everyone was familiar with them. My simple response was the organisation that transformed OPE and significantly improved my quality of life. When I noticed his stare and confused expression, I laughed and told him what I believed. Before we begin the EGO Power Station Review, allow me to explain why. Additionally, don’t forget to read my free advice in the value area down below.


EGO Power Station Review Overview

EGO Power Station Review Overview

There is no doubting EGO’s influence on the outdoor power equipment (OPE) industry. Before the introduction of EGO, battery-powered lawnmowers and trimmers were ineffective, barely finishing a lawn before running out of power. The batteries were not particularly spectacular, and the quality was poor. However, EGO revolutionised the game by creating a remarkable battery system that worked perfectly with premium trimmers and lawnmowers. It was the first battery-powered OPE capable of completing difficult garden tasks.

So how did this invention improve my quality of life? Apart from eliminating the difficulties of dealing with petrol, spark plugs, and tiring cord-pulling, it dramatically changed the way I go about doing my yard chores. The simplicity, quietness, and user-friendliness of the EGO equipment surprised my wife, who had never felt at ease operating a gas-powered mower or trimmer. She volunteered to mow the grass, enjoying the exercise and being outside, without even being asked. My life has improved in many ways as a result of EGO.

Let’s now get into the EGO Power Station Review, giving you a general idea of its powers, advantages, and disadvantages.

The EGO Power Station Inverter is intended for whom?

It’s significant to note that the EGO Power Station Inverter is not intended for those experiencing protracted power outages brought on by extreme weather conditions like tornadoes or hurricanes. A gas generator would be a better choice in these circumstances. The EGO Power Station is better suitable for power outages that last a few hours or a day instead.

Who is this Power Station going to benefit?

The EGO Power Station has a long number of possible beneficiaries. It is the perfect partner for well-liked outdoor activities like camping, tailgating, ice fishing, and social events. Additionally, it provides residences experiencing brief power outages lasting between 5 and 10 hours with a dependable backup power supply. It also has a purpose on construction sites where a handy power source is needed.

The potential user base goes beyond these plainly obvious situations, though. Take into account the elderly members of our society who depend on medical technology for their well-being. What occurs if there is no close family support and the power goes out? The EGO Power Station is a fantastic choice for the senior community since it provides a straightforward, user-friendly solution that can be utilised indoors.

The EGO Power Station might be quite advantageous to hunters as well. It is a great companion for people hunting because of its whisper-quiet operation and lack of petrol odour.

These are just a few examples that illustrate the versatility and value of the EGO Power Station in diverse contexts.

As a result of the EGO Power Station’s unmatched performance and ease, outdoor power equipment has undergone a revolution. It has given people the power to take charge of their garden work while getting rid of the problems with conventional gas-powered equipment. EGO keeps innovating and redefining the standards of OPE with its amazing battery technology and user-friendly design. Take advantage of the EGO Power Station’s power and simplicity to achieve more efficiency in your outdoor activities.


EGO Power Station Review Features

EGO Power Station Review Features
The EGO electricity Station offers 2000W of continuous electricity and 3000W of peak power. It may appear heavier, but it’s actually not that bad. The Power Station weighs only 29 pounds when empty and only 55 pounds when loaded with all four 7.5Ah batteries.
The EGO 56V batteries are intended to power the power station. In the future, a bare kit will be available, but for now, the system includes two 7.5Ah batteries. If you use an EGO product, you are aware that there are additional batteries available, such as a 2.5Ah and a 5Ah battery. This power station can be powered by any older battery or a mix of batteries. You will, however, experience varied outcomes.
A 2.5Ah battery can supply up to 600W.
The output of a 5Ah battery is up to 1200W.
You can get the full 3000 startup and 2000 sustained watts from a 7.5Ah battery.
The battery status gauge is one thing you’ll notice. Before, there was just a single button that changed colours, forcing you to essentially guess how much power was still available. A new status gauge that is broken down into increments of 5 is included with the new battery to give you a much better sense of how much juice is still in the battery.
There are 4 battery slots in the power station. Any size or mix of batteries, up to four batteries, can be used. It is irrelevant which slot the battery is positioned in if you are only utilising one battery. Hot swapping is even better. Replace a battery without any delay if it loses its charge.
Each port has a label, making it possible to match the port using the LCD on the power station’s front.
The power supply, which is located on top of the device and is detachable, is another neat feature. The power supply has direct connections on both sides—one side goes into the appliance, the other into the wall. Why isn’t the power supply included within the device, you might wonder? Easy. This enables them to provide a quick and simple upgrade, like as a rapid charger, if necessary in the future.
Given that each 7.5Ah battery charges separately rather than simultaneously, it will take about 12 hours to fully charge all four of them. Additionally, it doesn’t finish charging one battery before moving on to the next. It charges the batteries for a period before going on to the next battery to work it. As a result, the batteries are almost all charged to the same level if there is an emergency and they are not entirely charged.
You cannot use the device as an inverter while it is charging; you must choose one or the other.
There is a compartment below the power source where the cord can be kept when not in use. Actually, this is the only issue I have. Remove the power supply each time you need to access the cord.
Turning on the power station only requires pressing a button once the batteries are installed. There are no cables to pull, gas to check, oil to fill, or faulty spark plugs.
Four USB ports on the device can each be covered by a hard plastic cover. They have a button right next to them that you can press to turn the ports on and off.
The power station features three outlets with three prongs that are 120V and 15A. The outlets have a cover and a push button to switch them on and off, just like the USB.
The front of the power station has all the buttons and outlets, and it has a very great layout that makes it simple to understand and use everything.
Depending on the battery setup, the power station’s fantastic LCD screen will display all the information you could possibly need, including battery ports, watts, which ports are on and which ones are off, and how much watts the device is configured for.
Utilising your smartphone with the power station is one great function. You can check the watts per outlet, turn the outlet on or off, and see your battery’s percentage status all from your phone.
Two handles are located on top of the unit for carrying and moving.
A roll cage and more heavily reinforced corners protect the sides.
Four soft rubber feet and a hard plastic bottom make up the bottom.

EGO Power Station Review Performance

EGO Power Station Review Performance
Despite the fact that this Power Station has a wide range of applications, as we are a power tool channel, we decided to connect it to several tools. Therefore, the power management mechanism activated and shut off the table saw or mitre saw whenever we attempted to use them.
While the Power Station is capable of running 15A, a sudden surge will prevent it from doing so. We did, however, manage to identify a solution to this issue. We invested in an inline system that soft starts tools so there isn’t a jolt when an amp request is made. We could operate the table saw and mitre saw using this item.
A router that draws only 11 amps was also tried, and it worked without a hitch.
Although there aren’t many corded items in the store, we did try to run the refrigerator. When the compressor turned on, we weren’t sure how it would react, but it had no problems at all.
I wouldn’t anticipate it to have trouble charging a phone, but we thought we’d include that picture just to be sure.
So here’s the situation. There are so many uses for this battery power inverter. We will discuss this again on the website if you follow us on Instagram. We’ll take this with us when we go hunting in the woods, and we have a few camping excursions coming up where we’ll show it off.

EGO Power Station Review Value

EGO Power Station Review Value

Let’s now discuss the topic that many of us find to be most important: the pricing. The EGO Power Station costs about $1,300 on Amazon, together with its 5.0Ah batteries. This may seem like a large investment at first glance—at least, it did to me.

But after doing extensive study, I quickly understood that this price is really rather amazing. Market competitors’ battery inverters frequently cost more while providing less power. Consider the Goal Zero Yeti, which has a price tag of about $1,800 but offers 1400 watts. It’s amazing, isn’t it? In fact, the Yeti 3000 is the only choice I was able to find that has more power than the EGO. But be ready to fork over a startling $3,000 for that specific model.

But there are more differences between EGO and its rivals than just price. The EGO Power Station features external batteries that make battery replacement simple whenever necessary. Many other inverters, in contrast, necessitate waiting for the device to recharge before resuming function. The flexibility and ease of the EGO system are important benefits.

The EGO Power Station is unique in that it is highly platform compatible. Lawnmowers, blowers, trimmers, hedge trimmers, edge trimmers, and even snow blowers can all be powered by the EGO batteries. With this flexibility, you may accomplish a variety of jobs with a single set of batteries, maximising both their utility and worth.

When all of these things are taken into account, it is clear that the EGO Power Station provides unmatched performance and value for the money. It offers greater power, adaptability, and compatibility than its rivals, all at a more affordable price. The EGO Power Station is the clear winner when evaluating the whole value offer.

Therefore, the EGO Power Station is without a doubt the best option if you’re looking for a superb portable power solution that combines economy with unparalleled performance. When you can get the best in the business, don’t settle for less or make quality compromises. Invest in the EGO Power Station to get the most out of it for your outdoor power requirements.




Like my wife, your wife might object to the price. Therefore, I was unable to purchase this for my tailgating or fishing vacations. I would be living on the couch if I spent $1,300 on something like this instead of the kids. However, because it’s simple to use and suitable for indoor use, I can pitch it as having advantages for the whole family as opposed to just myself. Now since I’m not home, if the power goes out, she may use it inside the house for the kids. ideal for a family. The only issue I have with this plan right now is what will happen if I go fishing while the power is down. When she descends to get it, it is not there. Maybe I just need to get a couch that is more comfortable.


EGO Power Station Review Final Thoughts

EGO Power Station Review Final Thoughts

I believe they nailed the EGO Power Station, as they have with other EGO products. I adore that I can use any EGO batteries and switch them out if a battery runs out of power despite the fact that it is incredibly simple to use, offers enough of power, and can be operated indoors. This is one of those goods that struck a home run in its market, despite the fact that it is expensive and not for everyone. What a great backup system for the contractor who needs power inside, the hunter who needs power but doesn’t want to scare off their prey, the family who lost power and wants to run it inside the house, or even the elderly person who depends on power to run their medical devices. Visit the EGO Power Station website to learn more if you’re interested.

This system is very logical given that I use the EGO product range. I’m going to leave mine in the garage and only change the OPE tools’ batteries when they go low. Since it’s always charging, if the power goes out, I’ll still have a full charge and be ready to go.

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