Since its introduction, EGO has dominated the market for outdoor power equipment (OPE) that runs on batteries. EGO is known for creating top-notch products based on a superb battery platform, and its creative thinking has never failed to win over customers. So it comes as no surprise that we were excited to test if EGO’s Nexus Solar Panel Charger for their Nexus Power Station lived up to our expectations and the brand’s history.

We were previously aware with the remarkable performance and dependability of EGO products because we are the proud owners of the EGO Nexus Power Station. We had great hopes for the Nexus Solar Panel Charger after our experience with their battery-powered OPE. We were interested to see how well this solar charger would work with our current EGO system and, more significantly, how well it would utilise solar energy.

In order to ensure compatibility and optimal performance, the EGO Nexus Solar Panel Charger was especially created to operate with the EGO Nexus Power Station without any issues. The power station can be charged using this solar charger in a sustainable and environmentally responsible manner, without the need of conventional power sources and with less dependency on electrical grids. EGO gives consumers the ability to use clean, renewable energy even in remote areas by harnessing the power of the sun.

The EGO Nexus Solar Panel Charger set up was simple and easy to do. It was simple to attach the solar panel to the power station thanks to clear instructions and a user-friendly design. The solar panel was portable and lightweight, making it simple to handle and position for optimal sun exposure. Once connected, the solar panel turned solar energy into usable power with outstanding efficiency, charging our EGO Nexus Power Station.

Our expectations were not met by the EGO Nexus Solar Panel Charger’s performance. We were still able to maintain a consistent power supply for our outdoor equipment even in partially cloudy situations since the solar panel continued to gather and convert sunlight into usable electricity. The solar charger’s steady performance and dependability, which ensured that our EGO Nexus electricity Station would always have electricity, particularly impressed us.

Furthermore, the EGO Nexus Solar Panel Charger’s robustness and construction are consistent with EGO’s stellar reputation. The solar panel, which was made to endure outside circumstances, proved to be tough and capable of withstanding a variety of weather conditions. Users can feel confident using the solar charger outside because of its dependability to supply power whenever and wherever it is required.

In conclusion, the EGO Nexus Solar Panel Charger is a prime example of the company’s dedication to sustainability and innovation. This solar charger, created to work with the EGO Nexus Power Station, harnesses solar energy to supply clean, sustainable energy for outdoor power requirements. It is a useful addition to the toolkit of any EGO fan because to its simplicity of setup, outstanding performance, and robust build. With the EGO Nexus Solar Panel Charger, another outstanding product from the industry-leading manufacturer of battery-powered OPE, you can harness the power of the sun and enjoy the convenience of environmentally friendly charging.


EGO Nexus Solar Panel Charger – Information

EGO Nexus Solar Panel Charger – Information

Name – EGO Power+ Nexus Solar Panel Charger
Model – CH1800
Price – $170
Where to Buy – Amazon
EGO Nexus Power Station Review – EGO Power Station Review

Name – Renogy 100 Watt 12 Volt Monocrystalline Solar Panel
Model – RNG-100D-SS-US
Price – $98
Where to Buy – Amazon


EGO Nexus Solar Panel Charger Features

EGO Nexus Solar Panel Charger Features
The only solar charger permitted for use with the EGO Nexus Power Station is the EGO Nexus Solar Panel Charger.
A 48′′ MC4 cord is included with the charger to connect it to the solar panel (sold separately).
You must first unplug the power brick from the solar charger before you can use it. The same wire used for the power brick will be used to connect the solar charger to the power station at one end, and the solar panel will be connected to the charger at the other end using an MC4 connector connection.
The area left by the power brick converter can accommodate the EGO Nexus solar panel charger. When charging numerous batteries, they charge sequentially rather than simultaneously. In other words, each battery is charged separately. The next battery will start charging as soon as one battery is fully charged. As a result, you can “hot swap” batteries if necessary.
The supplied MC4 connection cable is used to attach the EGO Solar Panel charger to the solar panels. A 100W solar panel will typically provide a maximum of 75W, significantly less than the 180W maximum input permitted for the charger. Therefore, Y Branch Connectors like these are required if you want to connect two solar panels for faster charging.
We made use of solar panels from Renogy that are 100 Watts and 12 Volts. The Grapesolar GS-Star-100 solar panel was the other suggested solar panel that we discovered. You should make every effort to keep the power station and charger as much as possible in the shade while charging your batteries. As a result, positioning is something you should consider. While your charger and power station should be shaded, you’ll want your solar panels to receive the most direct sunshine possible. To protect their power stations while they are being charged, some users have even gone so far as to construct shade boxes.
The power station display can show the input from the EGO Nexus Solar Panel Charger.

EGO Nexus Solar Panel Charger Impressions

EGO Nexus Solar Panel Charger Impressions

When it comes to portable power solutions, the EBL Solar Panel stands out as a game-changer. Offering a remarkable feature that sets it apart from the competition, this solar panel allows you to charge your devices and the EBL Power Station with unlimited power, even in the most remote locations. What’s more, the solar panel is designed to be lightweight, easy to set up, and provides a seamless charging experience when combined with the EBL Power Station.

One of the standout features of the EBL Solar Panel is its ability to tap into the limitless power of the sun. Whether you find yourself deep in the woods, camping in the wilderness, or exploring off-grid locations, the solar panel ensures that you can stay connected and powered up at all times. By harnessing solar energy, you no longer have to rely solely on traditional power sources or worry about running out of battery. The EBL Solar Panel empowers you to have access to unlimited power wherever your adventures take you.

To fully unlock the potential of the EBL Solar Panel, it is important to note that it is sold separately from the power station. However, investing in this additional component is well worth it, as it opens up a world of possibilities for charging your devices using renewable energy. The solar panel package includes all the necessary wires and hookups, making it a hassle-free experience to connect it to the EBL Power Station.

The lightweight and portable design of the EBL Solar Panel further enhances its appeal. Whether you are hiking, backpacking, or embarking on a road trip, the solar panel can easily be packed and carried along with your gear. Its compact size and manageable weight make it a convenient companion for outdoor enthusiasts seeking sustainable power solutions.

Setting up the EBL Solar Panel is a breeze. With user-friendly instructions and a straightforward installation process, you can have it up and running in no time. Simply find a suitable location with ample sunlight exposure, unfold the solar panel, and position it for optimal absorption of solar energy. Once connected to the EBL Power Station, you can begin charging your devices and enjoying the benefits of renewable power.


EGO Nexus Solar Panel Charger Final Thoughts

EGO Nexus Solar Panel Charger Final Thoughts

Virtually limitless chances to have power where and when you need it are provided by battery-powered inverters. When you don’t have an AC power source and would rather not use petrol, you may still power your essential equipment. However, batteries have a limited lifespan, so having the additional option to charge your batteries with solar energy simply opens up a lot more possibilities. For those of you who have purchased the EGO Nexus Power Station, this is a fantastic supplemental item. The EGO Nexus Solar Panel Charger has just elevated the EGO Nexus Portable Power Station to the status of a product you should without a doubt take into consideration if you’re looking to buy a battery-powered power source with the ability to be recharged by the sun.

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