I wholeheartedly concur with Diablo’s position as the industry leader when it comes to cutting tools. Although Diablo sells a variety of cutting tools, such as reciprocating blades, oscillating blades, router bits, and more, their circular saw blade was the one that really caught my attention. I used their framing blade for my home renovation project, and it exceeded my expectations by providing superb performance and exceptional longevity.

The Wood & Metal Circular Saw Blade from Diablo, which is a true first in the market, is one of the company’s many noteworthy offerings. Professionals that value accuracy and productivity on the work need high-quality saw blades. It has become more crucial to maximize tool efficiency as the industry switches from corded to cordless instruments. Tools run more smoothly and last longer when they have sharp, high-performance blades because they reduce resistance and put less strain on the tools themselves.


Diablo Saw Blades Overview

Diablo Saw Blades Overview

A great example of a multipurpose blade that excels at cutting both wood and metal is the Diablo Wood & Metal Circular Saw Blade. This blade is capable of cutting clean wood as well as wood with embedded nails without the need for a blade change. This blade stands out for its consistent performance in both wood and metal applications. The blade keeps its edge and durability even when used on metal. If you cut metal, you could anticipate that the blade would quickly wear down and require replacement on a regular basis. However, you won’t have to worry about replacing Diablo’s Wood & Metal Circular Saw Blade for a while because of its longevity.

The Diablo Saw Blade is a standout option for professionals and DIY enthusiasts alike because of its adaptability and durability. This blade provides great performance without sacrificing its longevity, whether you’re working on woodworking projects or taking on metal cutting duties. Diablo is a cutting-edge solution that constantly produces excellent results and guarantees that your instruments are working at their peak.

In conclusion, the Wood & Metal Circular Saw Blade from Diablo Saw Blades is a game-changer in the cutting tool industry. Diablo continues to dazzle experts and enthusiasts alike with their dedication to quality and innovation. Diablo Saw Blades offer the adaptability and toughness required to take on any project with confidence, whether you’re cutting wood, metal, or a combination of the two. Diablo Saw Blades can help you say good-bye to frequent blade replacements and hello to great performance.


Diablo Saw Blades Features

Diablo Saw Blades Features
In terms of cutting tools, abrasives, and power tool accessories, Diablo is the market leader. For practically every cutting instrument and application, they have a blade.
This is the first genuine multi-purpose saw blade in the market. This is what it can accomplish, then:
Cleanly cut the wood, leaving a lovely, clean edge.
nail-cutting wood
Wood up to 2-1/4 in. thick can be cut
Metal—tube, pipe, and angles
The stud-channel
cuts metal with a wall thickness ranging from 3/32 to 1/4 in.
1/4-in. to 1-in. threaded rod
Burr-free metal cutting
The blade has the following features, among others:
Tri-Metal Shock Resistant Brazing: Applications in metal and wood that require the capacity of carbide tips to endure forceful shocks are made possible by this three-metal brazing method.
TiCo Hi-Density Carbide: Reduces wear and tear and lasts longer
Laser-cut vents: They trap sound, making it less loud, and they also lessen vibration.
Reduces drag, cumming, and corrosion with Perma-Shield Coating
The Chamfer-Alternate Top Bevel (C-ATB) tooth design provides the durability required for precise, burr-free metal cuts while cleanly cutting through wood.

Diablo Saw Blades Performance

Diablo Saw Blades Performance
We fitted the Milwaukee M18 Circular saw with the Diablo Wood & Metal blade. Just to be clear, this is an ancient Milwaukee saw that has been extensively used and mistreated. Today’s saws are a lot more effective than this one. The model is 2630, and I think it was released in 2009 or 2011.
We sought to sever a variety of substances. We eliminate the following elements as a result. See us slicing through metal on our Instagram.
Solid Oak Wood Pine 24 with Embedded Lag Screws Peg Board EMT Pipe
Pegboard isn’t particularly thrilling to cut through, but it does provide a nice example of a clean cut. As you can see, there is only a smooth finish; there is no chipping, bending, or breaking.
We then hacked through some sturdy oak. I’ve used this saw for years, so I know how it feels to cut through various wood like oak. I can state without a doubt that this sliced through the wood more quickly and cleanly than I ever did. I couldn’t even begin to guess how well this blade would function on a more modern circular saw.
Normally, EMT pipe is cut using a band saw or hacksaw, but why not? I was aware that it would cut through the pipe, but I still wanted to check for burrs. As anticipated, it effortlessly blasted through the pipe. I was astounded that there were no burrs. Simply a neat end cut.
When using wood and lag screws, we wanted to see how it would hold up. Therefore, we added a few lag screws to a 2×4. Once more, it easily cut through the latencies. In fact, it was so simple that it was difficult to determine when we were bypassing latency. Normally, hitting metal leaves a mark. Not with this blade, though. It effortlessly cut through.

Diablo Saw Blades Value

Diablo Saw Blades Value

I am a major fan of Diablo. They aren’t the cheapest, but neither are they the priciest. They are unbeatable for the quality that Diablo offers. You may get these blades at your neighborhood Home Depot. Depending on the size of the blade and the desired number of teeth, the cost varies. The 6-1/2 in. x 32-Tooth Wood & Metal circular saw blade, which costs $24.97, is the blade in question. There is also a 7-1/4 in. x 36-tooth wood and metal circular saw blade available.

It’s an excellent value in my opinion. Although cheaper blades are available, they won’t function as well as these ones do. In fact, because you will need to replace the cheaper blades more frequently, I am confident that you will pay more in the long run for them. How can you go wrong when you can acquire a blade that cuts both metal and wood for $25, has a long lifespan, and produces excellent results?


Diablo Saw Blades Wrap Up

Diablo Saw Blades Wrap Up

In the end, Diablo is well recognized for its cutting equipment. They have a great finish, are durable, sturdy, and dependable. The first genuine multi-purpose blade I’ve seen is this one from Wood & Metal. It’s a no-brainer for $25 investment.

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