As summer approaches, it’s time to get out the lawnmower and get to work maintaining our well-kept lawns. In the past, this task was frequently accompanied by dread. I can’t deny the ease that cordless battery-powered outdoor power equipment (OPE) offers, though, so I made the transition. Now, all I need to do to get to work is insert the battery and hit a button. I won’t have to worry with gas, spark plugs, or the annoyance of struggling to start the car. I am an avid user of EGO goods, so I am always interested to watch how other businesses perform in the OPE market, especially when a well-known company like Dewalt launches a lawn mower. As we explore the Dewalt 20V Lawn Mower Review, please join me.

At a gathering last year, I had my first glance of the Dewalt lawn mower. I was initially intrigued by it but wasn’t particularly impressed. But that was probably because I hadn’t gotten a chance to use and test it thoroughly yet. I have to say that my opinion has changed now that I have had a chance to mow some grass, work with it, and put it to the test.


Dewalt 20V Lawn Mower Review Overview

Dewalt 20V Lawn Mower Review Overview

The outstanding build quality of the Dewalt 20V Lawn Mower stands out right away as a noteworthy feature. This mower strikes out as being among the best-built models we have yet to come across. When I hold it in my hands, I can feel its sturdiness and dependability. Although it lacks the weight and noise of gas-powered machines, it nonetheless has the same functionality as a traditional lawnmower.

Despite only a 20V battery to power itself, this mower performs admirably. It cuts grass precisely and easily as it glides across the lawn. You can easily reach the required grass length thanks to the simple and easy cutting height adjustment system. The Dewalt lawn mower also provides a variety of cutting options, including bagging and mulching, to accommodate different tastes and lawn conditions.

The Dewalt 20V system performs admirably in terms of battery life. Without frequently recharging, the supplied battery offers enough runtime to handle a standard residential grass. Purchasing more batteries would guarantee ongoing mowing operations for individuals with larger holdings.

The Dewalt 20V Lawn Mower’s user-friendly design is another perk. The ergonomic shapes of the handles make them easy to hold while operating. This mower’s outstanding mobility enables you to easily maneuver through tight turns and challenging terrain. Due to its foldable and small form, which takes up little room in your garage or shed, storage is also a snap.

Although the Dewalt 20V Lawn Mower provides an impressive mowing experience, it is important to keep in mind that smaller to medium-sized lawns are better suited for it. A more durable model can be needed for large properties or locations with thick, overgrown grass.

The Dewalt 20V Lawn Mower impresses with its sturdy design, dependable performance, and user-friendly features, in conclusion. Without sacrificing quality, it provides a convenient and hassle-free mowing experience. Whether you’re a die-hard Dewalt supporter or are just looking for a dependable cordless mower, this model is unquestionably worthwhile. Enjoy a perfectly trimmed lawn and the freedom of cordless mowing with the Dewalt 20V Lawn Mower.


Dewalt 20V Lawn Mower Review Features

Dewalt 20V Lawn Mower Review Features
The brushless motor used by the Dewalt lawn mower model DCMW220P2 should make it more effective and allow it to run for longer periods of time.
Two 20V batteries are used to power the Dewalt lawnmower. Two 5 Ah batteries with a three LED fuel gauge are included with the lawnmower.
As you can see, there is plenty of room for the batteries to slip into the top of the mower. So you may use the Dewalt Flexvolt batteries with this lawn mower as well. As a reminder, you must use both batteries to power this lawn mower; it will not function with only one battery. They must therefore carry the same fee, as well. You will only receive the 10% run time if you run one battery at full capacity and the other at 10% capacity.
A three-LED light on the back of the mower head displays the amount of energy life left in each battery. So you can check the fuel level as you walk by looking down. Personally, I prefer an LED light indication with four or more lights, but it’s not a deal-breaker.
Ensure the safety key is inserted before pressing back on the yellow handle and down on the yellow push button to start the mower. It starts up quickly and doesn’t have a big wait like some other battery mowers because the starting period is only a few seconds.
For this mower, you have three choices. The grass can either be side discharged in bags (not shown) or mulched using a plug.
The ability to modify the height of the mower with a single lever rather than having to adjust each wheel is a very great feature.
The lawnmower has two larger back wheels and two smaller front wheels.
One of the nicest metal bars we have ever seen on a battery mower is used by the mower. Except for the Ego, most of the mowers we’ve tried always have a shoddy, weak handle. The fact that Dewalt included a high-quality handle in this product makes me delighted, and I believe it contributes to the machine’s robust feeling.
This lawnmower has handles on the front and back that make it simple to lift it up and down if necessary.
The deck is 20 inches high, which allows the grass to move around freely and provide excellent mulching possibilities.
Although I am unsure of the steel’s thickness, it is neither too thin to dent easily nor too thick to make it weigh a lot.
Depending on your height and the handle height choice, the handle has a wonderful setup that allows you to use your hands on the side or the top.
There are two simple to change height settings on the mower. You may adjust the handle to your height by simply pulling out a knob and raising or lowering it.
When not in use, you may collapse the handle and put it under your workbench or another small space.

Dewalt 20V Lawn Mower Review Performance

Dewalt 20V Lawn Mower Review Performance

It’s time to go into detail about the Dewalt 20V Lawn Mower’s performance now that we’ve put it through its paces. We set out to mow a possibly quarter-acre-sized area with two fully charged Dewalt 5 Ah 20V batteries. I must admit that I am not fully impressed with the runtime, despite Dewalt’s assurances that the mower can take this amount of cutting. The battery life is a problem for me despite the good quality of the mower itself and all of its wonderful features. Yes, I could buy more potent Flexvolt batteries, but then I start to wonder why I shouldn’t choose the EGO mower instead, which already has a long runtime.

However, the Dewalt 20V Lawn Mower stands out as one of the few battery-powered mowers that can meet the requirements established by EGO when it comes to cut quality. This Dewalt mower produces excellent results in contrast to some other models that leave patches of uncut grass or fold the grass over rather than cutting it cleanly. It is a notable achievement that the cut quality is comparable to what you would get from a gas-powered mower.

The Dewalt 20V Lawn Mower’s ability to make such a tidy and accurate cut speaks volumes about its performance and design. The powerful motor and sharp blades combine well to cut through even thick or tall grass with ease. The cutting deck of the mower effectively lifts the grass, enabling an even and thorough cut throughout the whole mowing area. The Dewalt mower stands out from many other battery-powered choices on the market thanks to this focus on cut quality.

Even if the runtime issue is still a concern, it’s vital to note that the Dewalt 20V Lawn Mower also has some other standout characteristics that make mowing fun. Durability and user comfort are guaranteed by its sturdy construction and smart design. As a result of the ergonomic handles’ comfortable grip, prolonged use is less tiring. The mower is easy to maneuver due to its sensitive controls and smooth running.

The Dewalt 20V Lawn Mower also features a folding and compact design that makes travelling and storage a breeze. It occupies little room in your garage or shed, and the folding feature enables convenient vertical storage, making the most of the space that is available.


Dewalt 20V Lawn Mower Review Value

Dewalt 20V Lawn Mower Review Value

On Amazon, you can get this lawnmower for around $350, which includes the batteries. Considering how beautifully this is built, I don’t think the value is at all poor. It is difficult to justify, unless you already own Flexvolt batteries, due to the poor runtime.


Dewalt 20V Lawn Mower Review Final Thoughts

Dewalt 20V Lawn Mower Review Final Thoughts

It’s a bittersweet mower. Despite the fact that I adore the mower and think its quality is excellent, I struggle with its short runtime. To use my blower and string trimmer after I finish mowing, I would need to wait while the batteries charged. In the end, the mower is fantastic since it actually cuts the grass, not just folds it over. As long as you are aware of the poor runtime, it can be an excellent mower to possess if you have Flexvolt or additional Dewalt batteries. The Ego might be a better entry point if you’re seeking to buy your first lawnmower and aren’t a fan of the Dewalt lineup.

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