It frequently seems as though you need a large collection of tools to complete a tree pruning task. Hand shears are needed for small branches, large sheers or loppers are needed for medium-sized branches, and a sturdy saw is required for larger branches. The Craftsman Cordless Lopper, on the other hand, defies convention by incorporating each of these features into a single, cutting-edge tool.

With their rebranding initiatives, Craftsman, a well-known brand in the power tool industry, has joined the 20V market. They do this by focusing on both professionals and homeowners looking for dependable and adaptable equipment. The launch of the Craftsman Cordless Lopper is a perfect example of their dedication to offering useful solutions. This cordless lopper kit is a game-changer since it features a tiny form that can easily fit between branches while cutting limbs quickly and effectively.


Craftsman Cordless Lopper Review Overview

Craftsman Cordless Lopper Review Overview

The Craftsman Cordless Lopper’s idea is not entirely original; comparable products have previously been on the market. The incorporation of this release into the Craftsman 20V range of tools, however, is what makes it unique. This indicates that users can benefit from a cordless lopper backed by the expertise and high calibre associated with the Craftsman brand.

The Craftsman Cordless Lopper’s capacity to combine the effectiveness of a tiny chainsaw with the cutting action of a large pair of loppers is one of its distinguishing qualities. This clever combination simplifies pruning and does away with the requirement for several tools. You may quickly and easily alternate between cutting branches of various diameters with the Craftsman Cordless Lopper.

This cordless lopper easily manoeuvres through dense vegetation and complex branch arrangements thanks to its small bar. Its lightweight construction and ergonomic shape enable prolonged use without tiring your arms. You have the flexibility to roam around your property with ease thanks to the cordless design and the strong 20V battery, which guarantees a steady and dependable performance.

The Craftsman Cordless Lopper is a versatile and effective tool that will revolutionise your tree trimming experience, whether you are a professional arborist or a homeowner seeking to manage your trees. The clutter of several tools can go, and you can embrace the simplicity and efficiency of this all-in-one solution.

In conclusion, the Craftsman Cordless Lopper offers a complete solution for tree pruning by combining the functions of loppers and a chainsaw into a single tool. This cordless lopper is a useful addition to Craftsman’s 20V range of tools because it was made with the same dependability and quality that they are known for. Discover a new level of convenience in your tree care activities when you use the Craftsman Cordless Lopper to prune with simplicity and effectiveness.


Craftsman Cordless Lopper Review Features

Craftsman Cordless Lopper Review Features
Large and simple to hold and grip, the handles. They are sufficiently large to be used when donning gloves. To start the lopper’s motor, both triggers must be depressed simultaneously. They are so long, so doing it is simple. No matter where your hands are on the wide handles, you can simply press them.
To keep the chain and bar covered for safety, the handles are locked tightly together. It is also simple to engage and disengage the lock.
Heavy metal guards are placed over the chain and bar. One of them is spring-loaded to cover the chain while still making it simple to cut branches.
It was difficult and untidy to fill the oiler. The provided bottle needs to be filled first. Only the tip from the provided bottle (or something similar) fits into the opening to fill the oiler. The oil reservoir’s level cannot be determined.
Through a sizable aperture at the base of the bar, wood chips are discharged. I had no problems with it becoming clogged with chain-related chips or shavings.
A spring-fed lever at the end of the bar automatically tightens the chain. This makes it simple to tighten the chain because all that is required when the spring tightens the chain is to loosen the two bar nuts and then tighten them once again.

Craftsman Cordless Lopper Review Performance

Craftsman Cordless Lopper Review Performance

I was pleasantly delighted by the Craftsman Cordless Lopper’s outstanding power when I put it to the test. I chose to test the equipment by utilising waste wood and mesquite firewood even though my trees didn’t need cutting at the time.

I watched in awe as the saw ripped through the wood with surprising ease. I was only able to get the chain to bog down when I firmly squeezed the grips together. It’s important to note that this force was greater than what would normally be needed for routine usage. Applying just the right amount of pressure is essential when using any kind of cutting instrument to enable the cutting bit, blade, or chain to function.

The tool’s capacity to handle harder woods during testing, which went beyond its anticipated usage case, greatly surprised me. I couldn’t help but picture how quickly it would sever softer, greener limbs.

The Craftsman Cordless Lopper was simple to use and intuitive. Its shape was reminiscent of standard loppers, and the huge power buttons were simple to press. This solution was simple enough to utilise right away without having to learn a new operating system.

Although the wood chips may not always fall out smoothly at varied angles, the saw effectively discharged them. However, the design of the instrument appeared to leave enough room to avoid chip jams.

The oiler was one thing that presented a problem. To fill it, you had to first fill the provided bottle with oil, then pour the oil into the saw. It was unfortunately impossible to monitor the oil level, making it challenging to decide when and how much oil to add. Furthermore, it was practically hard to tell if the oiler was working properly because of the covered short bar. When holding the saw close to the ground, you couldn’t see an oil stain growing like you might with a standard chainsaw.

I thought the battery life was better than sufficient. Like other cordless tool lines, the Craftsman V20 range supports battery swapping. This means that by purchasing one or two extra tools, you can easily accumulate many batteries.

The bar nut wrench that came with it did, however, cause me some problems. Before I was able to remove the nuts, I had to work the wrench close to breaking and sustaining damage.

The Craftsman Cordless Lopper proved to be a strong and dependable tool despite these little limitations. It performed better than expected, handling different types of wood with ease. This cordless lopper is a valuable addition to the tool arsenal of any professional or household thanks to its user-friendly design and respectable battery life.

Finally, the Craftsman Cordless Lopper fulfils its promise of strength and effectiveness. Its outstanding performance is demonstrated by its capacity to effortlessly cut through even harder species of wood. The oiler and bar nut wrench, for example, might both use refinement, although they do not overshadow the tool’s overall functionality. Look no farther than the Craftsman Cordless Lopper to make your tree pruning jobs simpler if you’re looking for a dependable and user-friendly cordless lopper.


Craftsman Cordless Lopper Review Value

Craftsman Cordless Lopper Review Value

For $129, this kit is offered on Amazon. A charger and 2.0ah battery are included in the kit. It can perform far more work while being much more expensive than a pair of manual loppers. Additionally, the simplicity of use on larger branches justifies the expense.

I hope that this will also be offered as a tool-only option. If you currently own tools from Craftsman’s V20 line, tool-only alternatives are a terrific way to expand your collection on a budget.

Overall, I believe that the $129 is a fair price considering what you get and the amount of work it accomplishes.


Craftsman Cordless Lopper Review Final Thought

Craftsman Cordless Lopper Review Final Thought

This tiny instrument is far more powerful than I had anticipated. The performance is excellent, and the pricing is reasonable. That is not the intended audience, however it probably couldn’t endure commercial use. For homeowners who want a quick and simple way to prune trees and big bushes seasonally, this equipment is fantastic.

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