Bosch is a company that regularly offers great performance and dependability when it comes to power tools. The staff at Tools In Action is constantly intrigued by Bosch’s most recent advancements because they are such ardent fans of their goods. The 18V Bosch Cordless Jig Saw (GST18V-50N), a multifunctional tool created to suit the needs of seasoned DIY enthusiasts and professional tradespeople alike, is the newest addition to their line of power tools.

The Bosch Cordless Jig Saw, as its name suggests, runs on an 18V battery base and offers cordless operation without sacrificing power or performance. This cordless jig saw is another example of how Bosch has a solid reputation for producing equipment that meet the unique requirements of many trades. It has been designed to perform well in activities requiring accurate, curved, irregular, and complicated cuts through a variety of sheet materials, including wood, plastic, metal, ceramic, and porcelain.


Bosch Cordless Jig Saw Overview

Bosch Cordless Jig Saw Overview

This jig saw’s ability to give corded performance from a battery-powered instrument is one of its distinguishing qualities. This eliminates the need for heavy cords or power sacrifices for professionals operating in remote or cramped areas. With a 4.9 inch capacity for cutting wood, the Bosch Cordless Jig Saw enables customers to complete even bigger jobs with ease. This tool enables accurate cuts with a high cutting rate of up to 3,500 strokes per minute (spm), saving time and effort.

The Bosch Cordless Jig Saw is powered by a high-efficiency, long-lasting brushless motor. This cutting-edge motor technology not only delivers power consistently, but also improves the tool’s all-around toughness and longevity. Professionals can rely on this jig saw to hold up to the rigours of their harsh working situations and keep performing at its peak.

The Bosch Cordless Jig Saw is built with user comfort in mind in addition to its remarkable cutting abilities and strong motor. The tool has a lightweight, ergonomic design that makes it easy to handle and move around. This is crucial when making delicate cuts that need for careful control. The lightweight design of the tool further improves user comfort by lessening fatigue during prolonged use.

Bosch has also added clever features to improve the user experience overall. By enabling quick and simple blade swaps, the tool’s tool-free blade changing technology helps workers on the construction site save crucial time. The jig saw also has an adjustable dust blower that clears away debris from the cutting line during use, enhancing visibility and accuracy.

As a result, Bosch’s dedication to offering tools that exceed the highest standards of performance and dependability is demonstrated by the Bosch Cordless Jig Saw. This jig saw is destined to become a standard tool for experienced DIYers, carpenters, tilers, masons, and DIY professionals thanks to its cordless design, remarkable cutting power, and clever features.

To unleash the power of precise cutting, select the Bosch Cordless Jig Saw. Enjoy cordless operation’s independence without sacrificing performance. Bosch keeps pushing the limits of innovation, giving experts the tools they need to excel in their fields. Take your woodworking and cutting tasks to new heights by putting your trust in Bosch’s dependability and knowledge.

Bosch Cordless Jig Overview of stats and features

Battery-powered functionality coupled to a brushless motor
Up to 3,500 spm
Variable-speed control dial, plus feathering speed-control trigger
Four-orbital action settings
Die-cast aluminum footplate with no-mar plastic overshoe accessory
Tool-free T-shank blade change
LED near the blade
T-shank blade
Weight: 4.4 lbs.
Up to three-year warranty
Let’s take a deeper look at all of these and more.


Bosch Cordless Jig Saw Features

Bosch Cordless Jig Saw Features
Normally, the Bosch Cordless Jig Saw is sold as a bare instrument. For our needs, we used a Bosch CORE18V 4.0Ah battery (GBA18V40) and the T-shank jig saw blade that was supplied.
This jig saw measures 8.46 in. X 3.1 in. X 8.5 in. in size and weighs less than five pounds. It has a high-efficiency brushless motor that is intended to operate for longer than earlier motor versions.
The Bosch CORE18V batteries power the Bosch Cordless Jig Saw. These batteries’ CoolPack 2.0 heat management technology allows for longer runtimes and a longer lifespan. The 21700 cell technology used in these batteries is the most sophisticated in the business and has almost 50% higher energy capacity than competitive 18650 cell technology.
The lock switch on the Bosch Cordless Jig Saw stops unintentional starts. The area directly above the trigger is straightforward and simple to find. A rubber overmold has been added to the handle to make the grip more comfortable.
You can choose the orbital motion speed that is most appropriate for the material you are cutting by using the orbital action selector lever.

On a scale from 0 to 3, the selector works. The tool provides greater orbital movement when the setting is raised.
A second method of speed control is provided by this Bosch Cordless Jig Saw. You can adjust your speed with the speed feathering trigger between one (low) and six (high). Up to 3,500 spm is the maximum speed that Six offers.
The cutting path on this jig saw is illuminated by an LED light. Because it is always beneficial to be able to see what and where you are cutting while using a jig saw.
The Bosch Cordless Jig Saw offers a few choices for dust management. You can utilise the built-in dust blower. There is also a detachable dust hood (seen above). When in use, the detachable dust cowl prevents sawdust from rising.
To thoroughly remove dust, simply attach the included dust extraction outlet and connect it to a vacuum hose.
To reduce scuffing, connect the 6.5″ x 3″ die-cast aluminium footplate with the non-marring overshoe. Additionally, Bosch supplies an Anti-Splinter insert (not shown).
This jig saw was created by Bosch to be quick, simple, and tool-free to change blades. Users just need to carefully switch blades manually after turning the tool off and removing the battery.

Bosch Cordless Jig Saw Performance

Bosch Cordless Jig Saw Performance

The Bosch 18V Cordless Jig Saw delivers nothing short of outstanding performance. This multifunctional tool is a significant asset for both professionals and DIY enthusiasts because it has exceptional cutting power and manoeuvrability. This cordless jig saw easily meets the challenge of working on intricate projects or completing difficult jobs.

When using the Bosch Cordless Jig Saw, the first thing you’ll notice is how comfortable the grip is. The ergonomically created handle offers a safe, non-slip grip that enables accurate control and reduces fatigue during prolonged use. This is crucial for doing complex cuts that demand the highest level of accuracy.

Additionally, the jig saw’s generous footplate adds to its stability. It offers a strong and secure foundation that enables users to work with confidence. The footplate’s stability guarantees that the saw stays on course and makes clean, accurate cuts.

It’s simple to modify the Bosch Cordless Jig Saw’s speed and orbital action. Users can adjust to various materials and cutting requirements thanks to the tool’s numerous preset options. This jig saw can handle both orbital action for finer curves and high-speed straight cuts.

This tool has cutting capabilities in addition to features that make it more convenient and usable. The integrated blower efficiently removes debris, ensuring a clean field of vision when cutting. This is especially beneficial while working in congested or dirty situations. A dust extractor accessory is also compatible with the jig saw, enabling effective dust collection and upholding a tidy workspace.

The Bosch Cordless Jig Saw has an LED light to help visibility even further. This makes the cutting area visible even in low light, ensuring accurate and precise cuts. Knowing that you won’t overlook anything allows you to work with assurance.

The Bosch CORE18V batteries are a vital part that elevates the jig saw’s performance even if they are not included with the tool. The cordless jig saw practically blends in with its corded counterparts when used with these powerful batteries. The batteries provide dependable and regular power, guaranteeing continuous functioning throughout your projects.


Bosch Cordless Jig Saw Value

Bosch Cordless Jig Saw Value

The Bosch 18V Cordless Jig Saw retails at Lowes for $159 right now. When compared to other comparable, cordless jig saws, this price falls in the middle. At this point, brand preference may be the deciding factor. The Bosch Cordless Jig Saw, on the other hand, is a tool of the highest calibre and costs less than equivalent models offered by Milwaukee, RIDGID, DEWALT, and Makita.


Bosch Cordless Jig Saw Wrap Up

Bosch Cordless Jig Saw Wrap Up

The Bosch Cordless Jig Saw checks off all the criteria for a good jig saw: enough power, flexibility, adjustability, ability to cut a range of materials, and numerous features for a clear line of sight. Although it is a power tool of the highest calibre, virtually anyone can use it. It is therefore ideal for experts and serious do-it-yourselfers, and it is a particularly fantastic tool for anyone who has invested in the Bosch CORE18V battery system.

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