BOSCH 18V GSR18V-535FCB15 Flexiclick 5-In-1 Drill

In the world of power tools, the Bosch 18V Flexiclick is a game-changer, especially for contractors in different industries including HVAC, electricians, and installation. Professionals love it for its versatility and excellent performance, and other power tool manufacturers have tried to imitate its popularity. Bosch has now unveiled the eagerly awaited Bosch 18V Flexiclick, which was created especially for professionals who want the best performance and flexibility while working.

As a professional, you are aware that there is almost never just one tool that can solve every problem. To tackle the complexity of your work, you require a variety of instruments, including a drill, impact driver, right angle, and more. In these circumstances, the Bosch 18V Flexiclick becomes your go-to partner, streamlining your tool bag, saving you money, and improving the productivity of your workday.


Bosch 18V Flexiclick Overview

Bosch 18V Flexiclick Overview

A high-torque, connected-ready tool, the Bosch 18V Flexiclick 5-In-1 Drill/Driver System pushes the limits of what you can accomplish at work. This drill/driver is a powerhouse with the capacity to provide up to 535 in.-lbs of torque and can perform difficult tasks with ease. Users have the option to attach a rotary hammer adapter (available separately) to the drill for further versatility, turning it into an SDS-plus rotary hammer that can drill through masonry.

The Bosch 18V Flexiclick’s selection of professional-grade attachments is one of its most notable features. Three attachments are provided with the system: a right-angle attachment, an offset attachment, and a 1/2-inch keyless metal chuck attachment. You can work in confined places, negotiate difficult angles, and adjust to different drilling and fastening requirements thanks to these attachments. Additionally, the drill has a 1/4-inch hex bit holder with quick release that makes changing bits quick and easy.

The kit includes a CORE18V 4.0 Ah Compact Battery that makes use of cutting-edge Li-ion 21700 cell technology. This compact, powerful battery ensures top performance and a long runtime. To keep your tools charged and prepared for use, the set also comes with an 18V charger.

The Bosch 18V Flexiclick has an outstanding feature called connectivity. The free Bosch Toolbox software on your connected smartphone can be used to pair the tool with Bluetooth using the optional Bosch Connected Tool Module. By doing so, you may personalize settings, get thorough feedback, and improve your overall control and productivity.

Modern features on the drill include Kickback Control, a precise clutch, and an effective EC Brushless motor. These features increase safety and control while also lengthening the tool’s useful life.


Bosch 18V Flexiclick Features

Bosch 18V Flexiclick Features
A brushless motor, which offers higher power, greater efficiency, and a longer lifespan, is at the center of the Flexiclick’s design. The device has a weight of 2.1 lbs and produces 535 in-lbs of torque.

The kickback control is one of this tool’s outstanding features. The tool has a sensor built into it, so when it detects binding or an incorrect rotation, it will instantly shut down to protect the user from harm.
The Bosch Core battery, one of the best and most potent ones on the market, is included with the tool. The battery is a Lithium-Ion 21700 cell technology battery, which is lighter and more powerful.
You can choose between speed 1 and speed 2 using the tool’s top. With speed one, you get more torque at a lower rpm—0-600. You can change it to speed 2, which is 0-1,900, if you prefer more speed and less torque.
The Flexiclick offers a drill mode in addition to 1-20 torque.
The grip is comfortable, I have to say. The grip has a beautiful over moulded rubber grip and is a standard Bosch grip. The handle isn’t too thick or thin for me.
An LED light is located on the tool’s base to help illuminate your workspace.
Therefore, this is where the tool excels, in its capacity to be transformed into additional tools. The metal ring, which screams strength and quality, also serves as the connection point for the additional accessories.
It locks into place when you push on it, turn it, and remove or replace the head. There is no weaker head or failure point because, once more, the metal attachment is the same for all attachments.
The kit includes 4 attachments, although there are now 5 attachments available. You receive the Impact Driver, a durable accessory. The drill head, right angle head, and offset head are also included. Bosch also provides an SDS head for people who need to drill holes in concrete.
As you can see, it is not front heavy due to the heads. The tool is nevertheless very balanced and can stand on its own thanks to all the attachments. Although the SDS lengthens the instrument, it doesn’t alter its balance.

Bosch 18V Flexiclick Performance

Bosch 18V Flexiclick Performance

Power and build quality of the Bosch 18V Flexiclick multi-tool much surpass expectations. This multi-tool stands out from the competition because to its superior functionality and robustness. The Bosch 18V Flexiclick, which can be used as a drill or a driver, consistently produces excellent results, demonstrating its adaptability and dependability.

The Bosch 18V Flexiclick performed admirably when put to the test in a variety of situations. As we demonstrate Instagram’s possibilities while building a house, follow us there.

The impact driver is first. Because of the tool’s remarkable power, we were able to drive 3-1/2″ screws with ease. The speed control makes accurate feathering possible and guarantees top performance. The impact driver drives without any hiccups while skillfully sinking screws.

Next, we tackled a 4×6 piece of wood using the drill function and a 1-1/2″ spade bit. If not for the bit length restriction, the Bosch 18V Flexiclick powered through and would have finished the job almost immediately. When we switched to speed 1, the drill was able to complete the task with ease, but speed 2—which is designed for speed rather than torque—was our initial choice.

The right-angle attachment performed excellently, as anticipated. We went against the advised approach of letting the tool do the work and used a 5/8″ bit and heavy pressure. However, the Bosch 18V Flexiclick had absolutely no troubles, displaying its durability and capacity to undertake difficult tasks.

Additionally, the offset head showed its value, especially in confined areas where an impact driver or drill couldn’t operate. The tool’s offset head, which was powerful and controllable and easily drilled holes and sank screws, was a useful feature.

The SDS head on the Bosch 18V Flexiclick is one of its most exciting features. This tool provides a practical answer for installers who occasionally need to deal with concrete, even if an SDS rotary tool would be the preferred option for continuous concrete drilling. We put it to the test on a block, and we were pleased with how it performed. The SDS head’s ability and adaptability were demonstrated by the way it drilled smoothly.

Overall, we were really pleased with the Bosch 18V Flexiclick’s strength and use. The interchangeable heads didn’t display any indicators of fragility or dissatisfaction. Each head and tool met the high criteria set by Bosch with perfect performance.

But there was one area where we were a little let down. One battery is included with the tool, which could be a hassle for consumers, especially first-time Bosch customers. The tool can operate for a respectable amount of time on a single charge, although it might be inconvenient and time-consuming to wait for the battery to recharge. It would be more convenient to keep a spare battery close by for rapid swaps that would guarantee uninterrupted operation.


Bosch 18V Flexiclick Value

Bosch 18V Flexiclick Value

On Amazon, you can get this kit for $300. I had to take a second look because I believe it is a great deal. It’s a terrific deal given that you receive a top-notch battery, a high-quality tool, and all the heads.

Simply adding up the price of each of these tools will show you that you will need to pay more than $300.


Bosch 18V Flexiclick Final Thoughts

Bosch 18V Flexiclick Final Thoughts

I am a major fan of this tool, as you could anticipate. What could be bad about the 18V when I love the 12V Flexiclick? I only need to possess one power head and utilize whichever attachment I need for the job because I have an SDS, which allows me to save money and time. I would be spending a lot more money if I were to purchase each of these equipment separately than the $300 asking price.

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