One company comes to mind when thinking of Outdoor Power Equipment (OPE): EGO. Please allow me to clarify. We shall delve into the fascinating world of the 2023 EGO Lawn Mowers in this article. But first, allow me to tell you a quick tale.

By creating the first fully practical battery-powered lawn mower, EGO completely changed the business. Although there were other mowers, none had the strength and calibre that buyers really desired. Similar to how Tesla altered our perspective of battery-powered vehicles, EGO revolutionised the game.


Who Is EGO

Who Is EGO

The market debut of EGO drastically altered our perception of OPE products. They demonstrated the promise and prowess of battery-operated tools, demonstrating that they could compete with their gas-powered counterparts in terms of reliability and performance. The launch of EGO’s lawn mowers marked a turning point for the sector as customers started to appreciate the comfort, effectiveness, and environmental advantages of battery-operated equipment.

Let’s take a look at the EGO Lawn Mowers for 2023, which represent another advancement in battery-powered technology from this company.

EGO Power+ Select Cut Mower: With its adjustable cutting options, this model delivers flexibility and accuracy. You have complete control over your lawn care routine with to the choice of several cutting heights and the option to switch between bagging, mulching, or side-dispcharging. This mower’s brushless motor provides great power and efficiency, guaranteeing a precise and even cut each and every time.

EGO Power+ Self-Propelled Mower: This self-propelled mower was created to make mowing big areas easier. Even on difficult terrains, effortless manoeuvrability is possible thanks to the self-propulsion feature. This mower delivers prolonged runtimes when coupled with its strong battery, enabling you to do extensive mowing duties without interruptions.

EGO’s market-leading Arc LithiumTM technology, which offers enduring power and quick charging capabilities, is featured in both models. EGO lawn mowers are made to withstand the worst conditions thanks to their weather-resistant design and sturdy construction, providing dependable performance year after year.

EGO keeps setting new standards for battery-operated lawn mowers. Their dedication to performance, innovation, and customer pleasure has cemented their status as a top brand in the OPE market. By selecting EGO, you help create a cleaner and greener future in addition to investing in cutting-edge technology.

Discover the simplicity, strength, and efficiency that battery-powered equipment can provide by using EGO Lawn Mowers to experience the difference. Bid adieu to exhaust fumes, loud engines, and troublesome maintenance. Join the expanding group of happy customers who have made the switch to battery-powered excellence by embracing the future of lawn care with EGO.


My Experience

My Experience
I’ll keep my little story brief and start it now. To witness the entire story, view the video down below. I got a call from Stephen in 2014 to tell me about a brand-new EGO battery-powered lawn mower. I preferred petrol, though, and didn’t want anything to do with it. Short version: He convinced me to try it out, and I immediately fell in love with it. This revolutionised the game. The first-generation EGO mower that I still own and often use is shown in the photos up top.

Therefore, when I talk about EGO, I do so in terms of my personal experience over the past eight years and how well they have served me. I continue to use outdated technology and love every second of it.

In fact, I have purchased the entire line of OPE since I adore EGO so much. I also have a chainsaw, an inverter, a lamp, a fan, and other things, but these are some of the EGO products I use the most as an illustration.

If that isn’t a lot, what is? Even my neighbour Tom got a battery upgrade from petrol. Years of telling him about it failed because he refused to change. He made the move about two years ago, and he always tells me how much he enjoys his EGO.

Why am I telling you this? Simple: I have a tonne of experience with this company, which has developed the best OPE. Therefore, I don’t approach EGO from a salesman’s perspective when I discuss it. I couldn’t give a damn if you purchase the goods or not. Just the fact that they have been so reliable and have performed so well thrills me. I am aware that I am crazy.

Two 2023 EGO Lawn Mowers

Two 2023 EGO Lawn Mowers
The LM2114SP and the LM2125SP are two new mowers from EGO that were just announced for 2023. They have certain similarities, but they also differ in a few important ways. But before we go any further, I should point you that they have a 3-year battery warranty and a 5-year mower warranty. So let’s start by discussing what the two mowers have in common.

2023 EGO Lawn Mowers – What’s in Common

2023 EGO Lawn Mowers – What’s in Common
The 3360-watt brushless motor in each of these 2023 EGO lawn mowers generates 6 ft-lbs of torque.
The EGO 56v battery that powers their entire platform powers both of them. You will therefore have batteries for other items in their line if you go into one of these lawn mowers.
They are made of sturdy plastic, which is a wonderful attribute. I’m not sure if it is ABS or another material, but after looking at my mower from eight years ago, which doesn’t have any cracks, I can be certain that these new ones will survive.
Both mowers have a 21″ deck and are self-propelled.
They use a single lever, as they do with all their other mowers, to simultaneously adjust all four wheels. No more adjusting each wheel individually.
No worries if you adore their handle because they used the same handle on these mowers. More often than I ever imagined, I utilise my handle. When I have to transfer it from the front yard to the back yard, when I have to put it in and take it out of the shed, or when I have to put it in my truck.
No matter what method of disposal you prefer—bagging, mulching, or side discharge—these mowers provide all three.
The handles on these mowers are one of my favourite features. We see cheap handles that flex and bend all the time. These two new 2023 EGO Lawn Mowers have the same sturdy, powerful handles that have always been a hallmark of the brand.
No worries if your space is limited. The mower is simple to fold and stow beneath your bench or in other small spaces.
The various handle settings on these 2023 EGO lawn mowers is another aspect I adore. No matter your height, you can simply find a good handle height with one of the three alternatives, no matter how short or tall you are.
On the handle, there is a status indicator about what is going on with the power of your mower.
These mowers contain brilliant LED lights much like their other models in case you need to mow in the late hours.

What is Different

What is Different
As you can see, these mowers share a lot of characteristics. There are some differences, though. So let’s examine the differences between these EGO lawn mowers from 2023.
The size of the battery is one obvious distinction. The 6Ah battery of the LM2114SP provides 50 minutes of runtime. The 7.5Ah battery of the LM2125SP provides 60 minutes of runtime.
Additionally, you’ll see that the chargers are different. A 550 Watt charger is included with the LM2125SP for faster charging.
The way a user interacts with and makes use of the self-propelled capability is one of the most obvious contrasts.
The self-propelled capability of the LM2114SP is activated and used by the user by holding one of two levers. It can also be activated by a single lever used by the user. Some people find it unpleasant since the LM2114SP requires constant squeeze and release in order to activate and disengage the self-propelled feature. However, a lot of people are accustomed to and enjoy this style.
Additionally, you can see how changing speeds is a little different. To increase or reduce speed with the LM2114SP, you simply push or pull the centre tab.
Levers are not required to operate the self-propelled function on the LM2125SP. It seems much simpler to me to activate the self-propelled function since when you press on the handles, you automatically push on the self-propelled feature. You can disable the self-propelled feature if you want not to use it to avoid hitting the buttons by accident.

The LM2125SP employs a dial to set your speed rather than a push button to raise or decrease speed.

The battery size and how you use the self-propelled capability are the two main distinctions. It’s good to see that EGO is adapting to both layouts even though I prefer the LM2125SP’s arrangement because I know many people still prefer the lever design.

2023 EGO Lawn Mowers Performance

2023 EGO Lawn Mowers Performance

The 2023 EGO Lawn Mowers are top of the line in terms of performance. I can vouch for the great performance of these devices as an EGO owner since 2014. Imagine these new models having eight years’ worth of developments. The 2023 EGO Lawn Mowers offer unrivalled performance.

These mowers are distinguished by their ability to make clean, accurate cuts, which is one of their best qualities. EGO mowers truly cut through the grass, in contrast to certain mowers that only push the grass over, leaving it to stand upright the following day. The end product is a perfectly kept lawn that has been attentively tended to.

The 2023 EGO Lawn Mowers have exceptional cutting qualities and are very quiet. They function quietly, as is to be anticipated with battery-powered equipment, so you can mow without upsetting the peace and quiet of your surroundings. The operator, as well as local residents and other people, value this aspect.

EGO mowers are known for their ease of use, and the 2023 versions are no different. They are created with ease of use in mind, guaranteeing a stress-free mowing experience. Operating an EGO mower is simple, from turning it on to navigating past obstacles.

These mowers distinguish out from the competitors thanks in large part to their self-propelled ability. Having self-propulsion makes control and manoeuvrability simple. You can easily adapt to different regions of your yard because you have complete control over the mower’s movement and the ability to change speeds on the fly.

These mowers are not only strong, but they also have enough running time for most yards. You may confidently take on your mowing activities without worrying about running out of power thanks to their cutting-edge battery technology. And the motor will automatically adjust and ramp up to offer the extra power required in the tougher regions that need it.

The 2023 EGO Lawn Mowers blend strength, accuracy, and simplicity to provide a superior mowing experience. These mowers are capable of handling both small suburban lawns and huge landscapes. Experience EGO’s performance, and your lawn-care routine will soar to new heights.

Choose the 2023 EGO Lawn Mowers to see why they are still the industry leader in battery-powered equipment quality. Enjoy the satisfaction of a well-kept lawn and the power, efficiency, and quiet operation that only an EGO mower can offer.


2023 EGO Lawn Mowers – Final Wrap Up

2023 EGO Lawn Mowers – Final Wrap Up

The basic line is that EGO will not let you down. As I previously mentioned, I have a model from 2014 that I adore. I must admit that it’s difficult for me to determine whether or not to get rid of my old mower. The self-propelled option is wonderful, and the new mowers have more power. I find it difficult to give up my old mower, though. I have a part of me that wants to see how long it lasts.

These mowers are worth the investment and they will survive, especially in 2023 when technology will be considerably better than it was in 2014. These two mowers for 2023 are a welcome addition to an already outstanding OPE lineup, and the platform is fantastic. According to us, EGO offers the market’s top battery-powered OPE lineup.

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